Went To The Weird Part of Anime Again With Ueno-san wa Bukiyou!

Went To The Weird Part of Anime Again With Ueno-san wa Bukiyou!

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Ueno-San wa BukiyouHow Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno in English – just aired this weekend and there I went to the weird part of Anime again. The Anime episode is about 10 minutes long and it’s more than enough to show us some silly scenes.

Ueno-San is about a girl named Ueno who is the science club president. More than that she is also a genius which is shown right at the beginning of the episode. However, at the same time, she is also deeply in love for the male member of the science club. But, being awkward she is, she isn’t able to just come out and say it. It’s way more productive to ask him to drink her pee.

It Is Silly, But Is It Funny?

ueno-san drink my pee

Funny is a very subject thing. We all have different funny bones which means that what I may think funny, you may not. The small episode features 2 different scenes.

The first is about a tool which Ueno created that will purify any kind of liquid into clear water. I mean, do you realize how many problems such a gadget would resolve? However, her idea is to use the tool as a way to say to Tanaka she loves him. So, what is the best way? To pee into a cup, use it to purify it into water and ask him to drink it. Reasonable enough, he says no! And, the first 5 minutes is about Ueno trying to make him drink her purified pee while Tanaka not understanding what the deal is.

The second part is about another device Ueno creates which is capable of creating dark matter… I think that is the thing… Details aside, this gadget is able to hide anything from the common eye. So, what is the best way to use it? Under her pants! Pantie shots will completely end… Goodbye fanservice 🙁

ueno-san 90 degree pantie shot

Again, she asks Tanaka to try it and, again, she has an ulterior motive. That Tanaka feels embarrassed by looking under her pants without knowing what he is going to find. She is even in commando mode! However, after different angles, culminating in the 90 degrees flash, Tanaka does not seem even slightly interested.

The fact is, the ideas do seem funny! And I’ll have to say that it was the first time I saw someone saying “I want you to drink my pee!”. Although the ideas were nice I didn’t find myself laughing. However, that may just be my funny bone not being tickled by how the jokes were delivered…

What About You?

ueno-san rocket-kun

In the end, Ueno-San is just going to be a silly Anime with not much depth into it. At least, that’s the vibe it gave me with this first episode.

And you? What did you think about the episode? Tell me all in the comments… Just don’t ask me to drink your pee, please…

ueno-san yamashita unimpressed
See You Soon! 😀


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4 thoughts on “Went To The Weird Part of Anime Again With Ueno-san wa Bukiyou!

  1. Unsurprisingly I didn’t really find either scenario funny and actually found the situations quite questionable given the age of the students and the lack of supervision. So yeah, this one is not working for me as a comedy at this point.

    1. Yeah, if there was someone who I would recommend this Anime (which at this point is no-one) you wouldn’t be in the list… It’s completely out of your comedy zone

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