Day 24: Most Shocking Scene in Anime | Making my Mind Go Blank For a Few Seconds

Day 24: Most Shocking Scene in Anime | Making my Mind Go Blank For a Few Seconds

It’s day 24 of my 30-ish Anime Challenge!!! First, let us see the list of the challenge (You can click any of the days before to go to the post of that day :P):

First and foremost, as you all must expect this post will be FULL OF SPOILERS FOR CODE GEASS, STEINS GATE AND MIRAI NIKKI SO BEWARE!!! In this case I also gonna chose the one that shocked me the most and then some honorable mentions!


End of Code Geass


I’m going to be honest, not in a million years I would think that Lelouch would make a scheme to have his “best friend” kill him so his sister would rule the empire… I mean, come on!!!! He deserved more! I remember when he died I only though with my open jaw “No! This is not happening! This is all a setup, he’s not dead!!!”… But, no… He didn’t feign his death and ran to Hawai… Nope….

Steins Gate – Mayuri dies for the first time


We all know that Ocarin spends a lot of the anime going back in time trying to save Mayuri while at the same time saving Kurisu… But, the first time Mayuri dies you don’t really know that Ocarin would be able to come back to the past and try again… Like a bazilion of times…. So, the first time it was also one of those jaw dropping moments where I though “Why? How could you kill one of the most caring and likeable characters of all time? I hate you!!”

Code Geass – Lelouch gives order to kill everyone by mistake


Code Geass was full of shocking moments! This scene was also one of the major ones! Basically Lelouch by joke tells Euphemia that he could oblige her to kill everyone that was waiting for her speech… The problem was that his geass activated and after he gives an order he can’t take it back… So Euphemia goes up on stage and starts shooting everyone! I was like, WTF???? What the HELL IS HAPPENING???”… Yeah… It was one of those scenes!

Mirai Nikki – Yukiteru finds the truth while Akise head is thorn apart by Yuno


I knew Yuno was something… strange… But I wasn’t expecting her to go to the point of winning the game tons of times, become goddess and coming back in time to start the game again(killing her parents in the process) just she could make Yuketeru end with her in the end… I mean… There is a line for stalking… And Yuno never heard of it! It just amazed the amount of craziness and what not Yuno was capable of!

Well, those are my picks! Which scene in Anime shocked you the most? Tell me in the comments below!

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀




0 thoughts on “Day 24: Most Shocking Scene in Anime | Making my Mind Go Blank For a Few Seconds

  1. Lelouch giving Euphy the order to kill all the Japanese by mistake was heartbreaking. That scene is just horrible and I just kept hoping there was some way to actually stop her.

  2. Yuki “finds out the truth” (lol), he remained stubborn about it which was a little irritating, but the beheading scene though… it’s unfortunate after Akise got his second life to solve Yuno’s history.

      1. I think he got the message but he was too shocked and didn’t want to accept it then, and remained a little doubtful. I could be mistaken though, as I was speed racing through the series (gore nsfw not allowed at home >.<)

  3. Even though I am not a huge fan of Stein’s Gate (yeah I know I am in the minority here lol ?), that scene really was incredibly shocking indeed. Especially because she is just such a great character.

    1. Yeah! I wasn’t really expecting… Of course when you learn that ocarin is going to the past n times trying to save her, her deaths start to be more of a regular thing and not shocking at all xp

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