Noblesse Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Noblesse Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery
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How is it possible that Noblesse spent two entire episodes explaining how Frankenstein met and became Raizel’s servant, and I ended up without understanding anything at all? Yes, the battles were crazy good, and I loved watching Frankenstein going berserk. Still, that’s not really what I was expecting. Don’t take me wrong, I kind of understood why Frankenstein decided to serve Raizel. His master not only saved him from the vampire nobles (even after he killed so many of Raizel’s brethren), but he also enjoys Raizel’s company overall.

However, there’s no explanation whatsoever on Raizel’s decision to take Frankenstein in. Basically, a random stranger appears in his mansion and tries to pass as the new butler while being pursued by the nobles. What Raizel decides to do right away? Tell everyone that Frankenstein is under his wing. No need for Frankenstein to say sorry or at least explain why he was killing the vampires. Later in the episode, Frankenstein goes berserk, and Raizel has to go and control him. After that, he decides to make him his servant. Why? You ask? Well, there’s no reason. Or at least, there’s nothing that hints at an explanation.

In short, I’m truly disappointed with this ‘arc’. I expected to get a better overview of Raizel and Frankenstein’s past. But what I got was almost nothing. It was enjoyable seeing Frankenstein, who’s always so rational, losing his mind, sure. But a good Anime needs more than that. Well, maybe I completely missed the mark here and couldn’t read between the lines. Did you enjoy Noblesse episode nine? Tell me everything down below. ?

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