My 3 Blogging Senpais | Let’s Make Them Uncomfortable

My 3 Blogging Senpais | Let’s Make Them Uncomfortable
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Hi guys and welcome to my place! πŸ˜€

So, today I woke up and I was tagged for the Liebster Award by the lovely Lilisblissfulpages, nope… Sorry Lilly, but this is not the answer for the award… Yet! But something happened while reading her delightful post, many things she told about herself resonated with me and I end up making a huge comment with my love story in the middle of it (Don’t worry guys, that story will also come out one day! In reality I already have a day in mind for it!). But my conversation with her made my brain starting to work, a.k.a., writing the post of my love story in my head! However, from the title (and what because what I just said, you also know this post is not about that either).

(If you are not following Lilly yet, do so, she has that power to write in a manner that she is talking directly to you… You know, the thing I try to in my blog? Yeah, her blog gives me that vibe, but you know… When it’s well done!)

Well, while I was mentally writing the post of my love story I went taking a shower (Yes, my brain is always working, even when I want to shut him off), but from there my mind went to the love in the WordPress community and from there I started thinking about the 3 people in here that I look up the most and why. And before you ask, yes, that’s how my mind works, always making these type of connections. Although a man, my brain works like the “normal” women’s brain work. And no, I’m not being sexist here, we all know that men’s and women’s brains work differently, it’s science! Of course, that doesn’t apply to everyone, being myself one of those examples, but I digress…


So, from here, I though, why not make a post about why I love them so much? It’s not an award, neither a tag, it’s just myself opening to the world the 3 bloggers that inspire me the most and why is that! And well, I’m writing this right now.

Let me begin explaining you something, when growing up I never, but never had a like a celebrity or something like that I idolized (my boyfriend will tell you that I’m lying and that I idolize Rihanna), but the thing is, even if I may love someone never, ever I think that I want to be like them or something like that. There was a phase that occurred (and I talked about it this week), but it was not a long phase and moreover, it’s not that I idolized the person itself, but the way to handle this or that situation. I always felt good on my shoes (except the phase I had depression) even with flaws and everything, I always felt good with myself and being so perfectionist with myself, well, it’s really hard for someone to make me inspired!

But she IS QUEEN!

Being that said, before I started this blog I did felt inspired from some people. My mom and my boyfriend, which I think it’s not really that hard to understand why and then there was only one person that greatly inspired and to be honest helped me a lot , that is Lilly Singhs, a.k.a., IIsuperwomanII, an indian/canadian major Youtuber and at my eyes, a role model due to… Well, basically everything she is, or at least that we can see on camera (I’m not naive enough to think that we see everything on camera). However, after starting this blog I found myself 3 more persons that really inspire me! I think that this is probably contrary to celebrities and so on because I was able to talk with them (All heil the power of the Internet) and see that they are what I already expected them to be by reading their blogs. Now, these people are really well-known in the Anime Blogging community and you probably already know them, if not, well what are you waiting for? Go following them! Ah, before I say who they are, I just wanted to say that they all 3 inspire me for different reasons! πŸ˜›

I will, promise!

Only 2 other things I want to say is, I’m going to be brutally honest, as I think you already are accostumedΒ if you follow my blog and that I’m not playing favourites here. I love you all and I can honestly say that I find myself having fun with all your blogs. As I said on Twitter, it’s really fun to binge-read a bunch of posts, see so many different unique ways of writing and all of them working out in their own special way πŸ˜› Now, let’s go make these people uncomfortable and blushing while reading this muahahah

Karandi from 100wordanime – the sweet mother

That’s how imagine her helping new bloggers!!!

The thing about Karandi is her work blogging ethic! I really don’t know how she is able to post every single day, most of the times more than one post. I’m going to be honest, I don’t read all your posts because I don’t follow episodic reviews, the thing is I don’t follow Anime seasons and I don’t want to get spoiled, nevertheless I always give you a like (here, being brutally honest) because I know for sure that your work will be extremely well written as your other posts that I read always are.

