Raistlin Classroom: The Art of Commenting

Raistlin Classroom: The Art of Commenting

Hello guys and welcome to our place!

So, today I bring you something different… I? Well, I should say we! That’s right, it’s time for a new collab which I couldn’t be happier!

Today we have the great and mighty Raistlin in the house! Yeah, that’s true! Raist is here and it’s time for him to give his own class.

Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter! I mean, I’m pretty sure you are already following him here on WP 😛

But first, let me explain to you how this awesome collab came to be! I’ve already vented about this on Twitter a while ago – Why am I able to write “good” 1000 words posts in the minute, but then when it comes to commenting I just seem an ogre trying to create the most basic sentences in English?

Well, with this in mind, I thought, I really need to get some tips on how to write better comments (as also being able to write them at all!) XD This way, I decided to invite Raistlin for a collab and here he is *screams of excitement*

Yay! I’m very excited to be here, and I’m truly honored that you invited me for this collab 🙂

Let’s both do some exciting jumping!!!

Now, why I asked Raist to do this with me should pretty obvious to you! If you go to a post then you can expect that a Raistlin’s comment is already there! In fact, Raist is at the number one commenter in many of our blogs. How is able to do such a feat? I don’t know, but that’s why he is here! 😀

– How the hell are you able to write so many comments? –

Well, I have a secret robot army that writes all of my comments when I am not able to. They even do it in my sleep, lol.

That explains a lot 😀

Seriously though, blogging has become a routine for me in my life. After having had breakfast in the morning (most important meal of the day, I never skip it), I usually have about 45-60 minutes before I head off to work, where I read posts that appear in the reader while I slept. As I sleep for about 6-7 hours, that means about 10-16 post, depending on how creative everyone has been lol. Not every post needs a comment of course, but I usually have this urge to try and comment whenever I can.

Depending on how busy I am at work, I try to check my WordPress app on the phone in my breaks and read some posts there too (although commenting on my phone is harder for me, as I have complete noob skills when it comes to texting)

After work, my real WordPress day starts for me. I usually spent my evening reserving about 2-3 hours for my blog, where I mostly read posts, and answer new comments, as well as post comments of my own. In total, I spend about 3 hours a day reading posts and commenting. (Which means I seriously need to get a life lol)

Even if you say that, this is still how I imagine your hands

Ok guys! Here’s the secret, just stop having a life and start commenting xD Seriously though, it’s amazing how much effort and time you put into making the community happier! I can only aspire to be like you. (Although I would never be able to do those many daily hours ahah)

Nevertheless, if you guys take less time for the blogging reading, let’s say one hour a day, you can still do a lot of comments! So, even though you probably won’t be the top commentator in all blogs as Raist, you will be able to do many comments.

– That brings me to another question. Of course, this depends on the length of the post and the speed you have in reading posts, but, on average how much time do you spend in each post to and commenting on it! –

Well, as you say it pretty much depends a bit on the length of the post itself. In average though I would say it takes me about 5-10 minutes to read posts, and about 3-5 minutes to post a comment. But that’s really a rough estimate as it truly depends the most on how long the post itself is.

– Do you have a thought process when reading a post to leave a comment, or you just read it and the comment comes to you naturally? –

Me, every time when I want to write a comment.

Oohhh, that is a very good question indeed. Honestly, it depends. The posts that get to me the most are personal ones, or posts where someone might be going through some hard things in life (as we all sometimes do). I always spent the most time writing comments for those, as I try my best to support people when they need it the most. This usually results in my most lengthy (and perhaps most rambling lol) comments.

There also posts that are just very cool to read, or contain a lot of humor. I try to come up with replies for those that in some way try the same approach, or at the very least contain a remark that hopefully reflects how I feel about the post or contains some humor in return.

And then, of course, there are posts that have a topic that I can relate too, or are about something that I really like myself, and it’s nice to write a comment which can hopefully generate a response from the author who wrote the post in order to get a discussion going.

