Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Dual Color Haired Hotties!

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Dual Color Haired Hotties!
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Hi guys and welcome to our place!

It’s friday and you all know what that means! Hot boys!!! Just a disclaimer before we start! Mel and I decided to add some new guys to the challenge! One of them is today! The two-tone haired male characters! There are some other that will appear, but for the hair color this is the only one we added! 😛

I didn’t had to thought a lot about this one, probably because I only know one with a two-tone hair? I mean, probably I know some more, but this is the one that came to my mind from the bat!

Death the Kid from Soul Eater

death the kid two tone hottie

When it comes to looks I love the coolness Death the Kid has. I love his more gothic style and, although not symmetrical, I just love his hair! Maybe he is not the hottest guy in the Anime World, but he has his own charm and when he means business he really stands out with his “guns”! I mean, how cooler can you be by using your guns with your little fingers?

death the kid guns

When it comes to his personality, we all know that Death the Kid does not play with all of his screws! I mean, the obcession he has with symmetry is WAY too much! It’s easy to see that he has a OCD, and a serious one! But, in other point of view, he would just make our houses the neatest we would ever see/dream.

death the kid simmetry funny.gif

Although he always try to play cool and strong/harsh, he is, in fact, a sweetheart and a kind person! It’s not everyone who goes and saves 2 girls from being homeless and make them your weapons (which is something that is normal in Soul Eater. I mean, he was even able to pass the part of them being completely different from each other, even though they are twins. So, basically he ended up being able to put his idea of symmetry to the side and just embrace those twins and give them a new life!

death the kid with the twins.gif

As the Shinigami’s son, it is normal that he feels a little more pressure to succeed than his friends. Especially because he wants to become the next shinigami and that is not a small feat. Nevertheless, with time he ends up loosing up a little bit and being able to make more friends and let his cool maks come off more often. Nevertheless, he is normally a serious guy. But, combining with that seriouness also comes intelligence, being the smartest one compared to all the other main characters. I think he is even smarter than Tsubaki. Of course if something happens to his simmetry is a good for nothing… But well, everyone with their crazyness.

death the kid cool.gif

And well, that’s it! Now it’s your time to shine Mel! I’m pretty sure you already had someone in mind since you were the one adding this new day eheh

Surprise! this is not a day you can find in the original line-up for the prompt, and it’s probably the easiest day to pick since when I added this day to the list I had my choice in mind 

Todoroki Shouto


Half-cold, half-hot

I have to say he is definitely more hot than cold…it’s attitude is cold only his attitude, cause for the rest he is pretty hot. 


Shouto reminds me a lot of Kageyama in a sense that he is socially awkward, a little be clumsy on the side when it come to interact with the other, there is time I really wonder if is filter stopping him to say none-sense stuff is actually broken. 


He work hard to not follow the path his father the #2 hero, Endeavors, wanted him to follow, however despite his hatred for his father, Todoroki realize that he could still fully used his quirk and be the hero he want to be without following Endeavors order (thanks to Deku).


More that I see him, more that I like him, he is not perfect he has his flaw (a lot of flaws) but he work to get a better person.  In season two when he run to help Ilda and Deku, he told his dad that we was going to help his friend, and I always had the feeling that even it the word flowed out naturally out of his mouth that it was the first time he had people he could really call friend. 


I loved seeing him change through the manga, there is still a lot of work to do, but I’m sure that one day he will get here we want to be and become the hero he want to be, not the hero his father want him to be. 

I know none of the GIF I used were actually related to what I was saying about him, but these are my favorite GF from him and I felt the need to share them with you.

And that’s what we have for you this week! Don’t forget to view our picks for the orange-haired hotty at Mel’s place! 🙂 Or should I say… Pick? 😀

When it comes to points, last week it seems I won at Mel’s place (Ginko for the win!) and Mel won at my place! I knew all along that Kakashi couldn’t beat the fabulous Ferid! This, way, the score is now:

Arthifis 8 – 11 Mel

Basically nothing changed and we continue 3 points apart! Nevertheless, I think it has become really tight when it comes who will win and bring the “Most prevert” Trophie home 😛

What do you think of our choices and who is your favorite male character with dual tone hair? Leave that in the votes and in the comments! XD


See You Soon! 😀


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