Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Fantasy Characters

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Fantasy Characters
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Hi everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

Can I have a round of applauses to our guest Mel? — Thank you!

Hi!! Everyone happy to be here with you at Arthis’ Place!!

So Mel? Do you like your guest room? Do you have enough body pillows? If we need something just ask ok? 😀

Humm I could have one or two more XD (say no more! Next week you will have them!)

We continue with our collab today!!! Let’s continue being perverted together Mel! By the way! If you still didn’t read, you can go to Mel’s post where we talked about our crushes from sport animes! Expect some athletic guys over there!

In my place we will be discussing Anime Crushes from the Fantasy genre

Fantasy Anime Male Characters
It’s something link this… Right?

I aways have some difficult regarding this genre, I never know what can I include or not since most of the Animes have a fantasy expect to it… Just to be sure I was picking one that I was completely sure that was fantasy I picked a guy from Fairy Tail!

Gray Fullbuster

Fantasy Anime Male Characters Gray Fullbuster

Well, first of all he’s really good for your eyesight! And it really helps that he’s always taking his shirt off! I mean… I really wouldn’t mind to have a guy like him with his shirt always off at my house!! (You really are getting to know my way too perverted side with this collab aren’t you? *blushes*).

But, ok let’s go a little beyond the physical aspect!

The first thing I like about Grey is his intelligence! I don’t see him as a genius (unless you put him aside Natsu). However, he is intelligent when he is fighting and know how to make the best strategy to beat his opponent. Even in the daily life when he is not fighting any opponent he always sounds to pounder decisions and make logical and rational choices.

He’s pretty loyal! I wouldn’t say that he is as loyal as Natsu for example, meaning that if he have to choose between helping someone or solving one problem of his, he will probably will chose to first sort it out his own problem… Which is not a BAD thing, however if I’m dating someone I expect that person to put me before them from time to time xD

Fantasy Anime Male Characters Grey Fullbuster loyal

He’s cool! I really think that I’m also finding out that I have the hotties for the cool guys lolol it really takes my breath away when characters have that kind of body positions and eyes that just transpire coolness and Grey really has that!

Fantasy Anime Male Characters Grey Fullbuster cool eyes
Those eyes!

Although trying to be cool and cold towards other in the end he has a pretty good heart and he’s just “awwww” to other people, especially Juvia! If you never saw Fairy Tail, Juvia is in love with Grey and basically stalks him all the time. Grey is always giving her the cold should, however when the time is dire and things get more intense he is just the best guy for Juvia which just makes you go “aww… He has a heart after all!”.

Fantasy Anime Male Characters Grey Fullbuster heart
He does have a heart!

That’s it for me today! What about you Mel? Let us see who you picked! 😀

This was an other hard choice to make, there is so many fine men in the Fantasy anime world.  

I could have go with my previous answer, the one I gave when I made the challenge for the first time, but it wouldn’t be fair for that gorgeous creature that cross my path during the Summer 2017. 

I’m a sucker with it come to historical stuff and as you know I also like handsome men (if it wasn’t the case we wouldn’t make this collab right?) So if you put the those two thing together you might have my full interest, even if the show have a lot of flaws. 

This is what happen with Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu and that beautiful Sword Warrior that is Izuminokami Kanesada or Kane-san. 


He use to belong to the vice-commander of the Shinsengumi, Hijitaka Toshizo, and even if he is loyal to his new master, he still have a special place for his former master in his heart. The one thing he regret the most is not being able to be by Hijitaka side when the latter die.  Hijitaka sent his precious sword to his family the day before his final moment. This haunted Kanesada (we see this more in the Katsugeki version, the Hanamaru version of Kanesada is more on the comedic side than the serious side) and it’s one of the reason why he first had trouble to perform his job as Second Unit captain, but once he put his past aside, once he decide to only care about his present duties, which is protecting History, Kanesada become a great captain. 


I’m saying all this but the main reason why I like him it’s because of how beautiful his is, I envy those hair, but I also want to pass my hands in it (braid it…I want to make braids with those beautiful long hair)


I love how my choice and Mel’s are always different! At least we give you men for all tastes! 😀 Who haves more taste in this moment is Mel! I’m doing horribly you guys! >.< It’s 2-0 for Mel right now! Not even Killua was able to win!!!

But, ok! I’m still on time to redeem myself xD I hope! ahah

As last week you will also pick the one you prefer! You can do it on the poll below! The poll will close in next friday so to be sure you don’t forget do it right now xD For the ones who can’t use the poll, you can comment down below or reach me at Twitter! Please if you do that way state that you are voting! If you don’t do that I’m not sure if it’s a vote or a comment ahah I completely forgot to say that last week xP

That’s all for today everyone! Hope you had fun and more importantly! Hope you had the hotties!!!! xD If you still didn’t read Mel’s post, you can do it here! We talk about the hot men from sports!


See You Soon! 😀

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    1. Yaiii! xD Glad you know them both eheh This you can relate to both ahah xD And yeah, didn’t even realized that we both went with dark hair ahah Nice catch

  1. Such pretty choices. Your post didn’t show in my reader. Neither did Mel’s. ? Stupid wp. ? Well, I’m having trouble with my choices so my post will take some time.

    1. Really? WordPress strikes again -.-” Probably that’s why it didn’t have so many people as the last one reading it… Bah… Oh well! XD Can’t wait to read it! (It’s opened in the side tab so it won’t take a lot time until I do ahah)

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  2. Well, I actually watched some Fairy Tail a long time ago, but I’m not much a fan anymore. I can’t remember if I liked Gray or not. I think I mainly liked the more minor male characters. I’ve never watched Touken Ranbu, but that hair is so pretty. Long haired boys are always good. And maybe this will make me finally watch Touken Ranbu…

    1. Oh well… Can’t win against a hotty with long hair XD I never watched but from it seems Mel says it is worth it just becaus of the long haired hot guy ahah 😀

  3. I’m going to cheat a bit and go for Hak for this one.
    Not in the options, you say.
    Well too bad!


    Fine, I voted for Gray after all.

    1. Muahahahah! Thank you! 😀 You can only vote for one, but you can always talk about your choice if you were doing the challenge non the less xD

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