Noblesse Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Noblesse Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

It’s difficult to give an opinion on an episode where it didn’t happen much. I guess the only events that made an impression on me was Tao’s and Woo’s coding battle and Shark’s and M-21’s fight. Other than that, it was just a slow-paced episode where it focused on Regis still not trusting M-21 and Han wondering whether Woo is gay or not. Well, I have to say that Han and Woo would make a great gay couple, but I think that’s not going to happen.

When it comes to Tao trying to hack the police department’s system, I think what I liked the most was Han not understanding what was happening. It was rather cute seeing him wearing an apron while cooking for Woo. It reminded me of my boyfriend a lot (I’m usually working when is cooking dinner, and he always says something about the food getting cold).

The fight between M-21 and Shark was more exciting, though entirely one-sided. Even so, it showed that Noblesse can have great animation when something more action-oriented is happening. While this fight ended rather fast, it makes me wonder how great are going to be future fights when Rayzel is one of the fighters. In the end, it was a good transitional episode – basically, the villains have made their first play, and now it’s time for Rayzel to respond. In other words, everything until now is more of an introduction than anything else, which it’s fine by me – Anime that takes their time to develop the story usually make me feel more attached to the characters. Did you enjoy Noblesse episode 3? Tell me everything in the comments down below. ?

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