The Self-Motivation Battle #2

The Self-Motivation Battle #2

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

2 weeks ago I started this series and it’s time to continue our self-motivation tips! To be honest, it’s really funny to write about self-motivation when I actually am been feeling demotivated lately LOLOL πŸ˜€

anime making no sense
Well… I never sold “Sense” here at our place to begin with

And no, not in blogging! Don’t worry I’m completely thrilled about blogging and talking with you, wonderful people! No, it’s more about my work which is getting worse by the day and it seems it’s going to be a little difficult getting another one for the time being. But, I’ll be doing a little update at the end of the week and I’ll tell you all about that (and my 1-week vacancies whoo-ooo \o/)

Ok, so last time I gave you a process that I use a lot of times to get motivated to something, today I’ll give you a more easy/standard tips. Things that make me want to try better and do something more with my life! πŸ˜›

– Music –

anime k-on music

I‘ve talked about music when it comes to inspiration. But, the fact is, music has also the power to make us want to do things! There have been many times, especially at work, where music made me actually go in full-speed and do everything in a matter of hours when in the beginning I just wanted to hit my head in the table, say that I needed to go to the hospital to check if everything was ok and go back home and sleep.

It really depends on the mood you are going for though. As inspiration, different music will make me feel motivated to do different things.

I need to clean the house and I don’t feel like it? I just plug my earphones put some Rihanna bombing and start doing it. It completely changes the perspective. Instead of boring I’m just singing (terribly) out loud and moving my body like I was on the dance floor!

anime bad dance
I never said I was good though…

At work, let’s say that our boss just did another stupid thing that made us terribly angry and, therefore, demotivated. I actually do the same as Retsuko from Aggressive Retsuko and listen to some heavy metal. Instead of only work, I just do that and picture I’m inflicting some kind of pain to certain people and makes it all better! Baby Metal is always my choice.

So, basically, depending on what you need to do, different music will work better. If you want I can write a post talking about each genre of music I use depending on the situation.

– Looking Back –

anime serious guy looking back
Not literally…

People normally say that you should live in the present. Not in the past, neither in the future. I say… Screw that!

I never really dave into past (and probably will never will here), but I come from a… how should I put it… pretty difficult past? Yeah, you can put it that away xD Long story short, my father died when I was young and my family was left in serious debt (which we are still paying almost 10 years later). Things were really bad at that time and through High school and college, I actually didn’t know how the hell was my family able to survive. Fast forward to today, my family, although still with some financial difficulties is starting to be a “normal” family again. At least we are being able to be functional.

So, when I look back I don’t really feel sad or any type of injustice. Like, I don’t think “Why the hell it happened to me?”. I think in a completely different way: “Damn! I was able to survive THAT?” or “Damn! That was such a long path to do that I can’t even believe I reached this point in life”. This kind of things helps me to see life with a brighter side and make me feel more motivated to do even better in life.

anime motivated girl

It’s easy to get stuck in the thoughts of life not developing as quickly as you want. Looking back helps you a lot in showing the many things you were able to accomplish.

Moreover, when you face an obstacle in life and look back to these darker times where you were able to survive you just feel that you are going to surpass the new obstacle in some kind of way.

But, probably more relatable, let’s talk about blogging. Blogging has been the thing that I had more on and off type of relationship when it comes to motivation – I think it’s because I love it so much. Maybe numbers are not growing so quickly as I wanted, or although I’m getting numbers I’m not getting much Google traction, or it’s the social media, and the list continues.

anime fight on!
Take it easy! There are worst things in life!

Every time I feel this I always think back, to day 1. 0 views, 0 followers, 0 blogger friends. Those numbers now do not seem as bad as they seem to, right? More than the views, more than the followers… The actual friends I’ve made with blogging do not have any price. When I think like that, I just feel motivated to continue writing and posting content… Even if I just want to go to bed and sleep πŸ˜›

– Final Thoughts For Today –

Fight On!

I still have some tips left in my pocket, but I’ll let those to come out in a later post. We are all crazy busy people and I don’t want to write a 5.000-word post! I prefer to deliver you more and smaller posts, make sure you read it and maybe apply them in your life, because that’s the objective, to help you πŸ˜›

Moreover, this way, you have time to try the tips and see if they work for you, right? XD It’s like I’m giving you small spoons of “knowledge” instead of trying to push a huge bottle inside your mouth πŸ˜€

What are your tips for self-motivation? Tell me in the comments! πŸ˜€

anime bye
See You Soon! πŸ˜€

0 thoughts on “The Self-Motivation Battle #2

  1. Haha, love the gifs you have used in this post, but let’s not forget the thing that is really even more important: How totally awesome this post was! It’s so true though. I am one of those people that really doesn’t want to live in the past but more in the present. That said, you certainly have a point. Looking back there are certainly times in my life where I wonder how I survived it in the first place…but hey…still alive and kicking. So you are so right.
    Music was one of the things I used to listen too a fact it was one of my major hobbies. But…times change, and these days I hardly listen to any music. It’s one of those things…your interests change and stuff like that. But…for me movies give me inspiration. When I’m having a crappy day I like to watch a simple action film to take my mind of things. Or when I’m in a good mood, a nice drama can certainly help me pass the time and get motivated too. And well you already know my feelings on I don’t think I have to really adress that one lol?? Did I mention already how much I enjoyed reading this one? No? Well…I did ?

    1. Ooooh thank you so much! I think I have to add: Have your own Raistlin ahah

      I actually do that kind of thinking a lot… If I was able to survive that it’s not what is happening right now that will make me crumble πŸ˜› It helps to calm my nerves when in distress

      Really? Oo I can’t see my life without music. But, well… I normally listen t music while doing other things such as working and blogging ahah

      Yes… Yes you did! πŸ˜€ Thank you so much again! ^^

      1. Haha, my comments section exploded today: Welcome back man! Hope you had a great week off ?
        Lol…if you were to add that, I think I won’t be able to get anything done anymore lol ???
        Well, music is not totally gone from my life, but admittedly it doesn’t play a very important role in anymore. There have been years where I went to concerts, listened to the newest cds in the shops, in short it all revolved around music…now though, not so much. Oh well, it’s one of those things that just happen ?
        Haha, you are welcome! ?

        1. Thank you! It was great! XD I was able to recharge my batteries by being off for a week eheh

          Ahahah well I work way better if I’m listening to music xP but I don’t do what you did ahah wouldn’t have time for that ahah I just listen to music almost 24 hours a day and that’s that xD

  2. You are right with the looking back. Just the other day I was down on myself for only writing 1,500 words when my goal is to write 2k words a day. Then I had to think back to the summer of 2107 when my goal was 100 words a day and some days I couldn’t even do that.
    It is good to marker our progress from the past and not focus on our past mistakes.

    1. That’s a great example of it! Sometimes we end up getting so wrapped up under our daily life and struggles that you completely forget about where we came from and how much we have already improved πŸ˜›

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