– How is the way to go when you want to comment on something that you agree with without just writing “Agreed!”? –

Well, it comes down to what I wrote above in the last section. When you write a comment that is either very short or pretty much doesn’t warrant a response (Such as “ cool post” or “ awesome” ) you know that it doesn’t usually generate much reaction. You probably will get a “ thank you” or a like. But that’s about it. Sometimes that can be fine too you know? Not every post need to go into a lengthy discussion as we all have limited time on our hands usually. But when you want to really appreciate a post, think about what you would like the response to be if it was a post you had written yourself. We all have posts that we are proud of and where we hope people will respond to in a cool or positive way. Think of a comment as a kind of mini post. Make it personal, and pick things out of the post that really got to you. That can be either a funny line, or something emotional, and go into that particular aspect of the post.

That’s actually a really nice way to put it! Writing a comment like we would like to get a comment if the post was ours. I think I’ll be using that tip a lot from now on!

– On the other hand, how should we write a comment when we are disagreeing with someone? –

I mean… This seems a good way to make a point…

Ahh, that is the really tough question isn’t it? Well…I think the first thing to do is be respectful. If you immediately something along the lines of “ Well I think you are wrong” or “ I don’t agree with you” it immediately sets the tone for the comment. You can disagree with someone, but also let them know first that while you might not agree with their opinion, you do still respect it. Also always try to let a writer of the post know why you don’t agree. Just saying I don’t agree and leave it at that is just not going to generate sympathy. My best example was my rant post for the Last Jedi. It generated a lot of responses where people both agreed and disagreed with me. The fun thing was, it never really got out of hand. People that disagreed with me, where always respectful and also explained why the loved it. And that’s cool. We all are humans and we all have different opinions. As long as you are respectful to someone when you are not agreeing with their vision on something, it will be fine. Don’t be afraid to let your opinion be heard either. But always try to think of it this way: “ How would you like to be treated yourself when you might get a comment on a post from you with someone who has a different viewpoint. That pretty much says it all 🙂

Yeah, I’m with you! The only “hate” comment I got was someone who entered my Blog by Google and not from our community. Nevertheless, I thought this was a good idea to put out there so people who disagree with a post comment nevertheless.

To be honest, I think disagreeing comments are the ones who create more of a conversation versus agreeing comments.

– Some tips for us, noob commentators? –

Lol, I don’t think anyone is a noob commentator. We all have our own styles, and there are people that comment even more than me 🙂 I think the first tip would be: Don’t be afraid! I sometimes think a lot of people are just scared to leave a comment (and trust me when I first started blogging I had that same fear). But honestly not commenting would be missing out on some of the best parts of blogging. I have made some truly amazing friends that I would otherwise have missed out on if I had not started at one point to get over that fear. Hell, I’m talking to one right now!

Oooh… Stop it!

Seriously though, what is the worst that could happen? Either you don’t get a response, or someone might not like what you said. So if that last thing would ever happen, depending on what the response would be you could either apologize or just move one. Honestly, though, this entire community is so friendly that I don’t think anyone here is going to be yelling at someone else.

I sometimes comment on posts from blogs who never respond to anyone. I think that everyone who takes the time to read a post you wrote, and even takes the time to write a response is someone that I really appreciate. The least one can do is give that person a small response in return (or a bigger one depending on what kind of comment it is). We are all busy, but I do think it’s sometimes a shame that there are bloggers who never take the time to respond to their readers who leave comments. Again, I’m not one to tell anyone what to do (there is that magic word: respect), but I do think it’s truly one of the most interactive parts of blogging and it’s why it’s so much fun to do.

That’s how we get a community! I’m the cat!

TRUTH! I couldn’t have said better myself. Answering to the comments are of utmost importance! I, for example, get an average amount of comments. There have been days where I spent +- 3 hours answering comments from the past 3 days. And, well, I do it because I respect my community! I mean, if you had the time to comment I’m sure I will have to get some type of time to answer you.

Have fun with it! Go out of your comfort zone and just write a witty response to something once in a while, or if it’s something emotional bring your own feeling to it. It can generate sometimes totally crazy discussions or even very emotional ones. And hell…you might even up gaining some great friends too!

