The Liebster Award 2.0 | Because Spreading the Love is Never Too Much

The Liebster Award 2.0 | Because Spreading the Love is Never Too Much

Hi everyone and welcome to my place!

I know, I know…. I am terribly late to answer the awards I’ve been nominating, but hey! Here it is the first one!!!!

“Liebster” is a German word meaning beloved or dearest. 

And The Liebster Award is to show love to bloggers, new and old! It’s a fun way to get your favorite bloggers to share things about the blogger behind the blog and promote them to your readers.

This time I got nominated by 3 awesome bloggers! Yeah you heard me right! 3 bloggers! It just blows my mind that I have any followers what am I going to tell about having people who follow me and nominate me for things!!!! It’s just… OWO! I don’t have words to express how happy you make me feel! You are crazy! In a good way of course! And I LOVE YOU! (Just a little disclaimer – it may have been some people who nominated me and I didn’t see, if that happened, please tell me so I can add you to this post, because some people who nominated me I found out by occasion!!!!! – I feel so self-centered saying this, but it had to be done >.<).

So let me just thank all this crazy people! Thank you so so much to:


  • Britney’s Blog – I know… It has been more than 1 month since you nominated… I’m so sorry! But hey, better late than sorry! I just love your blog so much! When I enter it I just feel cozy and warm inside (Strange I know… But it’s the truth :$) Regarding your content I’m just going to steal Irina’s words (Sorry Irina) in her blogwarming post because it is what I feel most of the times I read your content “It was like a close friend was whispering a secret to me”. Continue to be awesome and continue to provide us with your excellent content!!!


  • Moyatorium – I still don’t know you very well, but I’m really enjoying following you! 😀 And letting everyone know that you are open to reblog pages from other bloggers is just… AWESOME!!!! Ah, also! everyone!!! Moyatorium has a Twitter now! Is at Everyone go follow him NOW! I’ll wait! Don’t worry 🙂


  • Couchcruisin – In fact she won 2 awards in a row… Well, she deserves them all let me tell you! I just love how many topics you talk about in your blog! I mean, talking about a theme is hard… talking about many… Well it’s almost impossibruuuuuh!!!!! However, it gives blog a side of freshness which is really interesting in my opinion!

Now let’s all remember the rules shall we?




  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the 11 questions.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the same award in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family.
  • Ask them 11 questions that you are dying for the answers to!

And now the questions!

First let’s go with Britney’s questions shall we?

This one is simple. Kiss, marry and kill (anime version). Tell me who you would pick for each. (3 different anime characters)

From ALL Anime??? SIMPLE YOU SAY? That’s the most difficult question ever!!!!! But ok, let me see, let me see….

  • Kiss: Victor from Yuri on Ice! He’s so damn fine!!!!
  • Marry: I really dunno… Probably an Anime character that resembled my boyfriend. Someone positive, with a lot of energy and A PAIN IN THE ASS (just kidding xD)
  • Kill: Excalibur from Soul Eater of course

Who is the most attractive female/male actress you can think of? (my answer would be Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean for female, and for male, Logan Lerman or Taron Egerton)

It has to be Emma Watson! She combines the looks with the brains! She really is a catch… And she’s British, so triple win!


Name your top 4 voice actors / actresses for anime dubbed or subbed. (My answers would be for dubbed and I can answer anyone who is interested. Just let me know in the comments)

You all going to kill me because of this… But I don’t really take notice about the voice actors… SORRY! I know! I know! you can start throwing rocks at me right now! I promise to be more attentive this year!!!!

Marvel or DC?

None actually… Don’t ask me why, but since I was a child I never got into the western comics :/ But I like Teenage Mutant Turtles, so let’s go with whichever made those ok?

If you were to be born in a past decade other than the one you were born in, what decade would that be and why?

The 50’s!!!!!! I just love all about it! The music, the fashion… I would be so happy… Although I wouldn’t have all the technology… so… can we just make this a week visit please?


If you could bring one anime character to life and they would immediately fall in love with you, who would it be?

Well… None… I’m too loyal to my boyfriend and I don’t really dig the love triangle thing! 😛

Do you like Christmas and if so, what is your most fond memory during this time of year?

Christmas is not that special to me! I like to be with my family of course! But I don’t think we need Christmas to be with each other XD The most fond memory I have it’s about a present… Yeah I’m just materialistic maybe. But my godfather gave me a backpack full of sphincter and 2 rocks. In the middle of it was the game Sims 2… I was just so happy… It was not only because of the present, but to have to go in there and look for it… It was just so much fun.

However, to be honest the thing I like more about Christmas is to be in the couch with my mother laying down with my head in her lap while she watches TV and I play video games and watch TV at the same time 🙂

If you were given the chance to travel to space, would you?

Nope! I don’t even want to move to another country xD I’m too fond of my family/boyfriend/best friend to just go somewhere for a long time 😛

What would you like for Christmas (and no, don’t worry about ‘asking for too much’ or sounding greedy, its Christmas!)

Well… Christmas has already passed, so I’ll tell you my favourite gift I got! A notepad from Harry potter and a pen that resembles Hermione’s wand! I just loved it!!!!


