The Lovely Award | Well… That’s a First!

The Lovely Award | Well… That’s a First!

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

Before getting into the lovely award post I want to make a DISCLAIMER: If you are one of the bloggers who found your post linked to this small anime blog which doesn’t really make any sense don’t worry! I’m not a psychopath!!!! I thought a little bit about this award and came up with the objective to send this award to other types of communities besides the anime one. So, I’ve done a little research and tried to find some blogs which don’t have yet many followers and give them my support in all different subjects. So, that’s it! If you are here and you never heard of me, it’s because I tracked you down (again…. not a psycopath), liked your blog and wanted to spread the love to you!

Again… Not a Psycopath

For the people who are here to see my post and are interested to know more about myself, first of all thank you for thinking that I am a somewhat interesting person and when you get to the final of this post, if you find any theme that you like go give your love to this awesome people, that even though they are not in the anime community they are doing a pretty good job!

Now, let’s start this award post shall we?


I’ve been called a lot of things in life, but lovely it’s the first one! So, thank you very much for the nomination Nerdy Perspective! You are and always be my first 😉 Just kidding! Sexual jokes aside, it really means a lot to me getting nominated, even more as when is by someone I follow and love their work as Nerdy Perspective. If you don’t know her (I am 99% sure that is a she) blog yet, please go give her some love because she really deserves it!! 😀

Not going to say it again, but I have to post this gif again (I just can’t get enough of it):



First the Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog – Thank you again Nerdy Perspective!!!
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees

Now, let’s go to the juicy part you are really interested (Me being self-centered xD)

  • I play the flute! Nerdy we should get together and do a jam session!!!


I started playing the flute when I was 11 (so 13 years ago). I have been in 2 filarmonique bands (do you call it like that in english?), I also was some years in music school and I was in a music group where I played and sang when I was in college (although my singing part was not really that good xD). The music I loved the most to play was “Highlights from Harry Potter” where the music started with me playing alone the main theme before all band joined in!

  • I’m not married, but it’s like I was!


I had the greatest luck regarding love, I met the love of my life when I was only 20 years old and we never got sick of each other. It has been almost 5 years that we are together and we live together for a year now. Even though we didn’t sign the papers, we are basically married. I mean, he cooks and I do the laundry, isn’t that what being married is all about?

  • I love to party and dance
That’s how I roll

Even though I see myself as an introvert, I do not have many problems being around strangers or being in the spotlight, probably because I don’t give a F about what other people think of me. So I really love to go out with friends and more that than I love to go clubbing and show my moves in the dance floor!

  • I appear to be younger than I really am

Talking about clubbing, here in Portugal you have to be older than 18 to enter clubs and drink… I’m almost 25 and it was like a month ago, I went out with my friends and I had to show my ID. Not going to lie…. I love feeling that I look younger than 18. When I’m at my 40’s I should look like I’m in my 20’s! Really looking forward that!

  • I’ve dealt with anxiety and kicked his ass, sort of…

Everyone has problems and me… Well I had a big share of them, so it was not really that surprising that when I was 23 years old everything I had inside a box just blown away and made me start having panick attacks all the time. It was not easy, god knows how much I had to struggle to fight it and beat it… But I did and now I’m a living proof that if you fight and if you have the right help you can beat it! In the future I will make a post about some tips to calm yourself I used when I had anxiety. I always thought if I ever had anyone following my thoughs in some kind of content like blogging I would use it to help other people!

  • I’ve written, act, produced and directed a feature film when I was in High School


Yeah, you read that right! In High School I had to do a project that could be anything and me and my group decided to do a movie! The movie was about teenagers problems, such as being picked on because they were gay, drugs, STD’s, teenage pregnancy and things like that! 😀 It went really well and we had a full house in the debut day.

