Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Hero Quality

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Hero Quality

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

A new week and here I am with Mel to give you hotties! This time we continue with some days we added to the challenge! We talked about our favorite fighters in Mel’s place, while here We’ll be mentioning our favorite heroes!

It’s a little difficult to understand what is a Hero and what is not, but I hope this one passes by eheh I choose:

– L from Death Note –

best hero L.gif

Now, depending how you see it and what you believe, maybe you see L as the antagonist and not the hero (?) To me, both L and Light are heroes in this crazy Anime where right and wrong start to blend and become a little more difficult to see which one is what.

Well, L is not really that hot… At least for me. I love people who takes a little bit of their time to look presentable and we all know L is way too busy solving impossible crimes and eating sweet things for that.

best hero L eating.gif

Nevertheless, I decided it was L I was going to pick this week. Why? Well, easy-peasy, his intelligence. We all know I’m a sucker for that, so why not go towards of one of the most intelligent guys in the Anime industry? It is true that Light is also really intelligent, as also Lelouch from Code Geass… But both of them have something that really kills the game for me, they both have the god complex (they are Kamideres). L is not like that, in fact he ends up being extremely humble which for me just gives him infinite points!

best hero L seated.gif

He, as most geniuses, is not really that open to other people… Nevertheless, he ends up letting Light enter inside his bubble… In some points I even thought that I saw a hint of love (?) Ok, probably not, probably only indication of his enormous respect for Light. Nevertheless, when that happens we can see a guy that is a little more vulnerable and in fact wants to have friends around him (who knew?).

best hero L being L.gif

From the beginning to the end I loved this character, and I still do. At my eyes, he is a hero in his own way and completely deserves this spot!

What about you Mel? Who did you chose for today’s 5 minutes of pervert?

I know I got the idea of adding this day, I know it was my idea, I thought it would be nice to have it, like really nice to add a hero to add a hero category to the list, everyone like heroes right… except the villain, villain don’t like Heroes…

When I added this day I didn’t thought how troublesome it would be since I change my mine a lot of time and I’m still not sure about my choice *ugh*

Gonna cheat a little, I’m giving you my official pick first but I will still give an honorable mention…

My official pick for today is the forever tired Pro-Hero and best teacher of U.A

Aizawa Shouta a.k.a Eraserhead (My hero academia)


I like him right away, not cause he as one hell of a sexy voice (Junichi Suwabe <3), but cause he is the type of person despite the fact he look tired and annoyed half of the time, he still care a lot about his student. 


Aizawa doesn’t have a perfect attack quirk like All Might or Endeavor, but he still manage to get in the hero class when he decide to go to UA. We know how the exam entrance and for someone like Aizawa whose Quirk erase the other quirks, it’s not easy.  Despite that he got into the hero class, graduate and became a Pro-Hero. He made a name for himself and prove if value more than once.  The anime viewer only know the Aizawa from the school attack of the first season or the one of the training camp, but I can tell you he is one of the best hero around, wait and see you will like him even more and he would easily steal the title of the best teach ever too. 


I know it’s his job as Pro-Hero and teacher to make sure his student are safe, but he didn’t have to take part of a certain mission that the anime viewer will see in the future (really try to not spoil too much here), but he feel like he had to since Midoriya, Kirishima and other student of the class 1-A had to take part in the mission. 

Aizawa might prefer sleeping over teaching but he is still a great mentor for those future heroes. 


As I said Aizawa is my official pick, however I need to give an honorable mention to Hawks (only in My Hero Academia manga for now) just cause he is cutie who like to troll Endeavor, okay he does more than that but saying more it spoil everything about the guy…

Credit: Mirshroom Twitter / Tumblr
Credit: Mirshroom Twitter/Tumblr

And that’s it for today everyone! 😀 And don’t tell me you weren’t lucky because you got 3 guys this week!!!! 🙂 Again, don’t forget to visit Mel’s place and see what we picked for the hotties who happen to also fight for a living… Or surviving (?) I don’t know, I’m just trying to finish this post with a nice, cool paragraph *insert sunglasses emoji*. Oh well, don’t forget to vote, comment your own favorite hero and check Mel’s post 😉

OH! I almost forgot!!! Mel crushed me (again) last week and won in both sides. So, at the moment the score is:

Arthis 814 Mel



See You Soon! 😀

0 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Hero Quality

  1. Well, I had L as a candidate for my hero too. And Light but that became a bit too complicated to handle. So I went in a different direction. As for MHA, I must be the only person in this universe to have not seen that anime but Aizawa might give me (one more) reason to watch it.

    1. Don’t worry you are not alone with the MHA part! I’ve still didn’t watch it either ahah
      Well, I already have the pingback in my notifications and will see who you picked shortly eheh

  2. I absolutely agree with the things written about Aizawa. He is such a compelling character. I loved that moment when we first see him in his sleeping bag. It’s fun as you think he is a character that doesn’t care about anyone. How wrong we were though. It also goes to show that first impressions are apparently not always right.
    As for L…I have not yet seen the Deathnote anime…but I have seen the liveaction films (no…not the American version, but the Japanese live action films) and his character is terrific. other words: great choices! ?

    1. Ahaha thank you! Is the live any good? I only watched the Anime and after watching Nana Live action I always try to get away from those since they seem to be cringy and corny all the way XD
      Regarding Aizawa… Well, I never watched MHA so you are probably right! 😀 But, yes it’s completely true! First impressions are not (most of the times) wrong eheh And it’s lovely to see those kind of characters grow and change eheh

      1. The live are very good. There are three films in total, and then there is a spinoff movie about L. I have only seen the first two movies as the third one was released many years later and sadly did not get distibuted to my country. But that said, they are great films, including the L spin off.
        Ooohh, you should definitely watch MHA. It’s such an amazing and fun anime to watch. I pretty much guarantee that you will enjoy it! ?

  3. I had to post about Hawks, I know his character just got introduced in the manga (and that’s why it wasn’t my first choice). Just can’t wait to seeµore about him even more after seeing the latest chapters

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