Anime Shelter Is Open For Business

Anime Shelter Is Open For Business

Hello everyone and welcome to our shelter!

Today, I bring you something a little different! I’ve been telling you that I was working in a side project for a while now… Well, here it is! 😀 I decided to create an affiliate shop for the website.

At the moment, it’s still WIP and I will be adding more material as we go down the line. For now, you can encounter some nice clothes I found for Dragon Ball and Naruto.

Basically, this is the idea! I will be looking on the Internet for nice Anime merch, pick the ones I prefer and then curate it to the Anime Shelter. In other words, everything you will find in this shop are goodies that I would buy for myself or give to someone else (I don’t really wear feminine clothes you know xD)

Hopefully, this project will develop to something that will help you not to spend as much time browsing different websites, but just browse the Anime Shelter shop and find the best goodies right away 🙂 But, again it’s still a WIP and if you are following my newsletter I will give you some updates along the line.

Every item you find there has an affiliate link attached to it, which means that I will receive a small percentage of whatever you buy 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!! See you in the next one 😉

Visit The Shop \o/

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    1. Who does the art of the Displates? It’s from various artists ^^ But if you go to the Anime Shelter Shop for the few ones I have there I always write the username of the artist 🙂

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