Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?

Hi everyone and welcome to our place! šŸ˜€

The other day I was taking advantage of small pause at work to do some blogging and my coworker came to me and asked me:

“How do you have the interest to blog and work your ass out every single day?”

Well, as you could imagine, my answer was “Well, because I love it!”. However, this answer was not enough for him. He continued pressuring me with questions to understand why do I give myself the work every single day and destroy my resting time with more work. My answers were not the best (I wasn’t expecting to be asked this out of the blue), but at the end I said that blogging was one of those things that it simply worked for me! I loved what I was doing and I couldn’t care less having less resting time if it meant to be working on my blog.

Why Do I Blog Work Hard.gif

Nonetheless, this answer was not enough for him either. What he wanted to understand was what are the things about blogging that made me understand that I love to do this and makes it a kind of “work” that I really have fun doing it and would love to be able to do it as a career for the years to come. In the end he wants to find the same thing and was trying to understand from my example if he could find his own love.

I couldn’t answer properly, because let’s face it, there are no proper words to explain why I love blogging so much! It’s one of those things that are hard to put into words. However, for the sake of this post, I will try to tell some of the reasons that makes me love Blogging and why I want to do this in full-time someday.

The Community:

why do I blog anime community.gif
That’s how I imagine ourselves!

Now, this is not direct to blogging itself, it’s more directed to WordPress. For bad and for good there is something that no one can tell me otherwise. The Anime Blogging Community in WordPress is the best community I ever encountered in the Internet. Yeah, it started with a like, with a comment, with a mutual following. However, at this point, there are many people out here that I consider as friends! People who I love to talk to and learn from! To be honest, the community must be the first thing that makes me coming back. At this point, when I see WP not posting my posts in the reader as it should and I see my views going down because of that it makes me mad, not because of the views itself, but because people who I care and want to show my content will not read it.

But, there’s more than that. We welcome new people with such a warm and great hug,we are lovely to each other. We do care about the other bloggers and try to help them the best we can. All of that makes this experience way better than just… Blogging.

Making Content:

Why do I Blog Content.gif
A page full of possibilities!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a creative person, always have been! So, finally finding a place where I can be creative all I want with no kind of limits is just… GREAT! I’m really proud of some ideas I got in these 6 months of blogging. Some examples are the “Let’s all write a book” tag and the Hunger Games Anime Edition and, of course, the Anime Blogging Party on Facebook that gave this blog the push of the first followers.

To be honest I don’t really have a hard time (at least at the moment) to think of new ideas and create new posts. I think it’s because I’ve always had so many ideas that I couldn’t put out there to begin with! So, yeah… The possibility of letting my creativity to burst out is also one of the best things about blogging.


Why do I Blog Followers.gif
We really are having a party over here!

I don’t get so upset as I used to when a post don’t goes well. However, it is still important for me to see my blog growing and seeing people liking my posts enough to like, or even getting the time to leave a comment.

Being creative is great and all, but to really have people following your content, reading almost everything you do, liking it, commenting it… I dunno, it really warms my heart and makes me happy! šŸ™‚

New Ideas:

Why do I blog new ideas.gif
Me, scrolling over my reader!

Other thing that I love about blogging is following other people’s work! It amazes me that there is not even one blog where the writing is even similar! Moreover, we have all these creative people gathered in one place putting their ideas out and… Oh boy! They are good!

So, yeah, it really amazes me and it inspires me a lot! Seeing new ideas, Animes I never even heard of, different ways of writing, Video Games that I should have played ages ago but wasn’t able to find… I don’t know… Everything! The community is full of ideas and going through all of those is just fun!


wy do i blog conclusion.gif
You always go right with Nico!

Blogging gave me a lot of things! I’m more confident today because of this little place! I’ve got to meet a lot of awesome people due to blogging! It also makes me a happier person! I don’t know… It’s hard to explain with words why I love blogging so much. In the end, it’s one of those things that really have fun doing it and exploring it.

Would I want to make a living out of blogging? Yes, completely! Especially because I would have more time to work on it and explore other types of outlets such as video, podcast and so on. However, I know that it will take a LONG, LONG time… Maybe I won’t be even able to do it… I don’t know, we’ll see. For now I’m loving the ride and I’m going to take the most out of it!

