Anime Number 6 – Baccano!

Anime Number 6 – Baccano!

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So today I bring you Baccano! A completely different kind of anime that I have written so far. If you like Mafia (with a little twist), fast paced story and suspense, this anime is for you! 😀 You can watch the opening down below:

Now, the story is told from a grandfather to his grandaughter and it starts in the 1930’s (one of the decades I love).. It’s believed that a monster called Rail Tracer targets trains, kills everyone in there and everyone (+ the train) disappear completely. Now, of course that the characters of this anime board a train which is targeted by this monster. However, having a monster killing everyone inside a train is not enough… At the same time 2 mafia groups (competitors) are having a meeting in one of the carriages and it doesn’t end well. Basically we have mafia and a monster haunting trains, strange combination am I right?. Ah! Almost forgot… the characters don’t seem to have any connection with each other, so you will be following various points of view and different events that are happening at the same time! Are you confused? Good! Because that’s how you will feel in the first episode!


The first episode is just too much information to process! Everything is happening, you don’t understand the characters, why are they in the train, what are they motives, or what IS, in fact, happening! However, after that episode, things start to be explained and you understand that the characters being on the train is NOT a coincidence and then the plot twists start happening (that mafia with a twist that I told you before). Now, that’s when the the main plot really starts! I will not explain any furhter, because I don’t want to take out the “OWO” of watching this anime. However, you can count with a story that only gets better as you go further in the episodes.

If you like that kind of environment you get when watching/playing something from the 1930’s (for example the Mafia videogame) you will love this anime. You can expect to all details being on point! About the characters, since everyone is different and have completely different personalities, there will always, at least, one character you will fall in love (Although I loved a lot more than just one xD).

Do you see how many characters does this have???? (It’s a 12 episode anime!)

This anime is from 2007, so don’t expect an animation with the same quality as an anime that just came out, but the animation aged well and it’s not hard to the eye (for that time it was damn good). Furthermor, the animation is more adult and less “cute”. Also, expect a lot of explosions, shooting and so on… I mean, it’s the mafia!!! About the sound, have you seen the video of the intro earlier? The music is so damn catchy. Along the anime you also will feel that the voices and sound effects are just done right.

baccano 2

So, in conclusion. Why do I love this anime? First, it’s about the Mafia in the 1930’s (which.. Well I love!!!!). Secondly, the pace of the anime, there is always something happening! It is almost difficult to grasp all the information you are receiving. The way to tell the story is also different (you are following different characters at the same time, it’s like having a lot of protagonists at once) and it is done so damn well! The characters are, of course, also a big plus and I just live for the “WTF” and “WOW” factors. Moreover, if you love action, well you will not even have one dull moment.

Just one little example 😀

That’s all for today folks! What do you think about this pick? Comment down below! Sorry if this review is a little worse than the others, but inspiration is just not striking today 🙁 Hope it’s good enough to make you at least interested in giving this awesome anime a try! 😛

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