Karandi is the kind of person that will find you the moment you start blogging, don’t ask me how and what kind of sorcery is this, but that’s the plain truth. She will be one of the first liking and commenting all of your posts and like a sweet mother showing that she believes in you and making you feel motivated to push forward and continue to post. She does a lot for the community and I can only feel inspired by it! I know that I will never be able to do what she does because to manage what she does I would have to quit my job and just fully embrace blogging 24/7. However, Karandi does work and I really can’t understand how she manages it.

I see Karandi as the person that if she says I’ve done a good work, then I will feel that “Yeah, this time I really did a good job!”. I was able to be featured in 2 of her “In Case You Missed it” and well, yeah I’m not going to lie, it felt that I just had checked one of the things in my bucket list.

So yeah, Karandi inspires me to be more observant to the newest blogs, to give my all when it comes to bloggind and well, inspires me to work my ass off to be able to someday be a voice of reason in the blogging community as I see her.

If Karandi was a Anime character I would picture her as the sempai who everyone can rely on

Raistlin from Raistlin0903 – the friendliest guy


Another person who works his ass of for the community. If you go to a post and you don’t see a like and a comment from Raistlin in there it’s because he probably is asleep while the post came out. In twitter the other day he confessed that he had come from work at 18h and it was now 22h and he was still answering to comments, reading stuff and so on. Guys, this makes 4 hours!!! The moment I read that I just commented to my boyfriend I will never be able to do that and to be honest I won’t. I don’t have the blogging work ethic to do that! Again, the only way I would be able to do that is if I quit my job and started full-time at my blog, so having someone who does this… It just blows my mind.

And it’s not only the amount of comments and likes and so on he does because he could just go and write “Great post” in one comment and then copy paste through everything he reads. No, Raistlin has always a thoughfull comment and every time he comments you just feel happy with the words you are reading. He always has the right words and the right phrases to bright your day.

I’ve been talking a lot more with him in the past few days and to be completely honest, more and more I don’t understand how the hell he is still single, because he’s just the sweetest guy!

So, basically Raistlin inspires me to be a better person and the sweetest I can all the times, as also trying to read, like and comment the most as I can! Something that I diligently started doing… 2 days ago LOL

Commenting all the posts!

Irina Kami-sama from drukenanimeblog – the cool drunk kid

Now that I think of it, you do resemble Nyanko-sensei a LOT!

This one, everyone already knows, I’ve been talking about her and the inspiration she gives me basically every time I have the opportunity. And yes, I upgraded her to the goddess title, she just told me about an app that read pages, so nowadays I’m able to catch up with your posts while working at the same time and I said if that app worked I would start calling her that!

But why? Why, she is such an inspiration for me? Well, she also gives a lot to the community, she was the one that made my blog get the first small jump on followers and if I’m here today with almost 150 followers it’s because of her, together with all my hard work of course (One my goals in the present is to learn to give more credit to myself, so I just had to say that – moreover, if I didn’t I already know what Irina would comment down below). However, that’s no different from the guy and girl I talked before. What makes her special?

First she is the embodiment of Canadian stereotypes. She is just so kind and polite… And you just know that she is like that naturally! Well, I’m also kind and polite, in reality I’m a canadian by heart (although I’m portuguese and I never passed the Atlantic ocean). However, I know that sometimes I’m not that naturally doing so. Sometimes I just want to tell someone to go F yourself, yes I restrain myself on doing it, but in my mind I’m not really being that nice of a person, I’m not accepting the other person for what they are and I can just be misjudging them… So, yeah, you have that.

Then you have that she is basically one of the cool kids! She always has a fun thing to say and to comment! My boyfriend at the moment knows many blogs that I see as… Friends (?), but in reality Irina he’s the one he knows the most, and the one I talk the most to be honest. And like me, he always laugh to the funny comments she always say at the right moment! xD The last one being she telling me that she kidnaps orphans to like and comment posts for her when I asked these 3 awesome people on Twitter how the hell are they able to catch up with all the posts xD

So Irina inspires me to be a better person overall as also a more funnier person while writing. Don’t take me wrong, I think most of my posts have some funny parts in there and in real life people do tend to laugh at my jokes. But I’m not as good as Irina, specially making funny comments with writing, I’m more the type of physical comedy xD But yeah, basically she inspires me to be a little more laid back and just approachable person. I mean, do you think that all of her collabs come from heaven? No, that’s the result of hard work and well, the person she is. Well, basically I also want to be a cool kid, that is all >.>

Yeah a cool kid… Like Kilua! (Without the murdering people part)

And that’s it everyone! I know, not really a normal type of post to have in the community, but hey, spread the love not hate right! And as I learnt from IIsuperwomanII if you have something good to tell about someone just do it, Internet needs more love thoughts on it and to be honest, if we think a little bit of it, it comes way natural to speak of something about a person when we don’t like when we do like.

