Anime Number 2: Steins Gate

Anime Number 2: Steins Gate

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Oh My God! Only a week for the top series to end!!!! I need to think about a new series FAST! Just kidding, I already had the idea weeks ago XD

So let’s go a deliver my silver medal shall we? For number 2 (as you already know) I picked Steins Gate.

Steins Gate 2

Why do I love this anime so much… I think I don’t have words to describe how perfectly well done is, but let’s go by parts shall we?

First the story:

The story features Rintarou who is a mad scientist and has all these completely stupid conspiracy theories. He, his best friend Mayuri and the otaku hacker Daru formed together the Future Gadget Research Laboratory. Most, if not all of their inventions are not really that good, but one day they construct a Phone Microwave which can send text messages to the past. Using this, Rintarou is able to save Kurisu from being murdered and without noticing it, he just started to change the line of time.

steins gate 1

Yes, the anime is about time travel and one thing that I really like about this anime is that they use a reliable and trustworthy time travel theory, which is parallel universes. So, basically what happens when you change the past is that you go to a paralel universe where that thing you did in the past makes sense and everything changes according to that (of course with the butterfly effect, where a small change in the past can make huge differences in the present). With this theory the “go to the past and kill your own grandfather” does not end in a paradox and it really is possibly. I think that the best thing we have in real life that we can compare to this is the mandella effect, where things that a large amount of people though they were a certain way ends up to be another way. The reasoning behind this is that someone went to the past and change a small thing leading to a major change at the present and we are currently living in a paralel world. An example is the Pikachu’s tail colour:

Yes… I also remember him having black on his tail, but he doesn’t… Freaky right?

Now, after that, the anime pace goes down a bit and things start moving a little slower. It may not work to everybody, but for me it was just right. It gave me time to fall in love with the characters as also to evolve Rintarou and Kurisu relationship. After this, the show starts to get really into the time travel thing and it’s just marvelous to see Rintarou trying to find a way to solve the problem he made by saving Kurisu in the past.

Steins Gate 5

The Characters:

Steins Gate is one of the best animes in character evolution. I’ll focus on Rintarou and Kurisu, one of my favourite couples of all time. Kurisu starts as this rational and never losing her composure kind of girl, while Rintarou starts as this goofy and lunatic mad scientist. Opposites attract and they start hitting off and they really grow as characters from there. They learn a lot from each other and, even though slowly, you start getting a Kurisu more relaxed and true to herself and, at the same time, a more serious and down to earth Rintarou.

steins gate 8

All the other characters are also really good! You have Mayuri, which is that kind of character that you immediately fall in love and want to protect, while Daru is just funny to see and a good add to the cast.

Steins Gate 9

The Animation:

It’s really good for the time it was released (it’s difficult to do this part because I compare everything with kimi no na wa). Non the less the visuals are appealing and the animation is smooth. The backgrounds have detail and are also well done.


The Sound:

The voice acting for this show is superb (look at me using expensive words :3). Every voice goes really well with the characters and I wouldn’t change a bit. The music is also pretty awesome, it just builds the moments correctly and it is so well done that you may even miss taking into account because it is so well combined with what is happening!

Steins Gate

These are the reasons why I love Steins Gate so much! Have you had the opportunity to watch it? If you did, what is your opinion on it? Comment down below!!

El Psy Congroo! 😀


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  1. I really enjoyed Steins;Gate as well. The story is just well thought out and interesting and I love the interactions between the characters. A really well put together show.

  2. It being a really popular and loved anime around the community, I’m almost obligated to watch it lol

    But really, it has some interesting aspects to it such as time travel and how they deal with it rather than, let’s say, Back to the Future (my favorite movie series ever). I’ve watched clips here and there and it looks like an enjoyable experience. It’s at the top of my “must watch” list.

    Thanks for the review!! 😀

    1. Ahah I know how you feel! It’s the same for me with full metal alchemist xD

      I also love back to the future, but time traveling wise I think that steins gate did a better job using the theme! It just makes sense and it really makes you wonder if it could not be on fact true xp

      Thanks for your kind comment eheh 🙂

  3. Whoa that pikachu tail thing just gave me the worst Mandela Effect I’ve experienced in a while.

    But I do love me some Steins;Gate! I wish I could get access to the Steins;Gate0 VN so I could continue the story!

          1. I haven’t seen the English dub yet sadly, but I did see the sub shortly after it came out. I admittedly got a little giddy thinking the new anime for 0 came out just now…

          2. I’m normally in the subs fandom, but I think Steins;Gate is one of those anime where the dub really shines, mostly thanks to J. Michael Tatum and Trina Nishimura.

          3. If I watched the dub first I proably could have liked it, but now… It would just be strange watching the characters with different voices xD

          4. Idk I feel like Steins;Gate is one of those series that’s worth trying both ways. I’ve watched it both and honestly feel the dub is stronger if English is your first language. Of course I feel like J. Michael Tatum has been going out of his way to caress my eardrums like Steven Blum did in Cowboy Bebop, so there’s that.

  4. Excellent title. Steins;Gate has a well crafted story and is the single best example of how to properly do time travel in the visual medium. Can easily see why this is your number two!

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