Mushoku Tensei Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Mushoku Tensei Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

In the beginning, Mushoku Tensei failed to impress me with its scenes that over-sexualized kids. Now that this part seems to be out of the way, Mushoku Tensei is able to find something else to push my buttons. I’ve already commented that I don’t like how this God figure was introduced into the Anime to give the protagonist essential advice. Basically, Rudeus is being able to overcome some of the obstacles because someone who can predict the future is telling him how to circumvent his hardships. In my opinion, that’s lazy writing and takes a lot out of the character’s growth.

In episode 10, we have this omniscient individual telling him which quest to take in the adventurers’ guild, which leads him to find a way to get some more difficult quests and raise the money for the trio to survive. It’s true that Rudeus always call the right shots, and he deserves some praise for being able to overcome some nasty situation. Still, I wonder why this is the approach the author is going with. Wouldn’t it be enough to have Rudeus just pick a random quest leading to this episode’s events?

I get that the author wants to explain that Rudeus isn’t in that world just because. He was given a second chance, and he’s being followed by these entities to see if he does a good job. Still, there are better ways to show that. Moreover, you really just need to show that once. In other words, his first encounter with the semi-God before meeting Supardia was more than enough. Still, I enjoyed the episode! I’m happy that Rudeus is now drooling over older women, and I’m enjoying how these three characters are steadily developing. Did you enjoy Mushoku Tensei’s episode 10? Tell me everything down below. ?

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