13 Reasons Why – The Second

13 Reasons Why – The Second
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Hello everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

So, I got tagged to do the 13 reasons Why again! This time, it was the great and awesome Matthew from Matt In The Hat! Thank you so much Matt! Everyone is probably following him already, but if you are not, do so! He’s one of those big guys here in the community who I look up to since the beginning of my blogging life xD For my first post, you can check it here! 😀

Of course, this time around I will give you more 13 reasons and I won’t repeat any of the ones I wrote in the last one xP If in the last post I gave you more broad reasons, this time I’ll be going to the small details. It’s how they say, right? Happiness is in the small details 😀 But first, let’s go through the rules 😛

– The Rules –

  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • List 13 reasons why you keep going/living (This is borrowed from the book but I’m taking it the opposite direction).
  • Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.
  • Use the picture that I created in your post. I’m sorry that I’m a bit bad a making these things… But I tried ?

– Falling Asleep Handling Hands with My Boyfriend –

Yeah, I’ve talked about my boyfriend in the last post. However, this is one of the things that I love the most during my day. My boyfriend and I have a little different sleeping schedules. He falls asleep and wakes up more or less 1 hour earlier than me. However, since I usually take around 1 hour to fall asleep I always lay down in bed at the same time as him. But, instead of sleeping I go a little to Youtube until I start to get sleepy.

During this time I always give him my hand. And, I don’t know, it’s a small thing, but I love it. I just feel loved and protected for some reason. Even if after 5 minutes is already snoring in deep sleep 😀

– Watching TV with My Mom –

Since I’m from a small town I only visit my mom 2 weekends a month. For you to understand, due to life, my mom and I are really, really close (I phone her 3 times a day). So, when I go there and we spend the evening watching TV is just the best.

I love laying on the couch with my head in her lap while watching any type of show with her – normally, it’s crime series though, her favorite 😛 There’s something about that small gesture that just makes me feel closer to her and just bonding with one of my favorite humans in all world!

– Singing My Heart Out –

I’m terribly at singing, there’s no question about that. However, I really love to sing! Specially when I’m in the car with my boyfriend! We just put the radio in the maximum and sing out loud. Don’t ask me how the windows are still intact though because my boyfriend doesn’t really know how to sing either.

– My Life Goals –

I have a lot of life goals to pursue and to achieve. Since I was a kid I always thought to myself that I wanted to do something that the World would remember and that actually changed the life of people for the better, even in the smallest way. This moment, my idea to achieve that is through blogging and streaming.

Let us see what will be my life goals in some years though since they are always changing! But, well, let’s see! I do hope that I’m able to push forward with the blogging and streaming for now 😛

– Day-Dreaming –

Me, everyday…

I day-dream… A LOT! My mind is always working and if sometimes I seem to be blank out from a conversation I’m having with you, then I’m probably out of it XP I love to let my mind take control and just think in the stupidest things. However, I think most of my creativity comes from me letting my mind running wild when she wants.

– Normal Dreaming –

This is actually how my boyfriend falls asleep LOL

Not gonna lie, I dream a lot and normally it’s really strange things. However, I’ve got some really nice ideas from dreaming. A beginning of a story, an idea to blog about… Things like that 😛

This way, I just love dreaming at night! In fact, there have been days that I wake up and think to myself “Let me just go back to sleep so I can finish this dream”. It’s funny how I’ve got more entertained while watching what is happening in my dreams than watching a show or an Anime xD

– Nature Scents and Noises –

I’m from the countryside who is living in the city at the moment. This way, everytime I’m able to experience the scent of wet earth or the scent of Spring, I just feel so relaxed. The same goes with hearing crickets singing at night! There is no other sound I love the most coming from Mother Earth.

Probably that’s why I love Summer Animes that happen in a countryside environment xD

– Playing Games in The Highest Difficulty –

Yeah, I love gaming. But, I love it even more when it gives you a real difficult challenge to pursue. Don’t ask me why though since most of the times I get into parts where I just want to rip my hair off. However, the moment I’m able to pass that really difficulty part I just feel accomplished and happy for doing it.

