500 Followers Party: Q&A, Give Away and Secret Project Revealed!!!

500 Followers Party: Q&A, Give Away and Secret Project Revealed!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! πŸ˜€

For the ones who follow me on Twitter you probably already saw it. For the ones who don’t… What are you waiting? Follow me @Arthifis! I’m funny… Sometimes… Ok 1% of the times! πŸ˜€

Ok… Maybe it’s 0% of the times… But I’m trying, ok?

But, well, here’s the news! Right before going on holidays I passed the huge mark… The mark of 500 followers! I mean… This is completely mind-blowing! The small village I come from has fewer people than that!

Thank you so, so much for making part of this place! I hope you are enjoying your stay as much as I am enjoying being the host! I love you all and our community is, without a doubt, what makes me sit in my chair almost every day and write on the blog!

– Q&A –

I mean… I already talk a lot about myself here! But, I’m pretty sure that there are things you would love to know about me that I’m not able to think about. This way, I decided this time to do a Q&A where you can ask anything and I mean ANYTHING that you want to know about me!


I mean… I won’t be giving away my credit card number of course… But, I will even answer what my favorite sex position is if you want… Ok… Did I went too overboard? Yeah, probably… Sorry, everyone!

Now the cool thing is: The Q&A will actually give you the key for my giveaway! πŸ˜€

I’ll be accepting questions until Friday, the 19th of October 23:59 (UTC+1). You can reach by the normal ways. Comment down below, twitter messages, email from my contact page… By letter… Ok, maybe not that one πŸ˜›

– GiveAway –

Now… Since the day I decided to do 100 push-ups to thank my first 100 followers that I pushed the bar a little too high! I would love to continue to do that… But I just don’t have the physique to do so many push-ups in a row LOLOL This way, I decided this time I would do a giveaway… Ok it’s a little different giveaway than normal… I’m broke so I don’t really have goodies to send you, but, since our friendship is mainly through here I thought… Wouldn’t be great to give you the opportunity to do something that directly impacts this little place (which has become huge in the last few months)?

So, the giveaway I have is – You can choose a theme for me to post! Basically, think on a subject you would like for me to write about and I’ll do it.

Yes, master!

It can be Anime reviews, game reviews, thoughts about something in real life… Anything you can think of actually. It does have some rules though:

  • It has to have something about our place. I mean, I’m not going to write about makeup, right? It has to be Anime, Gaming or just something IRL where I can write my thoughts about it!
  • If it is a game, it can’t be more than 20€ and I have to actually be able to play it. So it has to be for PS4 and PC. I will have to see the PC requirements for the latter though. My PC is OLD XD

The Process:

  • It’s pretty easy! Enter the Q&A and you will be automatically in the giveaway (Unless you state otherwise when you ask the question).
  • After day 16th I will add all people who asked something and then pick one name at random.
  • The name picked is the winner and I will enter in touch with him/her.
  • Depending on the number of submissions I may make more than a winner πŸ™‚

– Secret Project –

Time to tell a secret!

Well… I’ve been speaking about this for a long, long time and I was actually waiting for a nice time to speak about it. It would be the 500 followers or the 1 year blog anniversary. Well, the 500 came first, so here it goes! The secret project is *drum rolls*

I’m Writing a Book!

Finally, it’s out!

And you will be able to read it while I write it! Yeap that’s right! In fact, the introduction will come out this week.

Basically, the idea will be releasing one chapter each month. Now, when it will start I’m not sure. The idea is to start at the end of the month, but I’m not sure I will be able to do that. I still have to finish the chapter and then there will be needed some editing.

Talking about editing… My editor will be the awesome and fabulous Biblionyan! I asked her and she said yes and I couldn’t be more thrilled, honored… And a little scared for her to tell yes! Thank you a LOT Biblio! ^.^ This means the world to me.

I <3 you!

So, depending on how fast I can write + Biblio can edit, we will see when I’m able to release the first chapter.

Now, this book will also open doors to create my Patreon. I wanted to have something that would do an added value first before creating it and I think this is just it!

This is What is going to happen: I’ll release the first 3 chapters here at our place. I think that will be enough for you to feel if you want to continue to read it or not. Afterwards, I will be releasing the rest of the chapters on my Patreon. But, I will give you more info about that when the time comes!

