Is Endro~! A Good CGDCT?

Is Endro~! A Good CGDCT?

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Damn! I’m almost done with the first episode reviews!!! Only 5 more shows to go!! And then the first impressions will start kicking in! Let’s say I’m, at best, a little bit sleep deprived at this moment! Nevertheless, I want to write the Ultimate Season Guide again this time around, so no sleep for now! Hopefully, I’ve been able to maintain some sort of quality with these posts… Not that they have excellent quality to begin with… But you get it… Hopefully?

Although still a niche inside of a nice, CGDCT (Cute Girls Do Cute Things) have been getting more and more shows coming out. In fact, both Pastel Memories and Bermuda Triangle can be seen as CGDCT shows and probably most of the shows I still have to review the first episode enter the CGDCT line somewhere. So, with so many shows coming out, it’s normal that some will be not as good as they could.

Endro~! Main characters

Endro~! though, is actually pretty good. I mean, I’m no guru of this subject, in fact, I don’t really tend to like Cute Girls Do Cute Things… But, I actually found Endro~! entertaining.

Endro~! is about 4 girls who make a fighting team. We have a mage, a priest, a warrior, and the hero. The episode starts with the 4 fighting the demon lord. Or should I say trying to fight? The truth is, they are not doing much of damage… Until the Hero decides to use a forbidden technique. However, contrary to what they thought, they are not able to completely destroy the demon lord. The thing they are able to do is to send him to the past and somewhat take out some of his power, transforming him into a little girl.

It’s Your Slice Of Life With a Twist

Endro~! Mao cute

The girls seem to be around 13 (?) and the demon lord is a cute little loli. So, yeah, every character in this show is pretty cute! The girls also do a good party and it’s also funny that each characters’ personality resembles their fighting class. Seiran, the priest is the one who cares about others the most, Meiza is the mage and she’s the one who seems to be the most intelligent. Then we have Fai who is the warrior and therefore the tomboy and, last but not the least, Juliaa who is the hero (though in the first episode she is classless) who is the kind of girl who doesn’t think much about stuff and very truthful to herself.

The girls seem to follow some of the stereotypes. However, each one has their small details which makes them have an entity of their own and not the be your *insert prefix*dere. Moreover, the demon lord, or in this case, Mao, is also pretty funny! So, when it comes to characterization I believe things are well done and it’s what you could expect from a CGDCT.

Endro~! Mao funny

The thing is, contrary to the most Anime shows who follow a CGDCT slice of life, here the slice of life is inside of a fantasy world. Moreover, it’s a story that has somewhat an objective. The beginning of the episode is basically the end of the story (or so they want to make us believe). This gives us the information we need to understand what is the show going about… It will be a cute and fun story where these girls will have to develop from what they are now to someone who is able to kill a demon lord.

Final Verdict


From what I’ve watched in the first episode, it was not bad! I laughed from time to time and I was actually interested to see what was going to happen. Probably, the show will follow the idea of the Demon Lord trying to “destroy” these girls before they can get powerful, but failing and helping them instead… And when I say destroy, it’s in a very naive and childish kind of way 😛

In the end, I think it’s a good Anime to watch! If you are a CGDCT then you probably will love this, if you are not, the Anime can be enjoyable nonetheless!

What about you? Have you watched Endro~!? What are your thoughts on it? Comment down below ^^

Endro~! Juliaa cute
See You Soon! 😀


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2 thoughts on “Is Endro~! A Good CGDCT?

  1. There were parts of the first episode I found interesting and parts I just found a little tiresome. Not being a fan of CGDCT doesn’t help but the fantasy aspect is a draw I can’t ignore for now. At the moment this one is on my watch list though it is one I have concerns about whether I’ll finish the season.

    1. Yeah I read your post talking about it and saw your mixed feelings… To be honest, I’m pretty sure I will end up dropping this sooner or later. But, it’s just because I just can’t get into CGDCT Anime…

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