Lastly, someone very wise told me once that you don’t have to respond to every post. Sometimes it’s okay to leave a like too. And that is totally true. There are days when you might just be very busy, or where a post doesn’t really need a whole novel as a response. So, in other words, leave a comment when you feel like it, not because you are obligated to do so.

Shh! Don’t say that! The idea is to make the community engaging more with each other

Seriously though, thank you so much for taking your time from your busy, busy life (Guys Raist was even sick when wrote this, so be really thankful to him, ok?) to help us to understand better the art of commenting and, to be honest, know a little more about the real ninja who is always everywhere commenting!

Now, I send the ball to you guys! Do you have any tips to write more and better comments? Tell us in the comments below! 😀 Also, go there to the WordPress community and start commenting the heck out of it! 😀

See You Soon! 😀

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    You all know Arthifis right? I mean seriously, how could you not? The guy has written some amazing posts that were very helpful and gave all of us some great tips on how to blog. And not only that he is one of the friendliest guys out here in this community. A few weeks ago he reached out to me asking me if I would be interested in doing a collab post. I was honored and of course needless to say I accepted! But I was even more surprised to hear that it would be because he wanted some tips on how to comment on posts from erm…me? Well, as most of you know I love placing comments, and I think it’s one of the best things about blogging. So in the post below you can find an interview with me taken by Arthifis on that very same subject. I also have to say that he did a pretty good job in making me blush again, but as many of you know I excell at taking revenge, so I am sure I will think of something to return the favor ? Seriously though, I want to thank Arthifis for making such a great post and for a subject that I still believe is one of the best things blogging has to offer. So head on over to his blog and read it, and if you are not yet following him, be sure to do so right now!

  2. Seriously man: this post has really turned out great! I loved what you did here! Thank you again for asking me for this collab. I have really enjoyed it! ?? You really are awesome and one of the best people this community has to offer. Hope you will never forget that! ?

    1. Well if it turned out great it’s because you were the one answering so do not sell yourself short! At all 😀

      And here we go again! Raist if I ever get a medical condition because of all the blushing I swear to god I’ll be sending you the medical bill!!!! ?

      Seriously though, thank you so much for the kind words! But, I will live the throne of “The best person in the community” for you ?

      1. Haha…well sure, if I can sent you the bill too, for doing that to me as well lol ??
        All kidding aside, I meant what I said. And really credit where credit is due. This WAS your idea. And I’m very glad to have been a part of it. This really is/was awesome ??

  3. Oh yeah, this was great to read! It was like an interview and informative tips and tricks blog post all in one!
    Very wise tips indeed. Especially that it comes down to…don’t have a life just blog ?.
    As I know Raistlin in real life (my boyfriend and him work together) I knew there had to be a secret as to how he is able to put so much time in blogging and commenting aside from daily life. Because that life is busy one!
    And now I know the truth….robot army. ?
    Great collab, Arthifis! It was a great read ?

    1. Lol…well…blogging could be a life right?? ?? (Or maybe that is just me lol??). Yeah all the credit definitely to Arthifis, this was a great idea, and he made a seriously cool post out of it ?

      1. well, of course, it does. Normally geniuses live for their own subjects… Since you are a community genius, it just makes sense you live for blogging… Right?

        And don’t come with the “all the credit goes for me”! If you were not who you are, believe me, this collab would never, ever, been done! 😀

    2. Damn Flow where do you get all those connections? First, you tell me you know 360Chrism on Twitch… Now I get to know you also know Raist because he works with your boyfriend!!! This really is a small world Oo And let’s not forget how lucky all those guys are to have the happiness of knowing you in person!

      Moreover, since you know him (and probably live nearby from each other) just drive to his house and try to find his robot army… Probably they are in the basement. Just steal like… 4 of them (yeah is not going to notice less 4 robots) and send 2 to Portugal! 2 for you that is doing the dirty work, 2 for the mastermind behind it. What do you think? Do we have a deal!?

