Should You Watch W’z?

Should You Watch W’z?

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W'z Technical SheetTitle: W’z (MAL Page)

MAL Score: 5.48

Genres: Action, Music

Number of Episodes: 13

Broadcast: Sundays (JST)

Studios: GoHands

Source: Original

Duration: 23 min. per ep.

Rating: PG-13


W’z is centered around a world where couples, called the hand shakers, enters into a parallel World every time they handle hands. In that world, there is a possibility to get your dreams becoming true. The main character, Yukiya, is a hand shaker with a special power. He is able to enter in this parallel world by handling hands with anyone he wants, even if the other person does not have the power. Since he is a DJ who is looking for recognition, he decides to use his power to stream live from the Parallel World. However, by doing that, he ends up showing every other hand shaker his tremendous power. Now, everyone wants to beat him in order to get his power.


w'z Yukiya Araki cool effects

The story is a bit of a mess. First, we are 3 episodes in and there is still no good explanation about what the parallel world is about. Basically, they just address it as “that world” and that’s it. Moreover, it is also not clearly explained what the hand shakers need to do in order to get their dreams to come true. Basically, it’s a mess!

Moreover, the story does not really add up in some points. For example, in episode 3 we get the information that 10 years ago, Yukiya was a baby. Well, since he is thinking about what high school should he go, he has to have, at least around 14 years old. This way, it’s impossible for him to be a newborn baby ten years ago… Unless he is a freaking genius who is going to start High School at age 10… I think not!

So, in conclusion, although the premise is kind of cool, the story is a mess and confusing… Even if it is a sequel!


There have been a lot of characters introduced so far (though some of them are from the prequel)… But, they are too many I’m afraid! Besides Yukiya and his best friend, Haruka I can’t really talk about anyone. In fact, I’m not even sure if I can speak much about them either.

Yukiya is your gloomy kind of life who is passing through the teenage years. Basically, he always seems to lack energy and is not a very happy person. Why is that though, there is really not a good reason. At least so far.

When it comes to Haruka, she is your cute girl who is in love with Haruka… Although more energetic and positive overall, there is not much more to be said.

In fact, they don’t really show much chemistry with each other. I think the main problem is that Haruka puts her hopes and “follows” Yukiya. However, Yukiya does not really have that leadership strength to steal the scene. He’s just not a strong character, at least for now.


By far the best point of W’z. The animation is pretty cool and makes excellent Pinterest pictures! You can browse my album for W’z here and see for yourself!

W’z goes for the 3D route and it actually works. There are some places here and there that feel a little bit off, but, overall, it is one of the best 3D animations I’ve seen so far. On this note, the parallel world is actually interesting to watch. When it comes to the character design, I have to say there is not even one character that I don’t find appealing (probably because of the bright colors). Nevertheless, it’s nice to see that all characters end up having designs different from each other. Especially when it comes to the eyes.


w'z intro

Well, the first thing I have to say, don’t believe in the synopsis you read around the Internet. Every each of them makes you believe that the main character is into house music and that’s what he normally plays while Dj-ing… Well, I’ve heard house music before, and that’s not house at all. In fact, most of the times the music of W’z gives you a vibe of jazz-ish type of music (?) You know, something that you would listen to when you go to a chill bar. Yeah, something like that.

The music is good though, I have no problems with it! In fact, it actually makes me really into the show just for the good music (and visuals).

When it comes to the voice acting, it’s also nice! Not perfect, or one of the best. But, it’s good! Though I have to say that from time to time the characters seem to take a little time to answer when they are having a conversation. Not the voice actors fault, of course! But, I think the Anime would benefit if it had a more synergic conduction line when it comes to conversations.

When it comes to the intro song… It’s… Meh! I don’t really like the singer tvoice and the song just feels too generic.

Final Verdict

w'z eye

In conclusion, it’s an Anime with very strong positive and negative points. If you think only about the story and the characters it’s just a mess! I wouldn’t say it’s dull, but if you watch 20 minutes of something that you are not really understanding it can become boring.

However, on the other side, the animation and music are very well done! If the story was better conducted and if the characters spoke a little more to my heart, this would be an Anime that I would put in a high place. However, that’s not the case. Nevertheless, I do have to take into account both strengths and weaknesses.

This way, you should only spend your precious time watching W’z if animation and music are enough for you to be into an Anime! Probably the story may become a little better with time, maybe the characters just need time to develop… But, for now, I only feel ok with recommending this to people who will not take this into regard. Of course, if you have watched the prequel and liked it, you should try this one out!

Final Score: Average!

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  1. Having sat through Hand Shakers I’m not willing to gamble that this story will ever find its feet. As soon as I realised we were in for more of the same I pulled the pin on W’z.

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