Tell me on the comments who is the blogger/person that inspires you the most and why? Or if you want, take this idea and make a post about that blogger/person. Again, spreading the love is never too much and the Internet really needs it!


See You Soon! πŸ˜€


0 thoughts on “My 3 Blogging Senpais | Let’s Make Them Uncomfortable

  1. welll embarrassed is right….I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this before but I’m at a loss for words…
    Wait I found them: OMG Arthifis this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. Being called an archetypal Canadian is all I’ve ever strived for! Being compared to Nyanko sensei is way more than I could have reasonably hoped for and being mentioned in the same conversation as Karandi and Raistlin, both of which I would also consider mentors and just great people (how the heck is Raistlin single???), is just an honor.
    And most importantly, having you think of me as a friend is the best present I could get.

    1. I was able to make have a loss for words for a moment? Huge win! \o/
      Glad you liked it eheh! Loved to spread the love to the people who inspire me eheh
      Well, I had to insert Nyanko-sensei somewhere if I was going to talk about you and in the moment I uploaded the Gif to my draft I just though “yeah this is how imagine Irina” xD
      Ooooh thank you so much for seeing my friendship so precious eheh and honored or not everything I said is completely true! Xp

  2. I agree with absolutely everything you write. These three people have influenced and are constantly influencing me all the time. They all mean love to me and to this community and we should all love bomb them like you have done. ❀️ (also, this community is the most amazing community I have ever been in. Everyone is so supportive and positive.)

    1. Yeah right? They are always blowing my mind when I see them going completely out of their way to help someone! And yes, it’s completely true that the WordPress community is the nicest one i ever encountered in the internet xp

  3. I’d love to tell you who inspires me but right now I’m blushing from head to toe. Thank you for your kind words, though I will admit I don’t think anyone has ever described me as a mother type before.
    Okay, you’ve already named Raistlin who not only inspires me because of the range his blog covers and his ability to always say what needs to be said in the comments, but also is someone who always manages to give me confidence and encouragement when I need it the most.
    However, I think I’ve always kind of looked up to Kapodaco as a blogger. They are fairly critical and blunt, but I love the analytical nature of their posts and the language they use to express themselves. Admittedly, they aren’t quite as active on their blog as they used to be because they have some other projects going now, but particularly during my first year blogging, they were someone I looked up to quite a lot and I loved the constructive criticism they would leave on some of my posts as it regularly made me think about what I was writing and why.
    That said, I love the aniblogging community. Everyone is always so welcoming and it is great to discuss anime with so many fans of the medium.

          1. I’ve already commented this on Twitter yesterday but I’ll say it again! Couldn’t have said better myself (Irina post), in fact I didn’t xD

    1. You’re blushing? Then mission complete xD
      No? Well then that’s because they don’t know what a mother is xD it’s truth that you always have a posture more serious, but that doesn’t mean you are not fit to be a mother or that you are not a motherly type xp
      Hmm I don’t know them, need to start following them! XD it’s really funny to read you talking about blogger comments what I now think when you leave me a comment xD it’s like the pupil becoming the master and passing the wisdom to the new generation xp
      And yeah completely agree! You can be yourself and people will accept you nevertheless which is something that you don’t see much in society unfortunately

  4. I 100% agree with your choices and all the reasons you stated! They are all very lovely and very supportive and a huge part of the community! I love all the love that this community has! It’s honestly the most toxic free part of the internet I think I’ve ever encountered! ?

