Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Electricity vs Air

Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Electricity vs Air

The second shot was heard throughout the arena! It seemed that the contestants were dropping like flies and in fact… They were!

Naruto had found a small cascade in the middle of the woods, relaxing enough to be able to call the nature power around him to his chakra. It had been an hour since he had sat on the rock in the middle of the small pond and already 3 of his shadows had been destroyed. He knew that the first one too fall had been Excalibur. However, he wasn’t certain about the second one. Although if he had to bet he would do it on Killua.

Naruto had 4 shadows in the immediate surroundings. No one would be able to come near him without him knowing. Age really did help him to have a colder headed and be more strategist. In a moment some memories that he knew it was not him experiencing came to his head. One of his shadows that was following Lelouch had been taken out. It seemed that Lelouch was in the south part of the arena where desert was prominent. He didn’t know for sure what he was doing, but it seemed like he was fortifying himself at the moment.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Naruto Focusing.gif

Naruto took deep breath so he could concentrate. It would take at least more 30 minutes until he was completely ready to battle with all of his strength. It was no time to be thinking about things that were happening kilometres away. At the moment, the most important was to have his head the clearest possible.

He was almost reaching to his zen point when 4 different memories entered his mind at the same time! It was difficult to understand what happened with all the different images appearing at the same time. Only one thing was certain! All his 4 shadows near of him just had been destroyed.

He got up, his eyelids were already in an orange tone, although a faint one. It needed some more time to be able to complete the ritual, be he didn’t have that time! Damn it he thought to himself! He didn’t want to use his secret weapon so early but for his 4 shadows which were not really that close from each other to begin with to die at the same time he had to be dealing with someone strong!

Hunger Games Anime Edition Naruto Sage Mode.gif

Naruto didn’t move! The only thing he could hear was the wind blowing in the near grass. He wasn’t thinking on running or hide, that was not his way of a ninja! If he had to fight he would do it face to face!

It took a while, but finally he heard something moving in the bushes in the left. He put his hands together in the first seal of the Shadow Clone jutsu. A small yellow thing came out from the bushes. Was it… A rabbit? He couldn’t really understand. He came closer to see what it was! When he understood what it was, it was already too late!

Pikachu jumped and attacked with his head the hardest he could! The moment he felt his head touching Naruto’s stomach it was time! “PI-KA-CHU!” and his body became instantly electricity. Not even a second later Naruto was able to feel in all of his body the high voltage. Naruto used his hand and punched Pikachu the best he could so they stopped being touching each other and the electric current ceased. His punch came through and Naruto jumped back in the same instant that his hand was pulling Pikachu away.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Pikachu attack.gif

For Pikachu that was nothing! He already had fought Pokemons with way more stronger punches than Naruto. However, he was a little at loss in what to do! Contrary to all other events he didn’t have Ash here to be the brain of the battle! However, one thing he knew, if he wanted to win he couldn’t let his opponent to recover from the surprise effect. Without letting Naruto to catch his breath Pikachu invested again with his head. One moment they were meters again, in the other Pikachu was again giving with his head in Naruto and discharging a countless number of volts inside Naruto’s body.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Pikachu electricity.gif

Naruto was losing and he knew it! He had to something… And fast! He pulled Pikachu away again and this time, instead of retrieving he created 5 shadows. 4 stayed in front of him to do a barrier while the other stayed in his side creating his mark move… Rasengan.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Rasengan.gif

Pikachu invested again, but Naruto was ready for it! He destroyed his front shadows and Pikachu found his head going against Naruto’s hand. Better said, his head against Naruto’s rasengan. Naruto was thrown back spinning. He went against a tree, but the attack was so powerful that the tree just got destroyed and Pikachu continued flying through tree after tree. Finally, it stopped. Pikachu was in a bad shape, but alive.

While Pikachu was flying Naruto was going behind him. He didn’t want to give any kind of choice to Pikachu to hide or run and then come attacking later without knowing it. Naruto found Pikachu some kilometres away down in the floor against a tree cut in half. From the first view it seemed that Pikachu was dead, but no Cannon-shot was heard, so Naruto knew he only had fainted.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Pikachu beaten.gif

However, Pikachu wasn’t fainted either. Fainting would be the same as dead since he knew that there wasn’t any kind of poke-centre to wake him up. Pikachu thought quickly in what he could do to win this fight. He knew that this second would be crucial. It would be the second that would state if he would die or live… And he really wanted to come back to Ash who was waiting for him.

With all his strength Pikachu moved. Naruto saw that he was looking for something in his fur and then taking out a small vial with a liquid inside. Before Naruto could stop it, Pikachu was already drinking it. A voice coming out of nowhere was heard: “HM05 Used – Pikachu learned Flash”.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Pikachu Flash.jpg

Pikachu used his new power instantly and everything went black in Naruto’s eyes. He could not see a thing, everything was pitch-black. He closed his eyes trying to sense Pikachu’s moves, however when he did feel something it was already too late. Pikachu grabbed his leg and discharged the highest amount of electricity he could. Only Killua would be able to stand that attack without dying, the thing is… Killua was already dead.

Naruto wasn’t feeling anything anymore. He knew that he was done for, he couldn’t survive that. He tried to move his leg to pull Pikachu away, but he couldn’t. Naruto fell and at the same time a single tear came out of his eye. He would never be able to be Hokage… He would never be able to meet Hinata again… Thinking on his village and all of his friends he took his last breath.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Naruto death.gif

The lightning stopped. Pikachu really didn’t want to kill anybody, but if that was what he had to do to come back to his adored trainer, then he would survive and kill anyone who crossed his path.

The third canon-shot was heard but Pikachu didn’t hear it. The moment Naruto fell, Pikachu also did the same. However, in his case it was just for a small nap instead of an eternal one. He was exhausted!

Hunger Games Anime Edition Pikachu Fainted.jpg

Here we go! Another death! Another character that I loved beaten down :'( To be honest, excluding Excallibur I love all the characters so I will just feel sad dying whoever xD

Hope you liked!! I did have a little more difficulties writing this one since I don’t really know how should I do the battle ahahah Nevertheless, I hope it was inside your expectations! Tell me down below in the comments xP

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  1. “Fainting would be the same as dead since he knew there was no poke-centre to wake him up” this line was absolutely depressing…
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      1. You could have had Naruto nearly beaten to death by someone else first and then just have had Pikachu drop on him from out of a tree and zap him. Cheap move, but would have been hilarious.

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