  • I am really perfectionist with some things


So as already told you I’m those kind of guys that when he plays a game he has to do 100%, never less than that, even if it means taking the double of time to do the play through. Well, it’s not only about that, I’m those kind of people who things need to be really straight, such for example the posts. My posts always need to be justified (or any text I write), it makes me uncomfortable when I see the lines ending in different places, my games and books are aligned by genre… Well, I think it’s enough to pass the message. However, I am not the tidiest man alive lolol Even though being perfectionist with some things I am not really that organized, but I find everything I want under that disorganization! 😀

Now, for the most interesting part (I was kidding when I was saying that th part about me was the most interesting xD), my nominees:

  • ClanGeek – Gaming blog – I really like his post about Elder Scrolls Online, it’s small, straight to the point and clear! The best way for you, in a minute or two, know if want to try the game or not! 😀
  • ReadRantRock&Roll – books, music, cooking (?) blog – This one has been here for some time. For me it is a daily life blog, where he writes about things he likes and invests time on! Also, He’s puppy Bowie is so cute!!!!!
  • teacher vegan minimalist – I would call it daily life – This blog was made so the family could have a space to reflect when times were not going so well. I think it’s a really lovely idea and from what I read things are getting better, so the blog mush have helped 🙂
  • Howard Mackenzie’s Blog – News – Are you looking for a blog that give you the latest news about some variety of topics and gives you the link so you can easily find it? Well, look no more, that’s what Howard is all about! It really is helpful! 😀
  • Kpop-Khop – Do you ever felt the need of a blog that would give you all the info about KPOP? Well that’s why Kpop-Khop started blogging, to spread her love about KPOP with everyone!
  • Montgolfiere Weekly – Culture – This blog is wrote by many contributors who comment on culture in many forms. If you like to ge to know other cultures and how they live, this is the perfect blog for you!
  • Koby Kepert – Interior Decoration – Are you fan of always changing your home and finding new decorations ideas? I know I am and Koby does lovely posts about just that!
  • An American Girl in Asia – Travel blog – You have the fifteen photos to inspire you to go to *blank* series, but also some travel tips, such as podcasts to listen when travelling. It really is a lovely blog to read if you like to travel!

And let’s stop it there! It was really fun looking through all these new blogs that you could like and start following! 😀 For the nominees, hope you are happy to be here ^.^

That’s all for this award, again… Thank you very much nerdy perspective for the nomination!


See Ya Soon! 😀

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  1. Haha aww you’re very welcome! You’re words were both kind and funny and yes I am a she ? thanks for the lovely words you said about me and my blog! It means a lot! I loved reading your facts it’s so cool that you play the flute and I’m a total perfectionist too so I know where you’re coming from! ?

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words! 😀 You don’t need to thank me, it’s completely true XD Well, it’s really cool you play the guitar! God knows I tried to learn it, but failed miserably ahah

      1. You’re welcome ? and I always feel the need to thank people ? aww you’re too kind ? and haha yeah I know where you’re coming from it’s hard for me even now I wouldn’t know where to begin with the flute I have never even picked one up before so that’s really awesome that you can play it ?

        1. Ahah it’s not that hard you only have to get the gist of it! After that is training to the point where you almost pass out of using so much air to play the flute! 😀

  2. Congrats on the award! I learned so much about you. Cool that you play the flute! I always wanted to learn that instrument l, but play others.

    I really appreciate the nomination! I’ve done this one, but I’ll do it again because I love these! Thanks so much. Btw, I am a female, but no worries! It’s a common misconception. ❤?? Have a great day and thanks again!

  3. Congrats for the award and thanks for the kind words! I love that you’ve chosen people from all different genres of blogs, there are some new names here I will definitely be checking out. I’ve done this award before but thank you for the nomination and I’ll have to think of something to post as thanks! 🙂

    1. Thanks and no need for thanking me! XD don’t worry with the post! The idea was to spread the love to other communities xD it doesn’t bother me of not having a thank you post xD it was not the objective to start with 🙂

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