      Thank you so much! This was a really fun collab to do eheh

      1. Haha that is really sweet saying they’re lucky for knowing me in person ❤
        And yeah, i like that idea…find the robot army ? I’ll definitely send them your way! But but, if you and your boyfriend lived here you could a. Meet all of them in person and b. Help with stealing the robots! ?

  4. ???????? Wow… this is such a long post but I didn’t realize it until I scrolled it up again after reading the whole post. It’s because I enjoy it so much. Great tips and really helpful. And maybe Raist, you can send some of you army to me. I badly need help on commenting,

    And to Art.. this is such a great idea. I’m glad you thought of this. Not only you helped us, but you’re right, Raistlin indeed is good, even great, at commenting. He’s number one amongst us. hehe. 🙂 🙂
    This collab made me so happy which made me think you both should do more of it… hahaha…

    1. Haha…well…I guess I could spare a few of those robots for you lol ??
      Well, glad you enjoyed the post so much and really all the credit to Arthifis who came up with the idea in the first place! ? Oh…and this comment pretty much proves that you are really great at commenting yourself! And yes, I really mean that, and pretty much sure that Art will agree with me ? Thanks!

      1. Stop saying all the credit goes for me ? This was only possible to do because you are here among us Raist 😀

        Completely agree of course! Lil always brights my day when she visits my comment section

    2. “this is such a long post but I didn’t realize it” … I think this is the best compliment I ever got? ? Well one of the best is I’m sure! I think Raist should just do the community a favour and send one robot for each one of us!

      Thank you so much Lil, I’m happy that you liked eheh But as you said, this was only possible because Raist is, in fact, GREAT at commenting! 😀

      Ooooh damn! You are making me blush! Well, we’ll see ^.^ I’m always open *wink* *wink*

  5. …. Raistlin… Disagreeing with someone?? I’m surprised he could even answer that question as I don’t think I’ve ever actually witnessed that… Or, he’s SO GOOD at it that I didn’t even notice?? ??
    “Go out of your comfort zone and just write a witty response to something once in a while” ??? you say this like it’s EASY to be witty!! Some people can’t just “write a witty response”, that’s harder than it seems! ?
    Great post, guys!

    1. Hm? Well…that opening word should already say enough right? Pretty sure I have disagreed with you quite a number of times ?? But…hey, I guess I am good at it then if you didn’t even notice it ?? (or you choose to ignore it, which might also be the case lol??)
      Well…if there is one thing I really am not worried about with you: is that you can write witty responses pretty much all day ?? So really….you are joking right? Or are you trying to be witty….??
      Anyways: thanks: All the credit goes out to Arthifis for coming up with this idea in the first place, and he really made a great post out of it ??

        1. Well, that’s my doing though xD I have a series called Arthifis Classroom where I teach about different things… Since Raist was doing this I just felt right to change it a little bit and give him the classroom for today ?

      1. Here we go again… And every time you tell that I’ll be here to correct you! This was only possible because you exist and are here in the community! I’m not really able to think about another person that could do this collab! 😛

    2. I’m pretty sure is so GOOD that nobody notices ahahah :’D

      He does, doesn’t he? But, well, I’m sure going to follow his tips and see if writing comments gets at least a little easier ahah

      Thank you :3

      1. Writing comments always seems to take me so much time no matter what… I gave myself 2 hrs today to comment… I don’t even feel like I’ve made a dent. There are so many people that I want to visit, and so little time. ?

  6. This came out really great and it was really awesome hearing Raistlin discuss how he manages to comment as much as he does and the process behind how he leaves those amazing comments.

    …I could use that army. Haha!

    Thank for posting this!

      1. Couldn’t say better myself! Thank you for the kind words, the post was really fun to write (and I got all the tips first handed which is also nice xD)

        Regarding the army… Well, I’m trying to find a group of stealers so we go mission impossible at Raistlin’s basement and steal all of it! So, if you want in consider yourself invited.

  7. Great read. I must admit, this is something I struggle with. Writing posts? Fine. Being interviewed? I’m nice and verbose. Comments? I usually barely write enough to fill a tweet, even when I want to write more.