Just a small comment before I go, it seems to me that my post yesterday didn’t appear in most of your readers. Probably because it was a scheduled post? I don’t know, WordPress is at it again -.- This way, if you didn’t come across my latest post about the Hunger Games: Anime Edition, you can read it here! And don’t forget to vote! šŸ˜€ we are almost at the finals!

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See You Soon! šŸ˜€

0 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said here. This community is amazing and has made my time as a blogger very refreshing. In fact, I sometimes get startled when straying into a different corner of the web and finding even a little toxicity!

    1. That makes us both! Although I don’t really dwell a lot in the comment section anywhere besides WordPress! But I know that Youtube for example is just horrible >.<

  2. This is pretty much me. I am trying to get more consistent (work does get in the way most times) but I’m getting better at it and my other contributor helps alot. The community has been wonderful though!

    1. Yeah, it really is difficult to work and blog at the same time! Both take a lot of time of your day ;/ I think with time you will get better at writing faster and so on! At least it was what happened to me! šŸ˜›

  3. The anime blogging community is a treasure and I can never praise it enough, you are definetly a part of that too Arthifis! Posts like these is why we all come back and share.
    On a different note, ALL my posts are prescheduled way in advance – I wonder if anyone gets them in their readers???

    1. Oooooh thank you so much Irina! *blushes*

      Hmmm, great question! I’m not sure if the problem is the scheduling or not, but in my case it seems so. However, it doesn’t seem to be like 100% scheduled posts will happen since I schedule all my posts! šŸ™‚ I also don’t think it happens to everybody (?). It seems that only some people don’t have the post appearing in their reader. I don’t really understand lolol It’s the wonders of WordPress šŸ˜› But you can be reassured! Your posts have been appearing on my reader at least! šŸ˜€

      Hmmm… Maybe people just lose interest in my stuff on random days and I’m trying to find an explanation that makes it all better? We will never know!

  4. Defintiely agree on all these points! The point about the community in particular strikes a chord because said communityhas been very kind to me. And as to creativity … this is an excellent outlet for it!

    1. I think the community have been kind to everyone and everyone been kind to the community xD that’s what it makes such a great community xP and yes, it is an excelent outlet! Although I would love to have time to explore other types of media such as video, podcast and so on x(

        1. Uploading is the least of the problems since you put it there and just wait xD filming also takes time but after some experiences I think it gets better xD however, the editing is a nightmare ahah and let’s not forget that you have to have the right equipment which can be a little pricey x/

  5. This is pretty much why I still do what I do. I’ve been in a position where I could make money from my writing (i.e. it being my job) and… it wasn’t nearly as fun as being in complete creative control of my own site and getting to know the community more directly.

    Mostly I just like writing though, whatever it is. I’ve been writing pretty much daily for the last… God knows how long now, but having a clear “direction” and focus has really helped me keep the articles flowing on a daily basis!

    1. Yeah I know, but you really got a ptoblem because the gaming writing industry (is that how it is called) went to a place completely different from your believes where they bash games for the views! If you found a company that shared your values and write for them probably you wouldn’t feel that way šŸ˜›

      Loool I’m completely going to hit a wall someday! I also write almost daily, for way less time than you of course. However, most of the times I don’t have a direction, at least in long term, so let’s us see when am I going to hit the block creativity wall xD

  6. beautiful post, and I do agree. I believe I’ve been doing this for 5 years because of the same things. šŸ™‚
    I also like to follow really hardcore feminist blogs and SJW rants just to amuse myself sometimes.
    anyways, gturn that question around to your co-worker and grill them on why they like their hobbies, lol. i kid.

    1. Thank you so much! ^.^

      ahahahah! I think I wouldn’t be able to do that… Those rants normally push my buttons! šŸ˜€

      That’s the thing… I don’t think he has any kind of “interesting” hobbies lolol maybe that’s the problem!

      1. Some of the blogs are ridiculously extreme, lol. I used to browse WP for some good blogs, and I randomly stumble into them.

        He sounds jealous, lol. Introduce him to blogging, he might love it too. xD

        1. Well he did have a blog many years ago but then he dropped it lolol although he didn’t have the community wp has… Maybe that was what was lacking… Really don’t know xP

    1. This community have gave so much to me, not only blogging wise, but in my life in general that I don’t even know how am I gonna ever be able to pay šŸ˜›

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