Mushoku Tensei Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

Mushoku Tensei Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery
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Look – this is going to be the last chance I give Mushoku Tensei. I’ve already spoken too much about how the main character is a pedophile and how the main character’s sexual scenes towards children are not ok. Episode eight wasn’t different, as we had a scene where Rudeus was ready to lose his virginity to Eris. It also doesn’t help that Eris’ told him that he would leave his daughter tied in his bed if he wanted to.

However, my hope is on the episode’s last scene. Finally, the main story is starting to develop. We got to see some of the main villains, and the world is going to be in peril. Since Rudeus is such a strong magician, I’m almost certain that he will play an important role in the impending war. That’s why I’m going to give Mushoku Tensei another chance and watch episode nine. However, if the Anime decides to continue to push its sexual assault agenda, I’m done.

If it wasn’t for Rudeus and Eris’s scene, the episode would be quite funny and endearing to watch. I mean, Eris does everything in her power to throw him a nice birthday party and offer him a great birthday gift. Even Eris’ mom throws a 180 when she sees Rudeus crying (even if he was only acting). So, yeah – as usual, the episode had everything to be perfect but was stained due to its underage sexual nuances. Did you enjoy Mushoku Tensei’s episode eight? Tell me everything down below. ?

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