Yakusoku no Neverland Season 2 Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Yakusoku no Neverland Season 2 Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery
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Due to how Yakusoku no Neverland season two has been so far, I didn’t expect much of its climax. Honestly, it was as bad as I thought it would be. Episode 10 felt rushed, a lot of it didn’t make sense, and most plot twists fell flat because of how this adaptation has been stripped of essential arcs. It really makes me sad to see so much potential going to waste, especially when the source did a great job wrapping up the series.

Take Isabelle’s plot twist as an example. It was quite surprising! I wasn’t expecting her (and all the other moms) to side with the children. In fact, I thought that she had accepted the role as a grandmother because the demons have given her the opportunity to save her own child or something. However, since Isabelle didn’t show that much through the season, I wasn’t able to connect with her. There were many ways to make this character deeper, but the adaptation failed completely on building upon her character.

Meanwhile, for an Anime that had so much detail when it came to the kids learning about surviving, it glossed over the children’s planning to take on the most protected farm in this demon world. I understand that it offers a bigger ‘wow factor, but it goes against what we saw in season one. I mean, the first season is all about following the three protagonists trying to find a way out of the farm.

Finally, the idea that the demon citizens took advantage of the kids’ attack to make a stance didn’t make much sense. I’m not speaking about the act by itself, but it’s impossible that no one knew this was part of the plan! They even arrive with Mujika, who was with the children all the time. Also, is the Anime just going to skip over the hint they gave that Sonju wants to hunt the kids when they’re free and have a family of their own? In short, an unclimactic climax for an adaptation that has been failing since episode one. Did you enjoy Yakusoku no Neverland season 2, episode 10? Tell me everything down below. ?

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