Majo no Tabitabi Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Majo no Tabitabi Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery
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Who knew that an Anime with such pretty animation like Majo no Tabitabi could go so dark? For episode 3, we’re able to watch Eleanor’s two different journeys that share a sad twist to it. I’m not gonna lie. I was excited to watch the initial premise, and I was bumped out when the Anime just glossed over it and went to the next story. Not only was the plot of having flowers transforming people into plant-zombies interesting, but it had a dark vibe that I loved. Alas, the Anime just spends around five minutes around that story, and you don’t get any kind of satisfaction from watching it. Honestly, the creators could just leave that one out and the episode would be basically the same. Hopefully, they’ll come back to it on later episodes.

The story then focuses on a boy – Emil – who’s son to a wealthy merchant that owns a female slave. The girl has more or less the same age as him, and Emil is in love with her. Since she can’t leave the house and is depressed all the time, Emil decides to go around the country, bottling up people’s happiness. The idea is to show her how much joy there is in the world, so she feels better. Right off the bat, I thought this was a stupid idea – nobody is going to feel better by knowing what they’re missing out. It seems I was correct. While the story doesn’t conclude, Eleanor compares this story with another one she knows, where the girl ends up committing suicide. This is probably a hint for what was going to happen next if that story unfolded any further. It’s a nice (yet heartbreaking) plot, but since everything happens so fast, there’s really no attachment to it.

I’ve already discussed this, but Majo no Tabitabi will always fall flat due to the episodic story. The creators do their best for us to fell in love with the supporting characters in each episode. However, that’s almost impossible when you only have 20 minutes to tell their full story. So, while the Anime is still interesting, I feel that it isn’t going to be worth the time spent watching it. Have you enjoyed Majo no Tabitabi’s episode 3? Tell me everything down below. ?

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