Endro~! Is the Most Promising CGDCT Anime of the 2019 Winter Season

Endro~! Is the Most Promising CGDCT Anime of the 2019 Winter Season

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Endro~! first impressions is part of my Ultimate Guide for the 2019 Anime Winter Season. A guide with more than 100 pages with a first impressions to every Anime coming out in the Winter Season. You can get your own here (it’s free!).

Endro~! technical sheetTitle: Endro~! (MAL Page)

Other Titles: Endoro~!

MAL Score: 6.80

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, CGDCT

Number of Episodes: 12

Broadcast: Fridays (JST)

Studios: Studio Gokumi

Source: Original

Duration: 23 min. per ep.

Rating: None


Yuuria, Meiza, Fai and Elnowar make the Hero party, a party whose goal is to kill the demon lord. A thing that they are only able to do with using a forbidden technique. However, that technique did not work at 100%. Instead of banishing the demon lord for good, the demon lord was transported to the past. Though it has almost none of his original powers, the truth is the girls are just starting the academy at this time space. This way, the Demon Lord decides to enrol in the academy and destroy these girls possibilities to fight him later… However, everything he does, he ends up helping the girls in becoming stronger.


Endro~! Cute girls

Do you want to sit down, chill out for 20 minutes and not think in anything? Then Endro~! is perfect for you! It’s your slice of life with cute girls and some comedy attached to it. To be honest, contrary to others CGDCT I’ve watched, this one actually hooked me in.

The thing is, although a very simple concept, the evil guy ends up a small loli (not sure if male or female) who tries to destroy our main characters path, always end up to lose and actually help him. I mean, it’s not really new, at least when it comes to the overall story conduction. However, it’s just a great (and cute) Anime to watch and spend your time just relaxing and enjoying the ride.

Until now, there have not been major deep scenes happening, I mean our main characters don’t even fight with each other or something like that, it’s just your happy, secure and not too deep Anime to watch.


Endro~! Mao funny

I actually don’t believe that any of the characters would be able to carry the Anime by its shoulders. The thing is, the characters work because the 4 are part of the team and work very well together. It’s actually nice to see such different personalities working together and accepting each other. Accepting… That’s probably the major highlight of Endro~! It’s just so nice to see characters being friends and completely accepting each other and let them be as they are, flaws included.

On the other end, the Demon Lord makes the perfect “villain” for this light story. It’s just so cute and funny to watch Mao scheming ways to defeat his opponents before they are able to grow stronger enough to kill him and then see the party going for a huge path which ends up helping them to become stronger.

Basically, none of the characters is too deep, but I believe they work very well for this type of Anime.


Endro~! Animation

Well, the animation is what you could expect from a CGDCT… Or at least, what I expect from it (?) Basically you have the girls who look like children, big colourful eyes with combining hair colour, in pastel tones of course! The character bodies do have some specific characteristics depending on the character, but if you look closely, you can see that they are almost all built from the same body design. Not something that is a huge problem when you are watching the show though.

I love the background animation. They went with a more smudged art style which just screams Endro~! vibes. It seems like a story coming out from a light fantasy world, which basically is what Endro~! is going for.

Last, but not least, the animation movement is also pretty good, something that you can see right in the intro!


Endro~! Fai Fai Cute

The intro music is cute, which means it blends well with the Anime theme. To be honest, I’m not always a fan of these type of songs. However, don’t ask me why because I just can’t explain it, I end up liking this one. It has a nice movement throughout all the song and the singers have a very smooth voice which is a delight to hear.

When it comes to having a delightful voice, it’s the same for the voice actresses of Endro~! All of them just have a nice ring to it, none of the characters seems annoying or too shouty. I mean, now that I think about it, Mao does have a higher pitch and if you are listening with earphones with loud music it does have some shouty moments teehee

The only thing I would change is the voice audio. My main problem with it is that it doesn’t blend well with the soundtrack below in some parts. Probably because of the studio’s acoustic it stands out more than it should.

Final Verdict

Endro~! Yuuria cute

If you are looking for a relaxing Anime show to watch this winter season, Endro~! is a good bet! Even if you are not into the CGDCT vibe, truth is, because of all the adventuring and fantasy remarks, it still stands out a nice relaxing Anime to watch. I mean, you will need to like Slice of Life, of course, it’s not like that it’s going to happen something really awesome during the adventures. It always goes more for the more relaxing and comedic factor.

Final Score: Above Average!


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4 thoughts on “Endro~! Is the Most Promising CGDCT Anime of the 2019 Winter Season

  1. This one has been an odd mix but mostly I’ve been enjoying it. I prefer the adventure side to the slice of life side, so it isn’t the greatest, but it feels more and more like it is finding a way to balance its elements as it progresses and it has been quite fun.

    1. Yeah, it’s not the best Anime ever… But, to be honest, when it comes to this season, there are not really many that actually stand out that much

    1. My pleasure, hope you like it! 😀
      On my side, thank you for mentioning Forest of Piano. You just reminded me that I have that one in my want to watch list xD

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