Videogame number 8 – Persona 3

Videogame number 8 – Persona 3

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I know, I know… I am one day late posting this. Sorry, but yesterday was one of those days -.-” Basically I had to go with my mom to the airport so she could catch her flight, then the flight was canceled… So I had to go back to pick her up… Well basically, yesterday I passed more or less 6 hours in public transportation (Yaiiiiii \o/) and the schedule for my day was completely f’ed up because of that!

Well, but enough of my crazy day.. You are here because of the anime/videogames not because of the story of my life. Number 8 is… You guessed… Persona 3. Below you can have the main theme of the game so you have some music while reading the review 🙂

If you never played this, please go and play it. It’s really one of the best games I ever played and even if you are not a RPG fan, you will surely like this game non the less… I recommend you the Playstation 2 version, not the PSP, just because of one simple thing: In persona you will need to go around the city to do some quests and so on. In the PS2 version you play it as a rpg, meaning that you will have the third view and so on, while in the psp version is like a map and you click where you want to go. However if you like to choose between a boy or a girl, PSP is the version that lets you choose.

persona 3 school ps2
Ps2 version
PSP Version

First let me explain you  a little about the story and how the game functions… This will help me to explain why I love it 🙂 Basically, you start with your main character changing to this new city, to study in a new school and living in the dorms. While he’s walking to the dorms the clock changes to midnight and everything changes. The moon changes to bright yellow, all informatic thingies stop working and everyone changes to a coffin… Ok, why am I explaining it when you can see the prelude? You can see it and understand the story much better than trying to understand what I am explaining 😛

This changes you just watched occur only by 1 hour and the characters of the game call it the dark hour. Not going to explain much more than this (because SPOILERS!), but at this hour there are some monsters that appear called shadows and the way the characters can fight them is using their persona (to call them they need to use a gun and shooting it like you were killing yourself).

Now, the main character has a strenght that no other has, he/she can summon multiple personas. Still with me? Well, basically see it like pokemon. While in pokemon you can catch a lot of pokemons and battle with them, in persona you can catch many personas and use them to battle. You can get personas by a card minigame that may appear when you end a fight, or by fusion personas with each other.

And now it gets interesting and that made love this game 😛 The personas have certain types which come from the tarot cards (you know the ones, they can be death, priestess, king, hanged man and so on) and outside the dark hour you can find people that you will start a social link with which belongs to a certain tarot card. Well, it’s not a coincidence, when you lvl up the social link, the amount of experience when fusioning a persona of that type will increase (and when you get to lvl10 you will be able to fusion the strongest persona for that type). So… what will have to do? You guessed it! Talk with these people and increase your social skill with them, simple, right? NOT!

For you to be able to master all social links in one gameplay you will need to follow a playtrough step by step so you can do it (I do not recommend it, takes all the fun)… Why is that? Because, you will have to choose between many answers and only some of them will let you advance the relationship quicker (like dating sims probably) and while you are doing this you will also need to evolve your charm, courage and knowledge skills. AH! I almost forgot! The game is set to have a fixed number of days, so you really need to think what is the best to spend time on. I’m going to be honest, I have played this games 3 times (without a playtrough) and never did all social links from only one game (you can then do a game+).

can’t really understand who did this artwork, so I’ll gice you the link for the image (hope it’s ok like that??)

Since you have to do all this, you will feel a touch of slice of life (as you call it anime) that is really refreshing in a rpg. I loved it! I loved to, more to take into account my lvl and my persona lvls I had to think about my relationships and my status as a “human being”. The stories for your social links are also really good and makes you interest to know all of it 🙂

Other thing I loved was the story, it has a more dark twist to it than any rpg I had played until that time. I will not tell you more than I already did, but let’s say that there are many plot twists in the middle and you will have a hard time guessing who is the bad guy, why does the dark hour exist, etc. The characters are also enjoyable and they all have evolution, which is really cool, because you start to follow in love with them.


About the graphics… They are good for a ps2 game. Although it doensn’t go as far as FF12. About the music, even though it’s completely different from the typical RPG (it has more of a “popish” tone to it) is enjoyable and as in FF12, I still hear it sometimes when I need to something that requires focus.

Well and that’s all. This one really has a place in my hear (well all of the games that are in the top have… But you understand the idea :P).

That’s all for today folks! Did you like the review? Do you think you will try to give a chance to this game even though it’s a little older? Comment down below! 😀

Have you played? If yes, tell me what you think of it!!!!

See ya soon! 🙂


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