Day 11: Favourite Mecha Anime | It’s easy when you only have watched 2

Day 11: Favourite Mecha Anime | It’s easy when you only have watched 2

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

It’s day 11 of my 30-ish Anime Challenge!!! First, let us see the list of the challenge (You can click any of the days before to go to the post of that day :P):

Mecha is not really my thing and I’ve been avoiding watching mecha animes… Guess what, I’ve been successful so far!!! It’s easy to tell you my favourite mecha anime when I just saw 2 in all my life 😀

My favourite mecha anime, and my third favourite anime of all time is Code Geass. I reviewed Code Geass last week, you can read it here!

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But, I can’t just write a post telling you to go read other post I’ve read! 😀 So I’m going to do a small summary of why I love Code Geass so much, even though there is Mecha involved xD

The Story is really intelligent written! Along all the anime you will find yourself thinking how are they going to go from a certain point because everything just seems to be too effed up to be able to do something about it 😛 But they do and the nice thing about this is that the way to solve the problems never is “Just got this new power at the heat of the moment”, no , everything is resolved with wisdom. Also, there are many plot twists that make you interested throughout the anime, it’s like watching an anime that is always in its climax.


The other aspect that made me fall in love right from the bat was Lelouch, the main character. He is the smartest character I saw in an anime so far! He even surpasses Kira and L from Death Note. Seeing him strategizing and making tactics to win combats is just fun to watch (and a little bit surprising).

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That’s my favourite mecha anime! What do you think about my pick? Which mecha anime is your favourite? Comment down below!

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀

0 thoughts on “Day 11: Favourite Mecha Anime | It’s easy when you only have watched 2

  1. Lol I’ll definitely give it a shot one of these days. I think mine may have oddly enough been Infinite Stratos, though I don’t know if I’d still enjoy it going back.

          1. Kami one could only wish lol. It is weird though how often I come across one of these series due to the strong writing early on only to be disappointed when they eventually revert to a clueless protagonist and a bunch of chicks who have no drive past gaining his affection.

          2. Normally when I see the tag harem in an anime series I go there with low expectations. If it turns alright nice, if it just ends with the clueless protagonist, at least I don’t feel disappointed xD

          3. Yeah I feel that. Infinite Stratos his me when I was running low on shows to watch. More recently though, Haganai was a series I didn’t expect to be a harem, but wasn’t too bad considering. Nisekoi though will probably be my all-time favorite. I feel like they really kept readers on the edge of their seats as far as how it would end even though I did a review as to why it should’ve been obvious from the get-go how it would end. Of course even then there were twists and turns that I think every fan would’ve appreciated.

          4. Nisekoi is deffinetly in my want to watch list… I’m really not into harem, but I think the one I enjoyed the most was High School of the Dead… probably (?)

          5. Lol that’s (High School of the Dead) one of the series I’m just getting into thanks mostly to its popularity. Nisekoi (the anime) is great mainly due to its art and voice acting. (You can really see Shaft’s animation style at its best, and Nao Tōyama is the ideal fit for Chitoge’s VA).

          6. Depending on how my next anime review series go I’ll see if I’m able to see it or not! Hope that I can though XD Unfortenaly High School of the Dead wasn’t that popular in Japan so there is not a second season yet. However, the anime is just really good! Full of action and even though I don’t really dig zombies shows, this one made me bingewatch the series 😛

          7. That’s honestly a little surprising considering how much coverage I see of it here in the US. Of course it’s typically ridiculed for it’s exacerbated ecchi themes, and not at all taken seriously, but I was surprised by the first few episodes that it does have an interesting plot. (Further confusing me as to why harem authors subject themselves to ridicule when they could clearly write whatever they want).
            Just curious though, have you watched SCHOOL-LIVE! ?

          8. I also don’t understand why it didn’t have so much popularity in Japan…. I’m really picky when it’s about anime and I really enjoyed it!
            Yes I did! Although I still didn’t end it! I remember at some point the plot could go really deep but they decided to continue with only slice of life! But the premise of the anime is really promising, I need to end the series!

  2. Well, I love Code Geass but I’d probably put Full Metal Panic ahead of it for favourite mecha anime. Actually, this one wasn’t a question in the challenge I did so I’ve never had to actually decide between them.

    1. I never watched Full Metal Panic! Did you do any review of it? Would love to see if it interests me to give it a go! I really need to increase my mecha portfolio xD

      1. No review unfortunately (it is a series I’m holding off to write for a special occasion – you know like being Thursday or something equally inane). Still, it is a series I really love because it combines high school comedy with fairly serious military/mecha and does it with a fair degree of competence.

          1. Yeah, from an animation point of view it probably is a little dated these days. But great characters and some pretty good action.

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