Hilarious Isekai – Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka

Hilarious Isekai – Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka

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Today, let’s imagine that one of our greatest dreams happens, we are summoned to a videogame world like it was an Isekai. However, right after you, your mother also gets transported to the same world and you are supposed to play this adventure together. This is what Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka is all about. But, damn that is a HUGE name! I could just call it from its English name… But, Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power, Okaasan online, is not simpler.

So, to make things simpler for ourselves, I’ll just call this Anime, Do You Like Your Mom? The anime is about Masato Oosuki who, one day, answers to a small questionnaire thinking it was for school. However, he was wrong. Truth is, that questionnaire was for a new videogame who is experimenting a new thing, transporting the gamers into the videogame. Moreover, the game’s purpose is to deepen the bond between a child and its parent. Therefore, some moments after Masato thinking his greatest dream come true, his helicopter mother comes right before him to join him in his quest.

Son and Mother Relationship

Tsuujou Kougeki Masato and Mamako cute

Look, this is those type of shows that we cannot think too much about it. Its purpose is to be funny and if you start to go too philosophical about it, you will just spoil it.

Yes, there is a lot of incestuous fanservice. From what I remember on top of my head, there is at least one time where Masato grabs his mother’s boob (by accident). On top of that, in episode 2, we see Masato dropping his head over, and over, and over in his mother’s breast while her clothes are being destroyed by some sort of attack.

Tsuujou Kougeki fanservice
She was not happy about it though

However, all of those scenes are not what you can call as hot or sexy. Normally, it’s more just for the comedic factor. And, even me, someone who does not like fanservice, can resist laughing every single time. The thing is, Masato has the reaction of any male teenager in that type of situation, disgust/discomfort. On the other hand, his mom, although not liking it, she does not feel much shame about it. Something that I feel every mother ends up feeling. I mean, if you had a decent mother, she changed your diapers and breastfeed you. So, in their eyes, it’s almost like the same thing.

It’s actually surprising how Do You Like Your Mother? can show such a good representation of a normal relationship between a mother and his teenager. From time to time, you will see Masato bursting out and saying things he doesn’t really mean. However, I believe this is something we all experience when we are teenagers. Of course, it’s not a nice thing to see, but they end up reconciling pretty quickly.

One Of The Funniest Isekais I’ve Ever Watched

Tsuujou Kougeki funny moment

The show makes fun of a lot of things, no only this paternal relationship. There is also a lot of gaming references and ridicule of the MMORPG industry.

First, the moment both put their feet in this fantasy World, both Masato and Mamako are given extraordinary rare weapons. We all know how games do that nowadays. Right on level 1 and you already have a great weapon that will disappear in a certain amount of time. Funnier than that, is how Mamako, who doesn’t know anything about games, ends up not grabbing one, but two of the three rare weapons. You should have seen the face of the king’s face… It still makes me laugh when I think about it.

Tsuujou Kougeki funny

I also love that in this case, the overpowered character is not the MC, but his mother. Something that you can see right in the opening of the Anime. Though it’s not the overpowered mother itself that I find funny, but the others’ characters reactions by seeing such power. However, when it comes to other stuff, the mom is a noob who ends up spending money buying various equipment to everyone because it was on sale instead of just buying the one with the best stats. Which is funny because if my mother ever got inside an RPG, she would do the same xD

I don’t know, maybe I watched the episodes when I was in a good, funny mood. However, truth is, I ended each episode with a lighter tone in my face and way more relaxed compared to before watching it. I know comedy is a very subjective thing. So, maybe, Do You Like Your Mom? just does the trick for me.

An Anime To Sit Back And Relax

Tsuujou Kougeki Mamako cute

Basically, that’s it! The show is not that deep and it’s not supposed to be. From what I’ve watched until now, the show seems to be pretty forward where it will focus more on the journey rather than the objective. To be honest, I don’t have any problem with that. It’s always nice to have at least one Anime per season to just relax and enjoy the ride.

Of course, it helps that both the soundtrack and animation are above average. It’s not something that owed me, but it’s good enough for me to feel content with what I’m watching.

Do You Like Your Mom? is not going to be my favorite Anime of all time. It won’t probably be my favorite Anime of the Summer Season. Nevertheless, it’s a great Anime to relax and not think or feel anything besides happiness. For that, I have to say thank you to the person who one day, decided to create Mamaland, the village with the hot spring called “Mama’s Milk Spring”.

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