Is Cop Craft Really That Good?

Is Cop Craft Really That Good?

Hello everyone, and welcome to our shelter! 🙂 Although Cop Craft has been under the radar during this season, one thing that watchers seem to agree on is that the Anime is pretty good. Usually, when I see good reviews about underrated Anime, such as the case of Cop Craft, I believe them since there is no reason for hyper. However, like everything, we only really know if something is good after we try them out ourselves, which is kind of ironic since I’m writing a freaking review… Oh, well! I will just have to deal with it and pray that I don’t lose all my readers after that joke xD

What is Cop Craft All About?

Cop Craft Tirana Cool

Before I even start saying if Cop Craft is good or not, it’s relevant to explain to you the plot of the Anime. I mean, if it’s something entirely outside your taste area, you don’t need to read the full article to know that it’s not for you. See, here I am, helping you saving time… Praise me reader-senpai!!! Ok, just kidding! Let’s get things started, shall we?

Cop Craft happens in a world where a hyper-dimensional rift appeared in the middle of the Ocean, which links Earth to a magical universe. Near to that rift, San-Teresa City became the spot where the two societies started living together. However, San-Teresa is not the utopia it seems to be on the surface hiding a lot of crime in its shadows, such as drugs, prostitution, weapon smuggling, among others. Detective Kei Matoba from Earth, and knight Tirana from the magical world are police partners with only one thing in common, protect both worlds from danger.

Cop Craft Kei Matoba

It’s actually a pretty intriguing concept. Having two completely different worlds with distinct cultures coexisting together opens a variety of plot opportunities, such as the first crime we can watch in the early episodes, which is regarding about smuggling of fairy dust. That said, I’m almost sure that the show is going to be more about cultural differences, racism, and what that can make to people and societies. To be honest, it’s nice that they went that route since the Anime ends up being relatable to the real world. I mean, maybe they are not using fairy dust, but there is no doubt that we’ve seen our fair share of terrorism and hatred crimes in our society… However, that’s not where Cop Craft shines the most.

What Impressed Me On Cop Craft

Cop Craft Tirana Beautiful

Honestly, animation style and the soundtrack was what impressed me the most while watching Cop Craft. However, it indeed has its limitations.

Although I don’t know, I’m guessing Cop Craft’s budget is not as big as it deserves. That’s the only reason I have different levels of animation we get throughout each episode. Don’t get me wrong, most of the animation is pretty to the eye, smooth, and flawless. However, it’s a fact that the creators use static frames in some of the action scenes. Since those frames happen in the middle of others that have movement and are well animated, I can’t find other reason than lack of time to animate everything due to a small team.

Nevertheless, with a polished animation that resembles the 90’s presenting a more serious and adult tone – besides when it comes to the fairies’ design -the Anime really grabs my attention. Truth enough, it’s not for everyone, but, overall, it has an above-average animation.

Cop Craft

Talking about the ’90s – the soundtrack also brings me back in time. The intro is fantastic, full of energy, and just makes me wants to move my body to it. Needless to say, it’s already on my playlist. However, that’s not the only place where the soundtrack is excellent. During the episodes I’ve watched, different pieces of music followed the Anime flow perfectly.

I also want to add that the relationship between the main characters, Kei and Tirana, is enjoyable and fun to watch. Not only I want to watch more of it, but I also think that things are going to develop intriguingly. However, it would be nice that they don’t end up evolving into a romantic relationship since it’s actually more interesting seeing them as partners only. But, well, we’ll see.

Final Thoughts

Cop Craft Tirana cute

Now, I get why people love Cop Craft. To be honest, I’m with them, and I firmly believe it should have more love than it’s getting. Unfortunately, underrated Anime is something that exists every each season and, although most of the popular Anime this season, is somewhat enjoyable, it makes me sad that an Anime as solid as Cop Craft is not there among them.

In other words, I highly recommend you to try this Anime and test for yourself if you like Cop Craft. Of course, it has a bloodier and more adult theme, which means that if you are not into that, you are better off with other lighter Anime such as Given, Kanata no Astra, or O Maidens in Your Savage Season.

What about you? Have you watched Cop Craft? What are your thoughts about it? Tell me all in the comments! 🙂

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