Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Like always, watching Tonikaku Kawaii episode seven was a breath of fresh air. Being in lockdown is finally taking its toll, and I love that I have an Anime that lets me go to a cute and unproblematic world for a few minutes. I mean, for the first half or so, the episode just went through Tsukasa trying local food and Nasa being surprised by her adventure-ish personality. Overall, the scene was heartwarming and funny – something that I’ve learned to expect from Tonikaku Kawaii. I’m really thankful to the creator that the story has remained quite laidback but always interesting to watch. I’m not even the biggest fan of slice-of-life out there. So, it’s amazing how Tonikaku Kawaii is able to catch my interest so much.

Nasa spent the rest of the episode trying to make Chitose accept his marriage with Tsukasa. I’m always happy when Chitose appears, as she’s hilarious to watch. I love her bratty personality and how she tries to have her way, just to fall in Nasa’s spell over and over again. Meanwhile, we also got to see Tsukasa being cute as hell when explaining why she’s in love with Nasa – the kimono is probably an important factor for that.

One thing that I want to discuss is Chitose’s comment where she says Nasa doesn’t even know Tsukasa is blank (she doesn’t end the phrase, unfortunately). I already thought that Tsukasa might not be human. The way she didn’t face almost any injuries when hit by a truck was the first hint. The second one was she having one of the few moon pieces that exist in the world. Especially because of this, I’m guessing that Tsukasa might be an alien. If not, then she might be alive for longer than we think. The way she dressed her kimono so easily without any help showed a great experience with dressing such a piece of clothing. So, maybe, she lived in the era when kimonos were the everyday attire. What do you think? Tell me everything in the comments down below. ?

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