One Year of My Life in a Post

One Year of My Life in a Post

Hi everyone and Welcome to my place! 😀

So… This is the last week of the year and oh boy! What a hell of a ride this year was! 😀 To tell you the truth I’m not really the type of guy that mingles about the year when it ends and I also don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions 😀 BUT! Since I started the blog I started talking about many things that I normally wouldn’t… so after some though I really got interested in making a post about this last year, making the balance between the good things and the bad 😛 Probably this post is more for me, than for you. However, if you have any interest in my life whatsoever come aboard XD


I prefer bad news first, good ones after… So let’s start with the lows shall we?

As I told you, this year has been a railcoaster… And to be honest it went downwards for a long while this year 😛


There was a constant low this year for me that was the last job I was in. Let’s say that I wasn’t working in an industry that appeals me and I was not really that in love with my function. This, together with a difficult relationship with the person I worked with (and no, I’m not telling it was this person’s fault. Let’s say that there are persons that are just not meant to work together and leave it as that) well… You can imagine how difficult the job was for me! Basically I was getting to a point where I was never happy (even outside the workspace), my self-confidence also was really low… And well it was bad all around. However, I always say that every event in your life teaches you a lesson and this one taught me: “What to NEVER EVER EVER repeat in you life!!!” Well, It’s a teaching XD

Although, it is only one point that I considered low (of course there were other problems, but let’s face it… Everyone has problems. I only consider a low if it is a major problem) it was constant and only ended in the end of September.

Now let’s go to the High Points!!!!!! Many of them occurred at the end of the year lolol

  • Went to a new a house with my boyfriend!


I was already living with him, so it was not like moving together, but we were in a really small house (where the kitchen, the study room and living room where all in only one room) and we had some noise problems (neighbours -.-). So we really wanted to move out! And we did! To a larger house, with less noise and… Empty! 😀 Yap, we had to buy everything and man! It was just so much fun! Having the opportunity to pick everything to the detail was just awesome and it was an opportunity for me to let my creative in decoration run wild! 😀 And I am happy to tell you that the house is just how I wanted. It only misses some decoration and rugs, but everything in its time. Maybe in the future I’ll post some photos so you can see the decoration XD

  • Quit my previous job /start blogging

Anime Blogging.gif

Well, this ones are together because I started blogging 2 days after I got out of my previous job 😛 Quiting my job was really a breather for me and for my well-being in general. That combining with the start of this blog, well I started to feel myself again! J

Contrary to many of you, I didn’t start the blog because I felt I wasn’t able to comment about Anime/Video Games with my friends (although in reality I don’t) or because I was feeling sad and writing would help… Nope, I started this blog with the intuition of learning more about digital marketing, the next professional step I wanted to take in that time and… Well… I got much more than I asked for. I was able to meet this awesome community and I was able to start being creative again! I was just so happy (and still am) with it!

When I started blogging I never though that 2-3 months later I would be writing this post or that I had passed the 50 followers milestone… So… Oh well, I want to thank you all for being a part of it and specially to Irina (she will kill me some day because of all the thanks you I gave to her already) who trusted my blog and give it a shout out when the anime blogging party started 😀


  • Last but not the least, Got a new job in the area I wanted


To tell you the truth I wasn’t really expecting to start a job this year… And for what I was seeing, probably I would end up in another analytical job, but a small company gave me a chance and hired me for digital marketing – Well… I can’t say how much happy and how much fun I am having with this new job. I’m able to be creative, I have space to tell my ideas and show my opinion in various things. Moreover, I can design and scroll social media and call it a job. How cool is that?

  • This is not a high point this year, it has been for some years now – but I do have to make a special thank you note to my boyfriend
I’m the one in the left though xD

I was going to write some romantic crap a to thank him… But that’s a little personal and I’ll tell him face to face XD However, just a small phrase… It makes a completely difference when you are trying to win life when you have someone to count on without expecting nothing in return. I love you!

*cof* *cof*… Sorry about that, but it had to be said >.< Now, as I told you I don’t believe new year’s resolutions, so I will not tell you what are my plans for 2018, because in all honesty I don’t have any! Let me explain you why it is like that:

For me to make changes in my life I can’t have time to procrastinate. So every time I tell to myself “Tomorrow I will…” or “Next year I will…” it never happens! For this blog I got the idea to start it and it was not like “Oh, next year I’ll do this and that”… Nope! It was like “ok, it’s a really cool idea that you have been postponing for months so let’s start it… TODAY!”. And I started it! Normally all things I really end up doing have this kind of thinking. Even if I don’t start them right away I have like an illumination (you may call it like that) and that’s when I know, yeah I won’t let this idea go away. Now, when is for resolutions for next year it’s always “I’ll start to be healthier, I am going to work more in my blog, I’m going to do 120% at my job”… Well normally it doesn’t work 😀

That’s all folks! 😀 Comment down below how was your year and, if you have, your next year’s resolutions!!!

Thank you for being with me alongside this last few months and I hope to continue to see you in 2018!


See Ya Next Year! (Yeah the lame joke I know) 😀

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  1. This is just the sweetest thing – I can’t wait for your anniversary post and your (probably very soon) followers milestone post. You really don’t have to thank me at all but for the record – I’m not likely to get fed up of it ;P.
    You have a great blog – I hope you continue to enjoy it.

  2. Wow, you really seem to have had a pretty rough year, but I’m glad things seem to be getting better for you again. Your blog has been an absolute joy to read, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of it in 2018. Hopefully next year will be a much better year with a lot of good things heading your way ?

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