Manaria Friends Episode 1 Review

Manaria Friends Episode 1 Review

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It seems that one Anime show decided to start a little bit earlier than the others this Winter Season. That’s right, Manaria Friends premiered 26th of December and with that, the Winter Season started… Before Fall Season even ended!

Overall Vibe

Manaria Friends Episode 1 beautiful scenery

Manaria Friends presents a very nice and relaxing animation. The show sets the tone in its first minutes. While we see both main characters preparing to start their day at school we are able to see the surroundings. What we see is this medieval vibe which is presented in a very polished manner.

At the same time, the music gives us more of an adventure type of music. It reminded me of RPGs that have a lighter tone and take place in some sort of medieval world. Both of the parameters are very well created and I loved the atmosphere around the show.

Moreover, the characters design are also pretty good, something that the creators make sure we notice by throwing at us very nice static frames.

Manaria Friends Episode 1 grea 2

However, I’m not able to understand what the Anime is going to be about. I’m pretty sure that it will involve the Human Princess Anne, a girl who seems to be a little more airheaded, but very strong and Grea, a half dragon, half human princess. Contrary to the other main character, Grea seems to have everything pulled together, but at the same time ends up being shyer. Although this is true, it is, in fact, a little difficult to understand if these 2 girls will have just a friendship relationship or a loving one. Both Grea and Anne seem to become way too excited when they find each other which makes me think they have some kind of love going on. But, Yuri/Shoujo-Ai is not one of the genres in Mariana Friends’ MAL page, so I’m intrigued to see how this is going to develop.

Initial Thoughts

Manaria Friends Episode 1 princess anne and grea cute

The episode is around 10 minutes. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind having more! Nevertheless, I think Manaria Friends was able to introduce its world and characters in a good manner. At least, for the time they had. For now, it seems a light and fun story surrounding a magical academy thrown somewhere in the Medieval Era. Moreover, it is also nice to see that the Anime will also feature different races working together. Although at this time, we were only able to see dragons and humans, the MAL synopsis says that it also has gods and demons… So, I think it will be fun! 😀

Both main characters had enough time to show their initial position and differences. And, although I’m not sure how the story is going to go, the truth is both seemed to be interesting enough to continue investing in this.

What about you?

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Manaria Friends Episode 1 princess anne cute
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