Would Domestic Girlfriend Make a Good Mexican Soap Opera?

Would Domestic Girlfriend Make a Good Mexican Soap Opera?

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Domestic Girlfriend (Domestic Na Kanojo) is a new romance series coming out this Winter Season. Although MAL thinks it enters the genre of Shounen, I will have to say the show is way more adult than teenager like. In fact, I’m not even sure if it’s a story that will please the overall male audience… To be honest, I’m pretty sure it will probably have more popularity with the female audience.

The story is about a male teenager called Natsuo who is in love with one of his teachers, Hina. However, one day, during a mix he ends up losing his virginity with a girl he just met in that day, Rui. After the thrill of losing his virginity passes, he is able to sink in and feel regret about losing his virginity in such a shallow way. However, he does not have much time to think about it because his father brings the news that he is going to remarry. Can you guess who is gonna be Natsuo’s step-sisters? Rui and Hina of course!

Episode 1 Overall Thoughts

Domestic Girfriend Natsuo hina and rui

Before going for the Mexican soap opera thingy, let me just give you my overall thoughts about the episode!

I have to say that it is not as good as I was expecting. I have a friend who read the manga and she loves it, so she eventually said I would like this one (because of my love for Nana). However, truth is, I didn’t really like episode 1.

The story just rolled in and presented as it is. There is no kind of logic when it comes to the setting and everything is created to make this specific setting where the 3 main characters will have to live under the same roof. This, of course, will create better plot opportunities, such as Natsuo going for a (forced) kiss while Hina was asleep just to be interrupted by her sister, Rui. I’m ok with forcing some things to create the plot setting even when they are not probable, but this is too much.

Domestic Girfriend Natsuo sad

There isn’t a lot of movement animation throughout the episode. Since this is a romantic Anime which depends heavily on conversations, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing… Though, I do believe they could have created more artistic ways to represent those conversations. You know, cut to someones’ hands, or make a closeup of a body part to show the emotion they are feeling at that moment… I would have preferred that, but Domestic Girlfriend just goes for the faces’ closeup most of the times.

But, everything can become great if they are able to create astonishing conversations and character development. For now, since it’s episode 1, there is no way I can talk about this right away! But, it’s something to take into mind when writing the First Impressions after episode 3.

A Mexican Soap Opera

Domestic Girfriend Natsuo's friend funny

We have a lot of Anime shows where step-siblings are in love with each. Heck, we even get real siblings being in love with each other. But, normally, the setting is not as complex as this one!

Can you imagine? Losing your virginity with some strange girl you just met, be in love with a teacher who does not resemble that strange girl in any way and, when you end up looking, they are both going to be your step-sisters!? Damn, talk about bad luck! It sucks to be Natsuo… At least for now.

In fact, this would be a great introduction for a Mexican/Latin soap opera. It has everything… Oh, the intrigue! The suspense if the sister is going to know what happened… The… Well, sex! Everything that makes a good Mexican soap opera!

Domestic Girfriend Natsuo and hina kiss

Basically now, what we just needed is that both girls falling in love with Natsuo and fighting for him (probably will happen in some sort of way). But, of course, since this is a Mexican story it has to bring things even further such as Rui hitting Hina with a stick putting her into a comma. While Natsuo is crying for her beloved teacher who may not ever wake up again, his deceased mother appears alive!!! Truth is, she was just lost in some sort of island after her plane crashed… She didn’t come earlier because she had memory loss for 10 years. But, she just got better and wants to spend her time with his son.

So, now, Rui has another target and proceeds to make an evil plan to kill Natsuo’s mother… For good this time. Damn… That is an Anime I want to watch! For the laugh sake of course!


Domestic Na Kanojo Rui

In conclusion, I was expecting more from Domestic Girlfriend. I won’t say it’s a bad Anime because it is not, but I believe it could have presented a better first episode (story and setting aside). The animation felt a little lazy and I was hoping for a little more. Story-wise, they are probably following the manga and only with some more episodes I’ll be able to actually know if I like this or don’t 😛

What about you? Have you seen Domestic Girlfriend? What do you think about it? Tell me all in the comments 😛

Domestic Girfriend Hina beer
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