Hunger Games: Anime Edition – The Final Battle

Hunger Games: Anime Edition – The Final Battle

It had been 3 days since the last cannon-shot. Erza was not able to find Pikachu anywhere! If she felt a scary shiver down her spine some days ago from fear, at this moment she was only pissed off! “Where the hell is that yellow rat? I’ve looked everywhere from him!”

She decided to start from the beginning and go to the middle of the arena again. It just felt right to end this game in the place where everything had started. However, Erza knew that if Pikachu had the smallest of cunning in himself he wouldn’t fight her head to head, both knew she was way stronger than him. This way, Pikachu would have to find a fight where he would start with the upper hand. Erza did try to put herself the most open she could and this way attract Pikachu to attack, but with no luck!

With the thoughts of how she would find Pikachu and how much more time she had to wait she got closed to the middle of the arena. However, it was completely different from day one. Instead of the main facility where she had killed Excalibur in the very first day on that hideous place she found a big open arena with a white floor and glass all around it! In the middle of it you could see floating a small screen saying “Finals” in all caps and in red. She grinned, as she thought that would be the best place to finish it once and for all. She started moving towards one of the entries of this arena when she saw him. Pikachu was there, with his face straight in the other side of the arena. “Silly Pikachu! He really thinks he can fight me head on? You will pay for your underestimating me!”. She took a deep breath and entered the arena, it was time to finish it all!

Hunger Games Anime Edition fighting arena.png

While entering, Pikachu could see Erza clothing changing from her regular clothes to the Heaven’s Wheel! Her feathers where the purest of the white and it shined in the sun. It was time to finish this! Pikachu knew Erza thought she had the upper hand and it was time to show her that she needed to think a little more of this yellow rat. The moment Erza was fully inside the arena the doors closed and, exept the ceiling, Pikachu and Erza were completely shut inside the arena. “Final Battle… Start!” was heard. That was it! This would be the final battle, only one person between him and his beloved trainer.

Erza invested the second that phrase ended, however Pikachu was ready! He runned right while at the same time taking something out from is fur. It was a small red and white ball! Before Erza was able to interrupt him, Pikachu threw the ball to the fall while saying “Go Charizard! I pick you!”.

Hunger Games Anime edition Charizard being summoned.gif

A huge beam of light came out of the ball, Erza took a step backwards not knowing what kind of power that was. From that ball a big fat red dragon came out! It seemed that Pikachu was full of surprises, one of them being able to use his friends to fight and teleport them to the fight. No worries though, Erza would fight and win against everything that yellow rat threw at her!

Before Charizard was even able to understand what was happening, Erza invested and pushed her sword towards the dragon’s heart! She felt the sword going against the hard skin, but that touch was enough to make Charizard to respond and he moved his tail against Erza with a strength and speed she was not expecting. Erza was able to dodge in the last second and jump backwards only with a little cut in her arm.

Hunger Games Anime edition erza attacking.gif

Charizard started flapping his wings and getting off the ground. Erza followed him while at the same time taking a look to Pikachu. It seemed that he had to concentrate a large amount to be able to have Charizard inside the ring and therefore was not moving not even an inch. “Good!” Erza though “I just need to be able to pass Charizard and attack Pikachu he will not be able to defend himself while the dragon is in the ring”. Her strategy was easy, going against Charizard time enough for Pikachu to think she would first take out of his friend and then, when Pikachu was least expecting it just attack him and cut his head.

Both Charizard and Erza were in the sky now, both fiercely fighting each other. Both seemed to be pretty much even. While Erza was able to dodge the hot flames coming out of Charizard’s breath at fast speed, Charizard was always quick enough to defend Erza’s strikes when counterattacking. Pikachu was just watching with an intense look in his eyes, he seemed to be using all of his strength to command Charizard.

Hunger Games Anime edition pikachu focused.gif

It took some minutes, but Erza was finally able to see an opening. Without being too predictable she started moving the fight in a way that at this point she was between Pikachu and the sun. She knew that his vision was not as good that way and that she could only shadows in the air moving due to the brightness of the sun.

Charizard attacked again, as always Erza dodged and counterattacked, but this time, instead going against Charizard she pointed her sword towards Pikachu and invested against him the fastest she could. However, there was something that Erza was not expecting in the slightest… That was Pikachu plan all along! The moment she passed Charizard he disappeared in a bomb of smoke making her vision null for a few seconds. The moment she was able to see again Pikachu was not in his place.

Hunger Games Anime edition pikachu attacking.gif

Everything went just too quickly! Erza rotated herself in movement trying to see where Pikachu was, she saw the beginning of a small shadow on top of her and in the next point she felt an excruciating pain on her body! The number of volts that were going inside her body were just too many to bear. She didn’t even have the chance to let out a scream.

The moment both landed in the floor, Pikachu on top of Erza’s dark body of being electrocuted, Erza was already dead.

Hunger Games Anime Edition erza passed out.png

Pikachu had won! One of the contestants that in the beginning seemed to be one of the weakest due to his size had in reality won the Hunger Games. “Congratulations! Pikachu Won!” a robotic voice was heard throughout the arena while the last cannon-shot was heard “Please proceed to the north part of arena now! It is time for you to come out!”

Pikachu didn’t even look behind once while running from the ring to the further north of the arena he could. He had killed 4 people inside of that arena, he was not proud of it, but he had to do it so he could survive! This way he couldn’t look behind, he couldn’t even think about it! It was to kill or be killed and he had a lot to live for!

After some minutes he got to the north part of the Arena. The moment he reached there the walls started opening. A great sunny light came out, Pikachu was not able to see much because of his sun in his eyes, however from the figure he knew from the bat. Ash, is trainer was waiting for him outside. Pikachu started running towards his trainer and jumped to his arms!

Hunger Games Anime edition pikachu jumping to ash.gif

Ash was smiling with tears in his eyes! “I’m so glad to see you again! I thought I had lost you forever!” Ash said while snuggling him against his face!

“Pikachu…”, Pikachu upped his head, “Pikachu!”… Who was calling for him? “Pikachu! It’s time!”

Pikachu slowly opened his eyes. Beside him there was Ash calling his name while softly pushing his body!

– Finally, you woke up Pikachu! Come one sleepy head it’s time to continue our journey! We are waiting for you!

Pikachu got up and looked to his trainer with a confused look on his eyes. It took him a moment or two to understand and then he understood! It had been all a dream! “Thank Mewto!”  Pikachu thought to himself while jumping to Ash’s arms and giving him a tight hug.

– Everything went without problems? Pikachu thinks that the Hunger Games was a dream?

A quiet “yes” was heard.

– Great! We can’t have our contestants know that the arena is real!

Hey guys and welcome to our place!

That’s it, it’s the end of the Hunger Games! 😀 I ended it with a little bit of a cliff-hanger just for the occasion that you like this so much that I try this thing a second time eheh! Sorry that the finals didn’t go up in the supposed time, but I was completely out of inspiration so I decided to step back for a little bit until I felt that I would be able to write something good enough for you guys! 🙂

I hope you liked this series and that you had fun voting and choosing the characters you wanted to be killed and the killer! I hope this gave you the felling of you also being part of the story route and basically an enjoyable ride all over xD

Tell me in the comments what you thought about this series and if you would like to read another round-up with different Anime Characters! 😀

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See You Soon! 😀

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