Kanata No Astra Is Similar to the Anime Blogging Community – Space is The Place

Kanata No Astra Is Similar to the Anime Blogging Community – Space is The Place

Hello fellow Space Traveler, and welcome to Planet Shelter where we have free speech and protect everyone from hateful comments.

I’m truly honored to be your final host of this gigantic Anime Blogging project created by Scott from Mechanical Reviews. If you are in the Anime Blogging Community, I believe you already know what this is about. But, if you are a passerby who ended up losing itself here, on this planet, let me explain to you what is the idea behind. This tour was created to celebrate everyone’s love with space and Anime. It’s also to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing in 1969. This way, a bunch of us came together and wrote posts about Anime with space as the central theme. If you want to look at those, you can get the full list of obligatory stops at the end of this post.

Since I’m closing, I can’t help but to feel a little pressure. Ok, a lot of pressure! My idea is to smoothly wrap this up and be able to connect all posts together. Probably, I will fail, but I’m trying, ok?

Parallelism Between Kanata No Astra And The Anime Community

Kanata No Astra landing
*Landing in a new blogging planet*

When I chose to speak about Kanata No Astra when I joined the Space Tour, I was thinking about making a first impressions’ post. The theme was just right, and it’s coming this season, so it made sense.

However, after watching five episodes so far, I had a different idea. Honestly, Kanata No Astra made me remember a lot of our Anime Blogging Community, especially the Space Tour we are doing right now. So, this way, why not create a post about comparing the two? Maybe it’s a strange idea, but I think it’s going to be fun! At least, it will be a lot of fun writing this!

Let’s start with Kanata No Astra’s main story. A team of student teenagers is going on a space camp where they will spend several days alone in a known planet. The idea is that they work together and “survive” for a few days. Of course, the risk of death on this planet is minimum, so it’s more of a field trip than anything.

Kanata No Astra Planets route
Our route banner is way better than theirs though!

But, everything changes when a strange ball of energy appears and absorbs them, transporting the teenagers to outer space. They are able to reach a space ship stationed nearby. But, they are light-years from their homeland. To reach their goal, they will have to stop in many different countries along the line, so they can gather food and water to survive. Of course, each planet is entirely different from the last one with diverse landscapes, edible food, dangers, etc.

Although Anime blogs do not present any danger to anyone (that I know of), I see the Anime Blogging Community as a big Universe. Moreover, there is no way around how the idea of this space tour and Kanata’s space tour are similar. And, I see this project as a way of people to go blog in blog, seeing different landscapes, styles of writing, design, post ideas, bloggers, and whatnot.

The Ever Friendly Team

Kanata No Astra cute
How we pictured ourselves if we ever end up in a space ship together

The other thing that struck me was the characters of Kanata No Astra and their relationships throughout this trip. The team couldn’t be more diverse than it is, each character has its personality, and they are entirely different from each other. However, as a team, they support each other and work together to survive.

It’s actually pretty funny because I see each characters’ personality embedded somewhat on one of us. First, we have the popular one, the leader. Secondly, the one who is sweet and friendly to everyone. Thirdly, we have the genius who knows everything and comes up with the best ideas. Fourthly, the one is more “skilled” and can work with the best ones. Fifth, the cute one who makes everyone’s heart melt. Sixth, the quiet one who hides a hidden talent. Seventh, the serious one. Eight, the handsome one wink. Ninth, the one who may seem a little more aggressive on the outside, but ends up being a sweetheart after you get to know them.

Kanata No Astra Teamwork
Team Effort To Save One Person, heck yeah!

Am I the only who always come someone to mind while reading the paragraph above? It’s incredible how the Anime Blogging Community is so diverse. But, at the same time, is as friendly as we Kanata’s No Astra team. We are here to help and support each other. We all share the same struggles, and we are not afraid to open up about it. Moreover, when that happens, and a sadder post comes along, it always amazes me how we end up all giving strength in our own way.

I think what I mean to say is, if I ever got lost around space, I hope it’s with you!

Space Is The Place Tour

Space is the Place Banner

Well, and I think this is it! I hope you liked this post and that you feel it made lived up to this fantastic tour. More importantly, I hope you enjoyed the ride, I sure did!

If you are a new blogger in the Anime community, don’t be afraid to say something and enter this kind of projects. I’m pretty sure everyone will welcome you with open arms and you will probably start new great friendships.

Since this is the end of the line, I don’t have another planet to send you to explore. But, I highly recommend you to visit (or revisit) the space ship’s stops behind 😉 Here they are:

11 thoughts on “Kanata No Astra Is Similar to the Anime Blogging Community – Space is The Place

  1. I think you are very right about how each of us have different styles, but work together well when it comes to this anime blogging thing. Especially when we all work together. :D. Plus, very truthful advice for new comers.

    What a fantastic way to end this tour. Thank you, Arthifis!

  2. “Although Anime blogs do not present any danger to anyone (that I know of)”….yes…good, my secret plans for total domination are still not suspected by anyone….mwoohahahaha??
    Lol…sorry about that! ? This was a really fun post to read! I loved this idea. It’s a shame I don’t have access to this anime as I keep hearing so many great things about it? This entire tour has been a lot of fun! Thanks for closing it in such a terrific way!

    1. Hmmm… Maybe I should go edit the post and warn newcomers about you? xD

      Thanks so much for the nice feedback! 🙂 Glad you liked it! Hopefully you will be able to get the blue-ray aftweward or something like that 😛

      1. ?? Hmm…no need, I already have a warning on my blog that says: beware of the Raist…he is very dangerous….??
        Seriously though I hope I will get that dvd…don’t have a blu ray ????

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    It’s really nice blog you have here that’s why I ask you for help.

  4. Sorry it took me so long to get around to this post but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. I also have so far really enjoyed cruising this blogging universe and finding one awesome “planet” after another. People and their ideas are as limitless as space itself!

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