Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery

Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 11 Discussion & Gallery
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I’m going to be honest – I wasn’t able to enjoy Tatoeba Last Dungeon’s episode 11. It’s not the Anime fault, as I’m sure the jokes were funny. I just love Lloyd too much to be able to laugh when he’s being tricked. I mean, who would lie to such an innocent child. For the most part of the episode, I just felt irritated because of that freaking dwarf! I don’t want to wish that the Anime kills the character, but at least it would be nice to have her being sealed for the next millennium!

The final arc also seems to be a bit rushed. From nowhere, we get to know the ultimate villain of the series and how she’s related to some of the previous incidents. It’s nice that all the random scenes ended up being connected somehow. But, honestly, I would prefer that the story went a bit further by getting a second season. As things are, the finale setting seems a bit rushed. Moreover, I can’t get enough of Lloyd’s cuteness and the Anime’s overall light tone.

I wonder how Lloyd’s reaction is going to be when he discovers that his close friend is one of the culprits, though. The character didn’t develop that much throughout the season (not as the other characters, anyway), and it would be nice to finish the Anime with a more serious and less naive protagonist. Did you enjoy Tatoeba Last Dungeon’s episode 11? Tell me everything down below. ?

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