Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery
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Even though Wonder Egg Priority episode seven had somewhat the same pace as the previous one, its execution was far better. I was able to Rika’s story just fine, and I didn’t feel out of the loop like the previous episode. Of course, the story by itself was both surprising and breathtaking. I know that Rika’s character wasn’t completely presented, but I never expected that she had such major problems at home. Honestly, I just thought that she had crazy rich parents who didn’t care for her. It seems the truth is far darker than that.

The Anime did a great job going through Rika’s feelings. Although I never have cut myself, I did come close to that more times than I wished. All of this happened when I was a teenager and was living through some crazy sh***, and like Rika, there were many times where I stopped myself from self-harming when I already had the knife ready to cut. Honestly, the train of thought would be more or less the same. Although I didn’t have a magical animal looking at me like I was its parent, I always ended up thinking about how much this would hurt my loved ones. That thought would always make me put the knife away and continue with my life.

But like Rika, that doesn’t mean all my problems were solved – especially when many were out of my control, to begin with. This way, it makes complete sense that Rika has a scene where she almost gives up on living. I’ve also been there, and I’m happy that her friends were there to give her the hope she needed. Truly, a beautiful episode that went over depression and living a life where you can’t change much due to your age and family. If anyone reading this is going through the same thing, just now that (like you and my past self), many people out there are going through the same exact thing. And I guarantee you that it gets better. So, just be strong, do your best to improve your mental health, and know that better days will come in the future.

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