Is Vinland Saga Good?

Is Vinland Saga Good?
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Today I bring you my first impressions on the Anime Vinland Saga. To be honest, Vikings are not my thing. However, I have to say that I got pretty invested in this show. At least so far.

Vinland Saga happens during the war between the Vikings and England. Thors is an old Vikings’ hero who made his name during the wars between different Vikings’ factions. However, due to is fear of dying after his first daughter is born, he decides to desert the army in the middle of a battle. Now, 15 years later he is called to join the army against England with the promise to have his name clear. However, something that he was not expecting was that his 6-year-old son, Thorfin would secretly embark on his ship. With this, Thorfin embarks on a long trip, full of adventure, fighting, and death.

The premise seems promising. But, he is the show good? That’s what we are going to find out!

Great Build Up

Vinland Saga Thorfin

Many times, with the fear of grabbing the watchers, Anime shows end up trying to get to the action part right away *cof* Arifureta *cof*. However, that’s not what happens with Vinland Saga.

Sure, right in the first episode we get some old Vikings’ battle with a lot of action and blood. However, that scene has the purpose of showing how good of a solder Thors is.

Without counting those minutes, we get three episodes where not much happens. However, this is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s extremely important to present not only the background of the story but also the characters. For example, in episode 2, we can see how much Thors has changed. By finding a slave who has fled from his master, Thors tries to nurture him and, after failing, pays the master 5 goats to buy and give him a proper funeral. This show how different he has grown as a character. If 15 years earlier he was focused in following the aggressive Vikings’ ways, now he is a kinder man who knows how important is a human life.

Vinland Saga Thors

From there, we are prompted to Thorfin, the main character. We are able see how he is still a child but already has the bravery of a soldier. Moreover, how eager he is to become a man, and, more importantly, to become a soldier. Don’t forget, we are talking about Vikings who believe that fighting is the only way to please the gods.

I believe this build-up is extremely important to growing into a great story. I also believe that only with this type of build-up, will I actually care about these characters if something happens to them.

Smooth and Beautiful Animation

Vinland Saga Iceland landscape

Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of the 3D animation. In Vinland Saga’s case, we get 3D animation every time we get to see boats roaming around, or Vikings fighting each other. To be honest, it’s a hit or miss kind of thing. For example, there is a scene where archers are shooting arrows that looks cool and not out of place. However, at the same time, there is a scene where Thorfin is looking to the see and it almost seems he is in another place than the sea. The best way I have to describe it is that Thorfin seems to be in a cinema where the sea is on the screen.

Nonetheless, everything else is well done. The characters traits have a heavier stroke, which makes sense to me since this is a more adult Anime. But, they are very well designed.

Vinland Saga bad 3D animation

When it comes to the animation itself, it’s smooth and pretty to the eye. There is rarely a strange moment where the scene is fixed in one image. For you to understand, even the clouds move in the background. You can see how they are doing their very best to have excellent animation, and it’s working.

Last, but not least, the environment is breathtaking. Let’s face it, we are talking about Iceland! So, of course, we will get a lot of frames with those snowy mountains where there’s why as far as you can see. It’s gorgeous and I love it!

Beautiful Soundtrack

As usual, let’s start with the opening. Also, as usual, you already know I’m terrible expressing why I like a certain song πŸ˜› If I put this song in western music, it makes me remember 30 Seconds to Mars for some reason. It has calmer and upbeat moments. It has moments that put you in the vibe of action, others that make you feel despair, and others in a calmer state. In other words, it’s a song that explains well what I believe the show is about. Of course, it helps a lot that it sounds pretty good as well.

On another note, the ending is way calmer. Something natural when it comes to this type of Animes. To be honest, it doesn’t make me remember the Vikings. However, it’s perfect to relax after an intense episode. Of course, it also translates well what we are seeing on the screen since it has a lot of frames with the sea and Aurora Borealis.

However, the best thing about the music of Vinland Saga is, without a doubt, the soundtrack happening during the episodes. First, the songs are always different. Second, they give you the perfect vibe for the scene! Third, the creators know how to use silence. Meaning, you don’t get an Anime that puts music during the 20 minutes with the fear of the episode sounding empty. They only put music when it makes sense and for the rest they let the sound effects to do the job. Fourth, I love the songs where you can only listen to a specific instrument such as a piano or a violin. Simple, yes I know, but it sounds great!

So… Is Vinland Saga Worth Watching?

Vinland Saga Thorfin cute

Well, as you can see from what you just read, the show is not good… It’s great! To be honest, it’s probably going to be my favorite Anime of the 2019 Summer Season.

When it comes to being worth watching, it will depend on your taste. The show is great! But, I do believe it’s not something that is for everyone. First, if you hate Vikings’ history, probably you won’t really care for Vinland Saga. The same goes if you don’t like Shounen Animes. From what I saw in these 3 episodes, I expect the story to focus on the adventures of Thorfin and his development has a Viking soldier and, hopefully, as a man.

But, if those two statements are not true for you, then you need to watch Vinland Saga. It’s well done and I can’t wait for the next episode.

What about you? Have you watched Vinland Saga? What are your thoughts on it? Tell me everything in the comments below! πŸ™‚

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    1. What a bummer! πŸ™ Maybe you can buy the blue-ray if it comes out at the end of the season? If you love vikings I think you really would enjoy this one.

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