Sk8 the Infinity Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery

Sk8 the Infinity Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery
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I enjoyed Sk8’s episode 11, but the Anime could have gone with a better plot twist. We all knew that Reki would lose that race against Adam. So, it would have been more surprising if Reki had won and competed against Langa in the championship finale. The story would just go full circle, and it would be the perfect way to finish the story.

Of course, I know the Anime’s main objective – having Adam come back to his past self. And the thing that would make more sense would be for Adam to lose against Langa and remember how fun it is to skate. That’s why Snake decides to leave the competition, after all. But I think that this could also be accomplished by Adam losing against Reki. By seeing how he was surpassed by someone who isn’t as good as him but still loves skating with all his heart, Adam would remind the most important fact about skating.

But, well – that’s not how the story went. I confess that I still don’t understand how Adam can do whatever he wants! The same thing I commented on his race against Cherry Blossom still applies! I would win this championship by going there with a gun and injuring everyone! Considering how rough Adam plays, I’m sure I wouldn’t be disqualified. Still, it did make for some great scenes that made me root for Reki with all my heart!

Finally, I couldn’t be happier for the protagonists being friends again. I know this isn’t BL and that both guys are ‘straight’. But I do love their relationship and how cute they look together. Did you enjoy Sk8’s episode 11? Tell me everything down below. ?

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