    1. Riiiight? It’s amazing how they get out of their way to help others! I for example have been featured in their 3 blogs and just amazes me that they always take their time to help us, the new ones xD
      And completely agree! It’s very rare to have a space in the internet where you can just be yourself and people just accepts you or if they don’t they just move along without saying anything xp

  5. Great post!….*press send* ???
    Sorry had to make a little joke first before I’m going to go into full on comment mode. Like Irina I am a bit at a loss for words here. This is just..just so amazingly kind. To be mentioned in the same ranks as two bloggers that just mean the world to me, and that I look up to every day that alone is enough to make my face grow into full crimson mode here.
    But the things you said about me…seriously thank you so much. If you ever find the answer to the question of why I am still single, please let me know…because I’m still trying to find that answer ??
    Karandi has inspired me from pretty much the start of my blogging career. She and I started our respective blogs almost at the same time, and she single handedly has been responsible for getting me back into anime. Her posts are always high quality, and how she manages to be everywhere, read/write so many posts each day is beyond me quite frankly. (Though I suspect clones ??) And let’s not forget how sweet and kind she is as well.
    And then there is Irina…a blogger that drives us all to be more like her. The support she has shown to new and old bloggers alike is nothing short of astounding. Her blogwarming party is pretty much the best idea ever…and then the way she thanks her now 500 plus followers…seriously it is so amazing. But like Karandi…she is just the sweetest.
    But let’s not forget you here: your 100 followers thank you video is something that I still talk about today with friends at work. It was something so out of this world..that it’s hard to describe how I felt about that. And just like the two aforementioned bloggers: you are every bit as friendly and sweet as the both of them. To answer that ? though: yes I definitely count you as a friend ??
    Wow…and now my comment has exploded. Seriously though from the bottom of my heart..thanks so much…this has just been one of the best days ever on WordPress!

    1. Loool xD come on raistlin! Dont start doing what I just said what made you special ??
      Oh thank you so much, but I think k that you 3 all gave way more kindness to the community in general (and to me in specific) that this is just a small gesture honestly.
      And don’t worry I will! It’s a bummer that we live way apart, if not i would just send you in dates with all my single female friends xD (just kidding… Only the ones that I seem that were a good fit xD)
      Well if it’s clones I’m going to feel a little upsets! I mean I asked you guys the other day and she said she wanted to buy one too! If she has one she needs to share that with us!!! XD
      Yeah, that thank you post was what made me end up coming up with the 100 push-ups post xD that the great thing about feeling inspired from others, we end up making things that you never thought that you would be able to do in the first place xD
      Yaiiii I! Frieeeends forever xD
      And you are welcome! This was just a small gesture! XD but makes me completely out of this world to feel that I contributed for your best day on WordPress xD

      1. Haha…I was very tempted yesterday to just leave that comment: great post! (And then of course totally get back to a real answers) But I just couldn’t do that. The post you wrote was just too kind to do that?
        Haha…well, let’s see if I can arrange to move out of Holland at some point lol ? That would be really kind of you though. Oh well…I try not to let it get to me too much. There are days when that works, and days that it doesn’t. But yeah…it’s okay really. Haven’t totally given up yet.
        Lol…yeah..if she has some clones stored up somewhere…I could use them too. Wow…sometimes it really is tough to keep..especially on days where you almost have no time to blog.
        I’m not kidding. A few of my colleagues from work who also follow my blog, spoke to me the other day of those 100 push up and how that was such an awesome thing you did. So…you are famous now in Holland ??
        Haha..definitely friends forever: truly mean that ??
        Well…sorry, you call it a small gesture: I call it a HUUGEE gesture. You made three people very happy (and admittedly blush like there was no tomorrow lol), but it was seriously very kind and sweet of you to do this. You are great, just so you know that ?

