What can You Expect From Our Little Place From Now On

What can You Expect From Our Little Place From Now On

Hi everyone and welcome to our place! 🙂

The updates continue! This time I’m going to talk about content!!!! Yes, I did more than just changing the design of the blog in this past month! Did you realy thought I would leave you for so much time and don’t come back with a lot of good news and updates? 😀

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So, the schedule will be the same! Mondays it will be awards, featured bloggers and things like that. Tuesdays it will be about Anime, Wednesdays random thoughts, Thursdays Gamins and Fridays will be the collab day! \o/

However, each topic will have some new things eheh Let’s start with:



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So, I’ve been doing the Random Anime Reviews for sometime now. They will continue! I’ll be watching any Anime that comes out in the random Anime generator site I’m using, but there’s more!!!

We are going on a Horrible Quest! An Anime Horrible Quest!

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I hope so… I’m gonna need it!!!!

What the hell is this you ask? Well, really easy to understand! I’m going to go and find the worst rated Anime in MAL, watch it and then give my review on them! There are some rules, sure, but nothing much!

The only rules are, the Anime has to have a rating, it has to have at least 10 minutes per episode, and no explicit sex is allowed. Basically, Yaoi and Hentai is out of the table! 😀

I’ve already started watching the first one… And well, that is something! To the point of making me laugh because how bad it is at some points! 😛 The reason behind this is to bring you Animes that probably you don’t know much about it and there may be some of them that are hidden gems just waiting to become popular! 😛



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Well, in gaming I’m not going to do that! In fact, the gaming part will be equal as now. I will continue the “Should I Play” series where I talk about classic games and if they are playable right now or not. However, I’ll also add some reviews for games that are more recent and I’ve been playing in the PS4.

Talking about PS4, let me introduce you the next series in the Gaming part! The “This month in the Playstation Plus” (name to be revised xD) – Basically, what I’m going to do is, every month I’ll play the games that are free in the Playstation Plus and will review them! Of course I’m not going to be able to play them all, but I’ll be able to, at least, play them enough to give you some insights! 🙂 So, you can look forward to that! 🙂


But, wait! There’s more!

Although this is not blog related I just wanted to say that I’m working to be able to start a twitch and do daily streams! 😀 I’ve tried Youtube and well, it didn’t go well. So, I hope that the twitch thing works for me better! I mean, I already play games every single day, why not streaming them? Moreover, it will be way easier to stream from my PS4 than the work it gives recording for Youtube! 😛 So, be sure to stay in touch for that! Of course I’ll tell you when the thing really starts! 😛

Arthifis Blog Update New Series twitch.gif
Hope you are THIS excited! 😀


And… I think that is it? I can’t remember more than that… You can continue expecting the Arthifis’ Classroom series to come out and my random rumbling about everything! There are other things that I will need to address. but that is for tomorrow, where I’l be telling you what I’m going to do to monetize the blog eheh

Hope you are excited for this news series because I really am to start them and write about them! 🙂

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See you soon! 🙂

0 thoughts on “What can You Expect From Our Little Place From Now On

    1. Well! I hope so ahah xD At the moment I’m watching Dynamic Chord and well… It had some parts I ended up laughing because of how bad it was ahah

      Thank you~!

    1. Thank you~! 😀

      Ahahah I knew that everyone would love the Horrible Anime Quest ahah

      But, to be honest (don’t tell this to anyone) I’m the most excited for the Playstation Plus one xD It just makes me to play different games all the time! And it’s perfect to combine blogging and streaming 😛

      1. Lol….I will be sure to keep my mouth shut on that last part (in fact I have already forgotten what you wrote or what we were talking about…erm…were we talking about something???)
        Lol…the horrible anime quest is certainly going to be fun…looking forward to it ?

  1. I’m so excited for all of this! I love bad anime, I love classic games, and I ALWAYS download the monthly PS+ games and never have time to play them.. So, it will be like I’m playing them vicariously through you! Yay! ????

    1. Oooooh thank you so much! <3
      I hope I'll be able to do things accordingly to your expectations eheh I hope I can start streaming today… Only today I realized that we are already in July LOLOL

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