Now… The theme of the book… That’s something important… Right? XD Well, remember my post where I give my negative opinion about Shounen-Ai Animes? Well, I decided to go and create my own gay love story without those troops. I’m gonna try and give a more realistic approach to that.

It will be more about partnership than forced sex and *bum* you’re gay now!

Of course, the story will not just be around about that. As you can imagine, when one realizes that he or she is gay it takes a lot of self-acceptance and knowing more about oneself. I will try to also address that! πŸ™‚ But, well, when the introduction comes out later this week it will explain it a lot better!

– That’s It Folks! –

And that’s it for today folks! Again, thank you so, so much… Really, from the bottom of my heart, for taking your time to read my stuff and hear my opinion about all the different things I’ve been posting. It means the world to me!

It has been a year full of surprises and I’m so honored to have met you and made friendships here at our community! You guys are awesome and I love you all <3

See You Soon! πŸ˜€

0 thoughts on “500 Followers Party: Q&A, Give Away and Secret Project Revealed!!!

    1. Sorry! Your comment completely went off my radar πŸ™
      Thank you very much!
      ahahah well… I don’t know what would I be writing about though. 3 ways too look natural – don’t use makeup, don’t use makeup AND don’t use makeups. And that’s it, I don’t have much more to add xD

  1. Yes! Congrats on the 500! You totally deserve it ? and the writing a book is awesome. It’s a lot of work, and great you have am editor to nitpick at things (trust me I know ?). Can’t wait to see those chapters! ?

    1. Thank you so much! ❀️ Hope I’ll be able to write it as good as I’m imaging it to be though ahah and yes I couldn’t be more thankful to biblio for taking this job. It’s awesome!

  2. Haha….I think you went slightly overboard…??? But I really had to laugh at it as well lol ???
    Seriously though: congrats on this epic milestone! (again!) And trust me it won’t end there, your blog will only continue to grow and be bigger. This was terrific news by the way: really amazing that you are going to be writing a book! I know it’s going to be awesome, so looking forward to reading it! ?
    Well: my question for you is: You have already written an enormous amount of posts that have been incredibly helpful to so many bloggers. Is there anything you haven’t yet written about, but what you would love to feature somewhere in the future?
    Keep up the great work my friend, and welcome back! ??

    1. Just slightly? Ahah xD

      Thank you so much raist (again!) ❀️ ahah well we’ll see xP not really thinking about that xD

      Thanks a lot raist! Hope you enjoy it (and I also hope that I’m able to do a decent job ahahah but with the help of biblio I’m sure everything will turn out great!)

      Damn that’s a great and difficult question! Will have to think on that before answering it eheh thank you for making part of the Q&A ?

      Thank you! You 2!!

      1. Well, I don’t only think it will end up great, I know it will end up great! ??
        Haha, sorry for thinking up a difficult question. Look forward to your answer! ??
        Of course no problem! ??

  3. Sounds like exciting stuff. I hope the book goes very well for you πŸ˜€

    As for a question, I am fond of this one right now: What article you’ve written so far is your favorite?

    1. Thank you! Me too xD it’s something I never done before so I’m a little scared to see if I’m able to do it ahsh

      Uuuh thats a great question… Especially when I’m so critic of myself ahah I’ll have to think hard about that one xD

  4. Congrats!! Such big news!!

    Hmmm… question… question….

    You just won one of those “shop till you drop” shopping sprees where you have a couple minutes to grab anything you want, and it’s at your favorite local store! What store (or kind of store) is it, and what are you grabbing first?

    1. Thank you!! ❀️

      Oooh damn… I immediately knew what my answer is… But now I’m sad because it’s not real x( ahah great question though! Thanks for participating eheh

  5. Congrats on 500! I don’t have a question just wanted to say congrats, and good luck with writing your book!

  6. Congrats and good luck with the book!! What an exciting thing to be doing! ?
    Question: Who is your favourite side character from anime and why?

    1. Thank you so much Keiko! πŸ™‚

      Yeah! Excting and a little scary ahah but we’ll see how it goes! XD

      Uuuuh nice question, especially because it’s always changing ahah

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