Top 3 countries or cities you would like to visit in the world?

This one is easy!!! Japan, England and something tropical like Hawaii (I know it’s not a country xD).

One anime world you would like to be apart of? (I am torn on this one!)

I’ve already talked about this in my 30 day anime challenge and the answer hasn’t changed 😛 I’m a simple guy, Sword Art Online would be just perfect for me! 😀


And now, Moyatorium questions:

If you do a half-smile, does your mouth curve upwards on the right side or the left?

Whaaaat???? I don’t know… Let me try it!!!!! Left side!!! EVERYONE IT’S THE LEFT SIDE!!!!! *crowd cheers*


What anime “dere” archetype do you most identify with? The basic ones: tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, himedere. For info on each or additional choices, check out this guide.

After reading the guide I have 2 deres that made a click with me:

The first is how I was in the past, when I suffered from anxiety: Dorodere – I was passing a lot on the inside, but on the outside I continued th be my cheerful normal self.

Nowadays I feel I am more a Deredere:  Although I am not always full of energy (I’m always tried to be honest), however I am 95% of the times joyful and ALWAYS kind toward to the people around.

If you could have siblings (or reassign them if you already have siblings), would you like older or younger siblings, and of the same or opposite gender? And how many?

I answered this not long ago! 😛 I What I said is that I already older brother so I would prefer to have a younger brother, but since I like to be the “baby” of the family I wouldn’t change it! However, after some though I remembered something that I always wanted when I was a kid… TO HAVE A TWIN BROTHER!!! It must be so much fun!!!!


What’s your stance on avocado toast?

I don’t like avocado, sooooo… Probably I would also not like avocado toasts!

What anime superpower do you want the most?

I think I wanted this like for a decade now! It would be the time to happen! I wanted to have the kage no jutsu from Naruto. I’m always complaining that days are too short! With this power I would be able to do everything I want to do in a day, even with 24 hours!

Favourite Japanese band (if you have one)?

The Gazette! And I don’t need to say another word! 😀

If you got stuck in the world of the most recent anime you watched, would you still be okay (mentally and/or physically)?

Finished or that I am watching right now (like last episode type of thing)? If it was the last episode I think I would be pretty tired but happy! I’m watching Ballroom Yokoso and I love dancing!!!!

Last anime I fully watched was Library Wars… I don’t really know how would I be since I didn’t understand the Anime that much lolol

What food or chain restaurant would you recommend to someone visiting your country?

Hmmm… One thing Portugal is known for is its food, so it’s hard to pick just one. But I will go with “Cozido à Portuguesa”. It’s so yammi!!! I don’t recommend it to vegetarians though, it has a lot of different types of meat in there.


For a chain restaurant… Hmm I will go with “Portugalia”. You can eat really good steaks there! And if you go to their restaurant (like a restaurant, restaurant, not a shopping restaurant kind of thing) the price continues to be cheap and you can eat some really good shellfish.


Do you prefer small spaces with firm walls or large, open spaces? Does either one disturb you?

Always large, open spaces. I don’t consider ir a phobia, but really tight and small spaces make me hard to breath!!!!


What’s your favourite drink?

That’s a good one! I’ll have to go with 3: Water, Coca-cola and beer. 😀

What do you want your epitaph to be?

I had to go to google to see what an epitaph is LOL (I’m so smart!!!! >.<).

I think a simple one like “Loved by his husband and children” would suffice. I’m a simple guy with simple dreams XD However, I want to be cremated (If you remember I don’t really like small spaces) so no epitaph for me thank you!

Last, but not the least it’s time for Couchcruisin question!

If money was not an object, what would be your dream vacation?



I want to thank you crazy people again! It really means a lot to have been nominated from bloggers who are such good writers that inspire me and entertain me with their posts!

Now, I’m not going to nominate no one this time! Sorry guys, but I feel everyone was already nominated and if you overuse something it stops to make sense… I think? I dunno, probably it just me that feels this way… HOWEVER, I just got this crazy idea that it will (probably… I hope :3) compensate for not nominating this time! :3 I just need to have some time to really think it through, probably I’ll start it next week, we shall see! 😀

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  1. Haha Arthifis you deserve more love man!
    Hehe you definitely need to take note of them seiyuus – You’ll know things are going to get good when certain voice actor/actresses are involved 😉 (well usually)

  2. Congrats on the award!! And yeah, voice actors/actresses (or seiyuu as they’re called) I think is a really interesting aspect of anime so if you do get to know them, it would be great to discuss some seiyuu with you in the future! 😀

    1. Thank you!! ^^
      Yeah, I really need have more attention to that! 2018 will be the year that I will start doing it! 😀
      I would love too! Give just some time to be able to understand the basics of the basics about voice actors/actresses XD

  3. Woohoo! Thank you for replying to my nomination, and I don’t mind if it is later either because I honestly am late to responding to a nomination as well and hope to get to it soon! Looking back on it, I could have come up with better questions but I really enjoyed reading your responses! Funny as well :’D I just found myself nodding yes agreeing to most of them and then wishing I had the same pen as you ! Thanks for responding and great post! 😉 🙂

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