        1. Well I can’t possibly know how you feel regarding being single… I could say yes and it’s going to be OK, but that’s not how I work xD I was and am extremely lucky of meeting my person at age 20 and it has been almost 5 years since then and I think it’s going to be forever… Now what I can say is, it will appear someone and it will be when you are least expecting! I know this sounds clichΓ© but the truth is it was what happened to me and to a lot of my friends… It’s stupid but it works.
          I think the problem is not only when you have full days… The other one is being that this is something that takes a daily effort and I’m going to be honest, there are days that I’m not really that eager to read, comment and so on xP not because I don’t love doing it is just that sometimes I just prefer to play video games and just… Well be lazy xD and I know blogging it’s not my job and it’s all about the fun, but my blog is a serious matter to me and the truth is, sometimes I need to push myself to work on it as everything in life, it doesn’t mean you are not having fun xD it’s just that you are human eheh maybe some day I’ll write a post about it xp
          Really? *blush* oh my God! I wasn’t expecting that… At all! But hey! If you say I’m famous in Holland I hope that when I visit I have a Troup waiting for me! XP
          Oooh and there you go making me lush again! But yes, I also mean it!
          Are you coming at me or something because of yesterday… You are making blush in every paragraph you are writing damn it! Thank you so much, and yeah if the post made you all happy then the objective was complete xD

          1. Well…it’s exactly as I just said ? Some days I am totally fine with it, and then there are days that I feel very alone. Honestly though…and I am not just saying this, ever since I started blogging I feel that lonely feeling much less. I really have met such wonderful people here that have become really good friends(yes I count you amongst those) and that really makes it all worth it. But yeah…I know, it can still happen. But after being alone for such a long time now, the hope for me is just simply not really there anymore. I kind of live by the day, and if it happens: it happens you know (of course I would be jumping up and down of happyness if that were to happen though ??) That said: I really think it is very awesome that you have met someone and that it’s the real deal. Everyone deserves that and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy ?
            Haha..well..even though it might not seem like it: I have days like that as well. I have a very demanding day job. And there are days where I come home and just want to crash and not comment/read posts. Not because I don’t love doing it either….but simply because at times I can just be very tired and want to relax a bit (or just be selfish and do some other stuff ??). But doesn’t happen very often lol…I guess you could say I am an addict now. But yeah I understand what you are saying, and I can totally relate. So no worries.
            Haha…no I am not coming at you because of yesterday lol. I’m only saying things that I think should be said: and I simply meant every single word of it ?
            So really thanks for your kindness and being an awesome friend ?

  6. Hahahaha… Again… Hahaha… I’m sorry. Can’t help but laugh at the three people you mentioned and their comments…Your kind words to them are really blushable (wait? is that a word?)… hahaha… Anyway, I totally agree with everything you said about them.. I actually just met them because I initially planned that my blog would be everything bookish but I’m changing it now little by little… But then I met Michel and next thing I know I already know Irina and Karandi too.. They’re awesome…

    Kidding aside though, thank you for mentioning me and your kind words.. And when you said about my post affecting you just made me smile and warmth crept into my heart because really, I think all of us bloggers though we blog about different things there is ONE THINg we are in common: WE WANT TO TOUCH/AFFECT OTHER PEOPLE’s LIVES. Right? So thank you for reminding me that I somehow doing a good job(I JUST BLUSHED big time after typing that… hahahaha) anyway, Though we just met (It doesnt matter if it’s only virtually), I knew I’d like you as a person.. Also, let me just share that I also have phases of depression… SO if you wanna talk whenever you need it, you can count on me… You can just find my contacts somewhere in my site..hahaha.. Anyway, Im sure your boyfriend and mother are always there for you which I’m glad for that. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Okay Im now out of words… which is a little weird because while reading your post, I was so sure I have many things to say.. but I read the previous comments and they already said everything I wanted to say.. hehehe..

    …:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Well if blushable is not a word we will make that happen and add it to the dictionary xD
      Comoletely agree with you and I had the same experience, I also met them all in the same week… Maybe they are the same person (whaaaat?) naaaah… With the work they all do a person wouldn’t be able to do that much xD they already amaze me by doing work of their own ahah
      No problem! I completely mean it! And yes, you can say that your mission is complete because you did affected me xD reading g your posts feel likes just hearing a friend talking, although one sided xD, but it’s a huge feet! So congratulations eheh
      You also blushed? Niiiice! I’m even making people that was not my objective blushing! Extra points to me ahahah xD
      Fortunely the depression just happened when I was in high school, after that only anxiety problems, although I see myself cured at the moment (but of course I do have some days that are not that good and I need to apply some of my strategies to calm down xP). But yeah, know that my door is always open if you want to talk! I can’t guarantee that I will be able to solve your problems, but at least I’m here to help whenever needed! And thank you so much for your kindness eheh