    1. Well…I beg to differ ? (See, I can disagree on things sometimes lol ??)
      But I see you commenting often on my blog, and sometimes the smaller comments can be just as good as the bigger ones. So really, I don’t think you have anything to worry about ?

  8. This was such a great read. Thanks Raistlin and Arthifis for putting it together.
    I remember when I first started blogging and how nervous I was about commenting on others’ posts but I think part of me realised even then that if I wanted people to talk with me, I needed to talk with them. And seriously, the worst that will happen is someone will tell you you’re wrong.

    1. Haha…well, I can definitely relate to that. The first comment I ever wrote was on your blog, and I was nervous as hell about it (you will have to forgive me that I don’t remember what it was for anymore lol ?).
      But it’s so true…that really is the worse that can happen. I ofcourse never judge people, but I always find it a bit of a shame when you leave a comment on someone’s blog, and they don’t respond. But well, to each their own I guess ??
      It really was a very fun project to do: glad you liked it, and thanks! ??

      1. Ooooh! So good to see our Veteran bloggers feeling nostalgic XD

        Completely understand you Karandi. I remember feeling that way too, heck I even sometimes feel like that from time to time xD But, yeah… The worst thing they can do is just say you are wrong… If you defend your point you even can make a nice discussion afterwards, so, no problem at all 😀

        Thank you so much for kind words Karandi 🙂 This was really fun to do eheh

      1. Thank god you laughed from time to time! 😀 I’m personally terrible when it comes to humor, but I completely think that learning while laughing in the between is the best way ahah

  9. So neat to see the thought processes Raistlin has! I know I am amazed when I visit blogs and see Raistlin’s comments here and there and there and everywhere. (And good, long comments too!) When WordPress 2018 stats are posted, I have a feeling a certain someone is going to take #1 commentor on a record-breaking amount of blogs. 🙂

    1. Haha…I have already done enough blushing for one day, doesn’t mean I have to go do that again today lol ? But really thank you. I think that I definitely won’t be the number one though. There are people that are commenting even more than me ?? But well, not doing it for that anyway lol? Just do it, because I really enjoy the interaction with everyone and well…it’s a lot of fun too!. So really thank you again?

  10. As I suspected, great advice here once again 🙂 I am usually a pretty boring comment person. I try my best to say interesting things but usually I just like the post I read and want to say that I enjoyed it lol.

    1. Well, I would never call you boring at all, and you are kidding right? You always have an encouraging word on posts, so really don’t sell yourself short here. That’s so not necessary ?
      Also..thanks again for the kind words here ??

      1. Yeah, I’m with Raist here Jon! I don’t think that at all, and regarding feeling, you repeat yourself many times… Well, maybe for you 😛 But when you comment here on my blog I don’t really get that vibe

  11. THIS WAS AWESOME! I have so much more respect for what he does and the fact that he comments on my posts so frequently. I think we can all walk away from here with a few tips and tricks in our back pocket now. Thank you so much for sharing :]

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Samantha! 😀 People having more respect for Raistlin was one of the objectives I had in mind when I invited him to do it. This way, happy to see we were able to get that target 2 eheh XP

  12. I agree with thebookwormdrinketh, witty’s an art! Come to think of it, if you don’t want any enemies, the best kind of wit is the self-deprecating sort and I think I know two bloggers who excel in that game…

    I don’t think it’s happened on here or at Raistlin’s place (but I think it happens at Irina’s every once in a while), but sometimes Jetpack decides to get rid of 10+ minutes’ worth of comment after an hour or so of screen-staring and that’s why you’ll only see a like on the post and no comment from me. Outside of being told you’re wrong, I think that’s the most disappointing kind of comment…

      1. Not so much “deleted”, as they are “lost” because the thing behind the comment sending (Jetpack) somehow lapsed when it was sending the comment content.

        Since it doesn’t happen often enough to be too disruptive, it probably has to do with internet connections at a given moment or not loading the comments section properly. Since I do comment at Irina’s a lot (regardless of whether comments are lost or not), that probably explains why it always crops up there.

  13. Now this is the type of content that I want to read. Thank you for sharing this man. This really help me. Now im gonna stop having a life and starting commenting lol

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