I don’t know why, but it feels good when you feel that you have mastered a game to the point of being able to beat anything they throw at you! 😛

– Fantasy –

I just want to travel there!

Well, that should be something that you already knew. I’m a creative person, love to create things and love to day-dream. This way, It’s no surprise that I love everything that is fantasy.

It completely blows me away when any kind of entertainment is able to transport my mind to any kind of set completely different from our own world and ables me to picture it to the detail. Moreover, I love fantasy because it’s so different from what we are used to! I just can’t understand how some people are able to imagine something out of nowhere.

– Dancing –

Those mooooves!

I think I completely forgot to talk about this one in the last tag xD I just LOVE dancing way too much! My parents loved dancing. In fact, people were always praising their dance moves. To be honest, I still don’t know how they were able tp be in a so perfect sync since their dance moves seemed to be completely random.

However, that’s love right? Knowing someone to the point you, in a fraction of  second, are able to understand where the other person is going to give that next step. Probably because of that, since I was a child I loved dancing. I never had serious classes, or tried to go professional, but my body just can’t stop when the right music starts! Really, it’s like it starts moving on its own!

– Laughing –

I think everyone loves to laugh, right? Well, for someone who had depression and anxiety, being able to just laugh completely relaxed is way more important than before experiencing those illnesses.

Not gonna lie, I’ve spent months in a row of my life with an “angry” face and always feel guilty when having fun. It’s strange, I know, but that’s the wonders of having depression/anxiety -.-”

– Chocolate –

How the hell didn’t I talk about chocolate earlier? I mean, I love it, I live for it! I eat chocolate every single day! Thank god I have a good metabolism or I would already have health problems >.<

So yeah, chocolate is love, chocolate is life! It’s the only food that I never felt tired of xD

– Conclusion –

That’s it! 😀 Probably, I won’t be doing this one again! I think 26 reasons to be alive are more than enough and I don’t really know what would I add more in there xP

This time I won’t be nominating anyone because I think most of the people have already done it. Nevertheless, if you are reading this then you are nominated! XD So, if you  are feeling like doing this, do it! I always love to read these tags eheh

Tell me in the comments if you saw yourself in any of the reasons I gave! I mean, that would just make us instantly friends!!! Unless we are already friends… Then our friendship would even go deeper (?) I don’t know!

Also, everyone, I’m actually trying this Twitch thing! This way, if you want to hang out for a bit come everyday from Monday-Thursday starting 9.30pm (Lisbon time). We can talk about everything you want! Even if I’m playing we can always chat about Anime, you know? 😉

See You Soon! 😀

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  1. Wow! I had such a hard time doing this ONCE!! I’m so happy that you have so many amazing things in your life. ?? You and your mom sound like you have an ADORABLE relationship! And, YAY DANCING!!! ???

    1. Ahahah To be honest I also had a hard time in both of them xD But well, just went with broad ones in the first ones and now went into more detail…

      I think because I suffered from depression and anxiety I had to learn to see happiness in the smallest things to get better xD

      Yeah, we do! XD She’s basically my best friend eheh Dancing is just everything!!! 😛

    1. Thank you! And thank you for the nomination again eheh

      Yeah, day dreaming is just so good! It just lets you think and experience completely out of this world things! It’s just too relaxing to let your brain do his thing from time to time 😛

  2. This was…well..just a very beautiful post that was quite touching if I’m being honest. I watch a lot of tv with my mother too. She even loves to watch anime and horror, so I don’t think many people can say that ?? Really though: loved this post!! ?? And of course congrats on getting to do this one again ?

    1. Thank you so much <3 Oh I would love to my mom to like Anime or Horror… Not gonna happen though xD for her Anime is all "Naruco" yeah, not Naruto, Naruco and she hates horror movies ahah

      1. Okay…my mother: Loved Another, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online…so…yup, not your typical mother lol ?? And of course you are very welcome…this was just a very beautiful post ?

  3. I hate waking up before the end of an awesome or interesting dream too! It’s like, “C’mon, mind, show me the end!!! … Oh, and more sleep is always awesome.”
    Anyway, congrats!

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