      1. Well, i’m an aspiring writer.. Don’t worry once I get published Ill make blushable an official word.., Creative writers make new words everyday anyway…hahaha… And whoah,,, If they’re same persons, that would be amazing but weird.. hahaha…

        ANd well, well, we’re both doing great at this then since we can both affect people.. Happy writing/blogging to you always. πŸ™‚

        About depression, I was already suffering it when I was in highschool but I didn’t know it then maybe because it wasn’t too serious then…

        Thanks again for the kindness, πŸ™‚

  7. If Karandi is the mother (she just finds you – I know!). And Raistlin could be the supportive brotherly type (he’s single because he’s probably busy taking care of us). Irina would be the friend who makes you drink awesomeness straight up.
    Couldn’t agree more with your choices. This is such a heartfelt and wonderful post. Hope you made them all blush!

  8. Haha, you know what, before I got down to your nominations I predicted it would be those three. And I was right! You’re absolutely right though, all of them are a blessing to this community and deserve every bit of love and appreciation they get. <3

    1. Ahahah I should be more mysterious… xD Right? There are many bloggers that amaze me (of course) but those three just make me out of words more times that I can count xD

    1. The Lobster Award? xD Aren’t you talking about the “Liebster Award”? πŸ˜€ But a Lobster Award seems to be an awesome idea and I would say death, but rotten xD

  9. I was looking at Karandi’s latest awards post for various people to follow, and once you followed me on my own blog, I recognized your name and thought, “Oh, yes, yes! I need to check this person out.”

    Note that this is the only post of yours I’ve read thus far, but there’s a general sweetness to you that I think comes across well in the amount of time spent somewhat off-topic in emotional quips. I’ve read many bloggers who try to do either one of two things: be incredibly analytical and structured or aloof and expressive. Based on this, I feel you lean much more on the latter, but based on the premise of your blog and the titles of various posts throughout, your goal doesn’t seem to be expressing your opinion in an organized and professional (if that sounds harsh, I do apologize) way, but rather in an empathetic and profoundly personal tone. In the past, I wouldn’t have followed due to such a stark difference in the priorities of our posts, yet I like this post alone enough to reach out and bid you welcome to the aniblogging community, assuming you haven’t been here too long. (Veteran of about five years myself.) Good post.

    I look forward to seeing what you can produce in the near future. : ]

  10. Well first of all, let me say that I’m trully happy for you to remember me to the point of wanting to check me out! πŸ˜€

    Ahahahah no it doesn’t really sound harsh! πŸ˜€ Well, first of all this one was a more emotional post and believe it or not I do have a system πŸ˜€ Being the main one Anime on tuesdays, personal posts on wednesdays and video games on thursdays. I also came up with a system (if you can call it like that) in the past few weeks, so when you find my latest reviews you will see that I always review them in the same way (It’s also easier for me to write the reviews doing that). However it is always with a more empathetic and personal tone, that’s for sure! I try to write the same way as I speak and moreover I’m trying to review Anime and Video Games withou over analyzing them, so at the end is only my personal point of view and rambling πŸ™‚

    That said, well, I can’t possibly say how honored I feel to have a blogger that has been blogging for 5 years to come read my post and liking it enough to the point of start following and leave such a good and insightful comment! πŸ˜€ It does mean a lot to me for someone to take time of his day to read my posts, what can I say when that same person takes the time for writing a comment and giving me feedback of my work (I’m those kind of people that always need feedback to be certain that I am doing a good job!). This way, thank you very much! ^.^ And thank you for welcoming me, I’ve been blogging for more or less 4 months, so yes I’m stil baby when it comes to blogging!

    Hope that you like my future posts and I am also looking forward to start reading you future (and past) work! Cheers to a new blogging relationship!!!!

  11. What a sweet tribute and those three are amazing and without them I probably would have just ending my blog as a short project and not bothered to continue.

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