Is Demon Lord, Retry Any Good?

Is Demon Lord, Retry Any Good?

Hello everyone, and welcome to our shelter! 🙂 Today I bring to you yet another Isekai coming out this Summer Season, Demon Lord, Retry! (Maou-Sama, Retry!).

It seems that stories where the MC finds a small girl and decides to protect her are kind of hot right now. Not only we have Arifureta and UchiMusume, but we also have Maou-Sama, Retry! joining the game, or at least, entering the game here at Anime Shelter 😀

Demon Lord, Retry! Is Average In Any Way You Look

Demon Lord Retry Hakuto smoking

I’m not sure how to actually review Demon Lord. Honestly, it’s one of those Animes that are average and do not have much that makes me want to talk. Nevertheless, I promised that I would review every Anime coming out each season, and I will do my best with this one too!

First, the story… The matter of fact is, I still don’t know what the story is going to be about. After three episodes, Demon Lord, Retry seems to be taking its time to set up the story. For now, the only thing I know is that on the day Hakuto Kunai decided to close the server for the game he managed he was transported to a fantasy world in the body of one of his online characters. From there, Hakuto met a girl with a disabled leg, Aku, who was given as a sacrifice to the monster lurking nearby. He decided to help her and, due to his tremendous strength, he got entitled Demon Lord.

Demon Lord Retry Aku princess

Since Hakuto was the first person to treat Aku decently, she decides to come along with him on his travels. Although she does not know, his objective is to, of course, find a way to come back to the real world. All of this happens in episode one. Additionally, episode two and three are spent in “strengthening” their bond and presenting two additional characters which are part of the Holy Maidens.

Don’t ask me what the Holy Maidens are because I didn’t really understand. Honestly, all I know is that they are at war with other faction which seems to be connected to evil. However, what evil, I don’t know. Why are they at war, or why is the world is divided like this, I also don’t know. However, I do know that Hakuto was summoned by people from this faction. Although it went terribly wrong since he seems to be fighting for the Holy Maidens, at least for now.

Mildy Entertaining Jokes And Below Average Animation

demon lord retry funny

Demon Lord, Retry tries to deliver some jokes here and there, so the Anime does not feel as empty. Although the jokes may work for some, seeing the Demon Lord spanking Luna’s butt (in a childish kind of way) is not really what I think as funny. Nevertheless, during the second episode, they were able to make me smile here and there.

However, there is no way around the fact that Demon Lord, Retry animation is subpar. From the backgrounds to the animation movement, it’s easy to see that Demon Lord does not have a big budget. Honestly, it doesn’t make me want to look away or something like that. Nonetheless, I know that having an animation similar to a decade ago is a deal-breaker for many.

I think the only thing that I actually liked was the audio. Although I disliked both intro and ending songs, and took me a while getting used to the Demon Lord’s voice, it’s actually pretty decent and engaging.

Is Demon Lord, Retry Worth Watching?

Demon Lord Retry Aku and Hakuto cute

This Anime is one of those that will purely reside on your personal taste. Contrary to other Animes, which are easy to say if you should watch them or not, I find asking myself if this one is good enough to suggest.

It’s a fact that the show is average. However, I found myself a little bit invested in the show because of the characters. Hakuto can be funny here and there, Aku is cute, and the Holy Maidens have interesting personalities. Moreover, the fact that it seems Hakuto will change to different online characters, each one with their personalities is exciting. However, at the same time, if the show goes for the more action-based type of Anime, I feel the animation will not be good enough to be entertaining.

Therefore, if you are into isekai with a little bit of comedy and cute girls, you should go and try it for yourself. Honestly, if I compare it with Arifureta and UchiMusume, Demon Lord, Retry is, in fact, the one I enjoyed the most, so there’s that! What about you? Have you watched Demon Lord, Retry? What are your thoughts on it? Tell me all in the comments 🙂

8 thoughts on “Is Demon Lord, Retry Any Good?

  1. I’m honestly finding Demon Lord Retry the least interesting of the fantasy/isekai stories I’ve picked up this season. It isn’t quite bad enough to drop but it isn’t doing a lot that really engages me either. Even Arifureta, which is an absolute disaster of an adaptation is keeping me a little more invested than Demon Lord has managed (though that may be because having read the source of Arifureta even if the anime is a mess I have the engagement of remembering what was written about the scene and thinking about what they could have done instead. Then again, Demon Lord Retry seems to be trying to work more as a comedy and that very seldom works for me so probably not a surprise that I’m finding it a little tiresome.

    1. Yeah… I ended up dropping it… It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not good enough. Regarding Arifureta, I guess if I have read the source I would enjoy it more. However, since I didn’t do it, the show is just crazy bad for me xD

      1. I think reading the source for Arifureta makes it worse because the source is really fun to read (at least to start with). I don’t mind them changing things when they adapt something, but Arifureta is just not telling a good story as an anime.

  2. Nope…haven’t seen it: three guesses why???
    To be fair though, I probably wouldn’t have watched this even it were available for me honestly. Doesn’t really sound like my cup of tea in the first place ?

      1. Animes? What are that a thing?:) Sorry my friend…for the late reply. I have had a very rough year, and have been away for quite a while from WordPress. I’m not exactly back..but I am trying to catch up on comments that I have missed. I hope you are doing well yourself;)
        I haven’t seen much anime lately…definitely missed out on way too many shows because of that. But well hopefully I can catch up with a few at some point:)

        1. No problem! Hopefully, things are better on your side! I’ve also been in and out of blogging due to work and life in general. Nothing bad though ^^ The Anime can wait eheh

          1. Erm…well…no:( But I try to hang in there as much as I can. It’s been tough…and it keeps being tough. But well, we will see how the upcoming months will progress. Hope things are well on your end 🙂 Thanks as always for your kind words:)

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